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Magical Pregnancy
"Honey!" called Samantha to her husband. "What is it dear?" Hunter wandered into his living room and found his 6 month pregnant wife lying on the couch. "It's your birthday tomorrow and i want to do everything you want to do. So tonight i want you to think about what you want to do. And can you help me to bed? I'm tired." Sam told him. "That sounds great honey. Sure i'll help you right now." He helped her up then helped her up a floor into their bedroom. He helped her into bed and pulled the covers over her. "Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning." And he kissed her good night. He rushed down into his basement. He had been married for 2 years now but in that time there was something he had never told his wife. She knew he was a genius doctor and scientist but what she didn't know was that was actually a cover up for what he really was. A witch. And a maieusophile. He started to plan a wonderful day for tomorrow. He started mixing potions and createing exlixirs. He didn't need to sl
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Queen of Fatties Vanessa :icontheamericandream:TheAmericanDream 329 7 Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 4,751 221 COMMISSION: She Hulk :iconflowerxl:Flowerxl 1,334 40 Mermaid's jewelry :iconsophia-m:Sophia-M 865 107
Cat Girl Fever TG
Cat Girl Fever
"Alan! Is that you? Please come over nyao…now…it's urgent!"
I was so surprised by my friend's sudden phone call that all I could answer was, "I'll be over right…right over, Joan."
She hung up and I clicked off the TV with the remote. It was going to some "BREAKING NEWS" graphic anyway. Knowing that station, it was probably another in a long line of pointless car chases which went on forever.
I tucked my cell phone in my pocket and threw on my shoes. Joan and Carl lived down the street from my apartment so it wouldn't be too far of a walk.
I crossed the street after a pair of emergency vehicles screamed through the intersection.
Their house was at the edge of a rather large tract. It had more grass than most and their Halloween decorations were still hanging in the window. As I approached the door, I looked around a few times.
I didn't see Clyde.
He was their silver tabby. And he absolutely hated me. The first time I came over to visit for a movie an
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COMMISSION: NieR Automata :iconflowerxl:Flowerxl 932 20 Succubus :iconglennraneart:GlennRaneArt 4,657 125 When Hermione going to study... :iconrafaelgiovannini:RafaelGiovannini 495 42 How to Draw Boobs :iconragingtofu:ragingtofu 10,815 1,116 [ART TRADE] Jealous? :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,148 75 Female Body Type Chart vr 2.0 :iconcandy2021:Candy2021 5,575 1,777 Talk to Me 2 :iconhumon:humon 3,643 824 The Great Cleavage :iconpixiveo:PixIveo 1,598 99
Exploding Breasts TG
Exploding Breasts
Even though I was a guy, the day I started growing breasts was a pretty normal day. I didn't have any strange sensation or weird itches or anything like that. I did have a dream which felt quite vivid overnight but which left me when I woke.
I walked into bathroom, trying to pull some of the seemingly-fantastic detail out of the haze of my thoughts, and slipped off my shirt.
Cracking my neck a few times, I glanced in the mirror. The area around my nipples was pressed out a little bit. Nothing too serious but, considering I was used to heavy-lifting at work and my muscles had adapted to that, it did surprise me.
I thought that perhaps I was eating a bit too much and something like a junior version of my Uncle Brad's 'moobs' were starting to show. And I didn't think any more of it at the time except to remind myself to eat a little less and exercise more.
The rest of that week was loaded with veggies and sit-ups. My best friend Adam came over a few times and chee
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