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England x Depressed!Reader - You Could Love Me
     You sighed for the… you couldn’t even think of a number high enough. Sniffling, you rolled over on your bed for the whoknowshowmany time, clutching a pillow to your chest. Your tired, red, (e/c) eyes stared bleakly at the wall in front of them, having run out of tears long before. Your thoughts wandered back to the reason why you were in this horrible seemingly never ending mess.
     It all started with your lovesick depression. Yes, you were lovesick. You never had someone to cuddle with, someone to talk with, and someone to hold hands with, nope. The only person that you wanted to do those things with didn’t think of you that way.
     And his name is Arthur Kirkland.
     You and Arthur have been best friends since freshman year, and now you were both juniors. Or soon to be, anyways; it was summer at the moment.
     Back to the reason why you are lying in bed
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AxisXChild!Reader Join The Axis?
The time, was World War 2!
"You git!! Let me go this instant!!"
The blond roughly shook the small child and growled in her face. "You insolent brat! How dare you talk to me that way?!"
The child glared. "Because I can!! I don't care if you are my older brother!! In the name of Brita-"
He slapped the child across the face. "Don't you dare say her name!! You aren't worthy to share her blood!!"
The child spat at him. "I will say her name however I want!! She was my mother too!!"
The blond ground his teeth. He picked the child up, despite her squirming. He walked over to a crate of flour that was supposed to be sent out, but he found a better use for it. He dropped the young girl inside the crate and closed the top up tight.
"H-hey!! You bastard!! Let me out right now!!" the child cried.
"I think not. Get it through your head, (C/N), I am at war. I don't have time to look after a territory like you.
"I am not a territory!! I am a country and you know it!!!"
"Die for all I care."
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Hetalia EnglandxReader - Stuck In a Box
"Alfred! Where are we going?!" I said as Alfred pushed me along through his gigantic house.
He snickered. "You'll see~!"
I rolled my eyes.
We arrived at a door, which Alfred opened and shoved me into the room, closing and locking the door. It turns out the room wasn't a room-- it was a closet. It was a small, empty closet, barely able to fit two people.
Wait. Two people. . .
I banged my fist on the door. "Alfred Foster Jones! Get me out of this closet, or so help you, I will--"
Before I could say any more, the door opened and Arthur was pushed in. The door closed, pushing Arthur closer to me. I could see his emerald green eyes staring at me through the darkness. My face heated up, and I felt his heat up as well.
"Ah. . . Arthur. . ."
"Oh, _____," he muttered. "H-Hello, love. . ."
"Um. . . Did Alfred drag you in here, too?"
He nodded. "Yes. He didn't even bother explaining to me why."
"Ah. . ."
He didn't know, but I did. Alfred knew about my crush on Arthur; he probably thought t
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2p!America X Reader X 2P!Canada- Sports
Lame at baseball. That's how you were. You loved baseball, but when it comes to play it you just can't. Your mother told you to practice, that way you will learn and get better and thats' what you did. You played it every day after school, but nothing. The popular girls always laughed at you for playing boys sports. Like football, hockey. Yes, you were awesome at all sports, just not baseball and you hated that.
Right now, you were playing all alone baseball, trying to hit every ball that came towards you. You managed to hit some, but still not enough. Tomboy, that's what you were and the fact that you sucked at one sport made your blood boil in rage. After the final ball that you missed, you sighed in defeat and sat on the ground with a sad look on your face. You heard footsteps coming towards you and you turned your head to see Alfred, or Al how he liked to be called. He was the typical bad boy of the school along with his brother Mathew. When he saw you he just smirked.
"Why are you
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England X Reader: Not That Drunk
England X Reader
Not That Drunk

"Stupid Arthur…" you grumbled to yourself, taking another swig of your drink, effectively finishing your 4th beer. "…And that stupid, freakin' police force, I tell ya *hic* now, they've stolen my best friend!"
Sighing, you crossed your arms on the bar and nestled your head in comfortably. When you felt someone gently tap you on the shoulder you looked up to see Mathias, a regular at the pub, grinning down at you.
"Hey _____," he said, cheerfully running a hand through his sexy gelled up blonde hair. "Where's Sergeant Bushy-Brows?"
You scoffed at the mention of Arthur and straightened up on your stool, so as to face Mathias properly. "That *hic* bloody git," you growled, mocking the Brit's speech. "has ditched me… for the fuzz. The fuzz, Mathias." And with that, you jumped off of your stool, threw your arms in the air and bellowed "THE FUUUUUZZZZZZ!!"
Well, that was when all hell broke loose.
A shady Dutch man in the back of the pub
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England x Reader - Spring Dreams
Hetalia: England x Reader fic
Spring Dreams

Your eyes squinted at the bright scene before you. You were on a lovely beach, with white sand and crystal blue waters. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. You huffed.
You didn't particularly want to be here. In an attempt to get you out of your house, your friends had eagerly suggested that you come with them on spring break. They had found an excellent deal at a resort, and the more people who went, the cheaper the cost would be. You had originally told them no, planning on spending your spring break cuddled up inside reading your favorite book. But as soon as your parents heard of this scheme, they wouldn't take no for an answer.
"You always spend so much time inside."
"Some fresh air will be good for you!"
"It'll be so relaxing."
"You'll regret it if you stay home."

Had been the countless things they had said to you. And that's where you found yourself now, on day number one of your vacation. You walked o
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2P!America X Reader- Nails and Chains Ch. I
You sighed and groaned, trying to calm your nerves down. Your parents decided to send you outside more, how they would call it. It wasn't that you were anti-social or anything. You were just shy and nervous when talking to new people. Sometimes when new people came in town you tried to be friendly and nice, but they brushed you aside or send you dirty looks when you crossed their views.
Right now your parents were sending you to some little camp with some other teenagers, hoping you would open up more, but that was just impossible, even if you wanted. It was nighttime and you began to pack full month of stuff. You knew this following month was going to be crazy and boring. The other people who were coming are definitely going to be spoiled slutty girls teenagers or smartass jocks. You put on a pair of jeans, an over-sized T-shirts along with two tight ones, a pair of combat boots, a pair of red converses. Lets don't forget three baggy hoodies to make sure you'll not catch a cold.
You l
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You were on your way to a town, who seemed to have problems with vampires. Nothing anormal for you, who were a vampire hunter. At the gates of the town you could feel that dark and cold aura, the town was almost death. It was almost sunset and you could see people running in their houses. Some stopped to look at you, the fear was visible in their eyes and on their faces. Waiting till dark in a bar, thinking about the story that followed in every town near.
It was a story about a vampire duo that would kill without mercy every human or living one. It didn't matter if it the victim is woman, man, animal. Just the blood matters in their opinion. You could tell that this vampire duo is of a very high rank, so it won't be easy to kill them. Outside it was dark, it was time.
Exiting the bar with your gun up your sleves, ready to stop this bloody creatures. A scream pierced your ears, a fearfull and painfull one. They were near, you could feel their dark aura. Running like hell, following the
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Pirate UK x Reader x UK - Shanghaied
Hetalia: Pirate UK x Reader x UK fic

You furrowed your brow in confusion at the large door in front of you. This was unusual. Arthur almost always answered his door. You had always known him to be very prompt. Not to mention, you two were supposed to have a date. You reached for the handle and to your surprise, his door was unlocked. He always locked his door before leaving, so he had to be home. You opened the door and peaked your head in. "Arthur?" you called.
Nothing. You pouted. Where in the hell was he?! You let yourself in, shutting the door behind you. Suddenly, your phone went off and you pulled it out to check. Arthur Kirkland.
"Arthur?" you answered.
"________! Listen, I know we had a date today, but I need to cancel. I promise I'll make it up to you, love," he said. He sounded panicked.
"But I'm already here... where are you? And why wouldn't you just tell me in person?!"
"What?! Your inside?! Get out of here before he—"
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Canada/FACE Part 1
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You dug your hand in, feeling around. Something smooth and paper-like was brought to your attention, and you brought it out of the bag. A leaf?
“That’s mine!” A soft voice cried out. “Uh…Russ—er, Ivan?”
A large man with platinum blonde hair several seats down stood to reveal a much smaller man in comparison, with blonde hair and a curl, underneath him. “Da, I am sorry little man.”
He had been sitting on the poor man!
The stranger stood and took several slow steps towards you. He looked more nervous than anything, but gave you a smile. “Hi. I’m Matthew Williams.”
“I’m (F/n) (L/N),” You mumbled back, face red from the tantrum earlier and meeting the man you were going to live with.
You heard a man squeal. “Mon fils has a fille!”
“Si, that makes you a grandpa Francis!” A man with an accent you didn’t recognize exclaimed.
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Prussia
Warning: . . . Prussia.
“Go ahead und choose, (Y/n).”
You dug your hand around the bag, feeling something soft and wispy tickle your fingertips. You pulled it out—a yellow feather.
Someone did a spit-take.
The man who performed this act was heard gasping and coughing in the back, and everyone turned to the red-eyed, white-haired Prussian who stood. “Z-zat is mine,” His voice came out choked, still coughing from before. “Hallo, frau. I—I’m Gilbert Beilschmidt.”
Gott…I have a child to take care of now.
“Oh, mein Gott…” The blonde sighed, digging around the bag before coming up with his necklace. “Meeting adjourned. Take vhatever you put in ze bag, und I vill see you all in France next time…”
“Good luck, love,” Arthur said behind you, patting your back as Gilbert got his stuff together and came to officially meet you. “I’ll, uh, try to visit, a
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Kaiju Revamp - Gorgo :iconbracey100:Bracey100 387 114 Leland- A Gentleman's Progress :icontemiel:temiel 4,333 282
Hetalia Police Heaven
Is time for the POLICE, but not any type of police.....The Hetalia Police Heaven~.....Just enjoy yourself with the handcuffs and whips in the jail~
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BTLG -A Mystified Gentleman- England x Reader
You woke up on something hard. Slowly opening your eyes, you saw that you were lying on concrete but as you looked on you saw grass growing to your far right. You turned your head to see that you were in fact in the backyard of a large mansion. You gave a groan as you slowly sat up. Your hand was held against your head. ‘Ugh I feel like my head is throbbing’.
Sadly your headache got worse when you heard two voices yelling at each other inside the house. One person sounded like he had an American accent while the other one had a…. British accent?
“Get out of my house, you bloody git!” Britain yelled.
“Aww come on dude! We haven’t seen each other in so loooooong” whined America.
“I said get ou- say what is that?” Britain questioned.
Your eyes were closed due to the pain in your head when you heard a door open and footsteps coming toward you.
Sounding excited Alfred said
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*Teacher!Scotland X Student!Reader*
                              ~Complicated equations~
*Teacher!Scotland X Student!Reader*
"So,which classes and who?" the Hungarian female asked,tying her hair into a lower ponytail.
"Classical with Edelstein,P.E. with Beilschmidt junior,Literature with Väinämöinen,History with Bushy brows,Geography with Braginsky so on and so forth.German with your lover and ... Uh... Mathemathics with ... Kirkland?" the (h/c) cocked a brow,her features betraying confusion.
"Oh,don't you know?He's Arthur's older brother.Though he doesn't resemble him at all." the Belgian female interrupted,munching on a strawberry flavoured pocky.
"You'll like him,I guarantee!He's quite like a cocky bastard,still adorable Prince Charming." the tanned girl sighed in contemplation,gaining suspicious looks from everyone.
"I don't know...What happened to mister Morgens though?" (Name) asked,crumpling the small piece of paper i
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Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader: Canada Part 2
Warning: Language
“Yeah bro, you as a dad and me as an uncle!”
“Mm,” You began shivering again, and Matthew began to walk out of the room with your new uncle.
“Yes,” Arthur’s calm, soothing voice brought you out of Matthew’s chest. “Erm,” he blushed slightly, shifting his weight from leg to leg. “Do you mind if, ah, she calls me uncle as well?”
Matthew blinked, then smiled. “Of course. You and France practically raised Al—oh! Uh, Francis, I mean. You and Francis practically raised Alfred and I, so I think you three have the rights more than anyone. That is, if (Y/n) feels okay calling you guys that.”
“S’alright,” You clung to him desperately, very cold right now. “C-can I h-have a b-b-blankie?”
He made a sound of sympathy, opening his jacket and zipping you inside, leaving your little head peeking out. “Alfred, we’ll have to stop to chan
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Dad!EnglandxChild!Reader: Daddy, I made scones!
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” you giggled as you ran to your dad, who was asleep on the sofa.  You grabbed the back of the couch and started swinging your stubby legs over, only to misplace your foot and land on your dad…on your back. You started wiggling so you could rest on your stomach, kicking your dad in the process.  
“Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Wake up!” You giggled and grinned as you tugged your dad’s messy hair.
Arthur slowly opened his eyes, finding his little sweetheart on his stomach, giggling and full of energy.
“Daddy! You’re awake!”
Arthur smiled, “Yes I am, sweetheart.” Your eyes closed in contentment. You loved it when he called you that. He ruffled up your hair, resulting to more giggles from you. “Now, why are you so frivolous all the sudden?”
“Because,” you giggled. You could never stop giggling. “I wanna make scones!”
Arthur’s eyes lit up. “Really?
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Axis Powers Hetalia: Spirit of Christmas :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 1,299 1,160 Empire of the West :iconynot1989:YNot1989 146 38