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Magical Pregnancy
"Honey!" called Samantha to her husband. "What is it dear?" Hunter wandered into his living room and found his 6 month pregnant wife lying on the couch. "It's your birthday tomorrow and i want to do everything you want to do. So tonight i want you to think about what you want to do. And can you help me to bed? I'm tired." Sam told him. "That sounds great honey. Sure i'll help you right now." He helped her up then helped her up a floor into their bedroom. He helped her into bed and pulled the covers over her. "Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning." And he kissed her good night. He rushed down into his basement. He had been married for 2 years now but in that time there was something he had never told his wife. She knew he was a genius doctor and scientist but what she didn't know was that was actually a cover up for what he really was. A witch. And a maieusophile. He started to plan a wonderful day for tomorrow. He started mixing potions and createing exlixirs. He didn't need to sl
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The Bitch Seat - TG
The day had started as a typical average day for Joey; he had just gotten his very first motorcycle a few months ago and was busy showing it off to his friend Angie. The bike itself was just your average Harley, but to Joey it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Angie had given him crap about buying a motorcycle, saying that’s usually a mid-life crisis purchase and they're still in their early 20’s.
Both youngsters had dirty blonde hair. Joey kept his kind of long while Angie was sporting a pixie cut. Joey had bright green eyes that Angie always told him girls would kill for, while her eyes were two different colors. Her left eye was a light blue while the right eye was a healthy green. Both of them considered themselves athletic; they worked out enough to stay in shape, but nothing too extreme.
Ever since Joey had bought the motorcycle, Angie had always wanted to take it out for a spin. Of course, that would mean that Joey would ride with her on the passenger seat.
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Concept Art - Cersei Lannister :iconpardoart:pardoart 2,039 268
Too Much of A Good Thing
Standing in the middle of a bakery, Sarah looked around, her eyes pratically sparkling. It was the middle of the night, and she had hid herself until closing time. While she was a good person, she had heard that this bakery made some of the best tasting pasteries in town. And since she had a lage sweet tooth, she couldn't resist. Now alone in the shop, she walked behind the counter and looked down at the display case. " Looks delious" she said, licking her lips.Reaching down she grabbed what looked like a sweetroll with honey drizzled on the top. One bite made her eyes light up again. Oh my god, that is so good! she cried in her head. Shoving the rest of it in her mouth she quickly devoured it, and reached for another one. Having the entire bakery to herself was pure bliss for her. Moving on from sweet rolls she saw cinamin buns. Everytime she finished one she licked the suger that was sprinked on them off of her lips. Making her way down the case, she munched on pastries, cakes, and d
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Revenge is Best Served in a Group
Spike groaned, opening her eye's slowly. " The fuck...?" she mumbled as she looked around. She found herself in what appeared to be a large warehouse. And a rundown one at that. As she went to move she quickly discovered that she was restrained. Looking down she found herself sat down on a chair with her arm's tied behind it. "Hey! What the hell?" she said loudly, frustration showing on her face. It was then she noticed that all the other member's of her gang where there with her, tied up like she was. Slowly they where all coming to.
"Oi...the bloody hell happened?" asked Raven with a small shake of her head.
" Where are we...?" asked Fang as she looked around.
"Better question" chimed in Crystal. " Why the fuck are we tied up?!". She pulled at the ropes that tied her hand's, trying to pull them free. It was then they all heard someone laughing. A girl's voice.
" Not so fun being the one on the reciving end, is it?" said the voice. All the girl's turned their attention to a large pile
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Ebil Witch Lady's Halloween Party
It was that time of the year again when the leaves start to change color and the cold winter breezes slowly come in. The month of October seemed to pass by quickly as people got ready for the biggest night of the month: Halloween. Parents prepped their kids and made sure they were dressed up in the costumes of various characters; those young enough to not know better were accompanied by their parents as they took them out into the slightly breezy night.
This was the perfect time of the year for the infamous trickster, known by few as the Ebil Witch Lady. She loved Halloween just as much as all the children do, though she wasn’t in it for the candy. Halloween was a special time where she could use her magical abilities to cause mischief on all kinds of people. One might think she’s a monster for what she does, but nobody ever remembers who they once were when she’s finished. Of course, she had one condition that she followed to a tee: all of the adorable children were
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Too Much?
Too much?
“I’ve waited so long for this….” Terry thought to herself, staring at the beaker of purple serum sitting on the table in front of her, bubbling merrily. It was still sealed. Beside it lay the cardboard box it had come in, shredded by the blue vixen in her haste to finally lay her hands on the serum. Terry had long had a desire to become better, to become more desirable, and after a long search she’d found a doctor that would help her to achieve her goal. She was able to get in touch with a female doctor that headed up a clinic for nonsurgical enhancement, Dr. Samantha White. Terry immediately heard back from the doctor. Shortly after that Dr. White said she was sending a dose of a new serum that would boost the size of her assets, particularly her chest. Terry had waited a week for the serum to arrive and at last it was here. Taking a moment to examine her body, she ran her hands sensually around her curves, as if she were saying goodbye. She al
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