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Fruhstuck by ParallelPIE Fruhstuck :iconparallelpie:ParallelPIE 445 39 Memories by Mitsimaru Memories :iconmitsimaru:Mitsimaru 49 16 Breakfast by TheSweetBlackMadness Breakfast :iconthesweetblackmadness:TheSweetBlackMadness 210 80 Waffles by ThisTeaIsTooSweet Waffles :iconthisteaistoosweet:ThisTeaIsTooSweet 40 5 Breakfest Show-off by littlechocolatekiss Breakfest Show-off :iconlittlechocolatekiss:littlechocolatekiss 61 35 Vlad and Sam? by phantom-ice Vlad and Sam? :iconphantom-ice:phantom-ice 39 24 Pot Of Gold by PoptartsAreSexyy Pot Of Gold :iconpoptartsaresexyy:PoptartsAreSexyy 41 12 Let`s Make Breakfest To Mommy! by ChnProd22 Let`s Make Breakfest To Mommy! :iconchnprod22:ChnProd22 50 22 I'm Going to Eat Breakfast Now by GoldenFoxDA I'm Going to Eat Breakfast Now :icongoldenfoxda:GoldenFoxDA 33 58 A Perfect Breakfest by DragonoftheEastblue A Perfect Breakfest :icondragonoftheeastblue:DragonoftheEastblue 24 3 MORNIN' by Capn-Courage MORNIN' :iconcapn-courage:Capn-Courage 86 34 Monday Morning by frowzivitch Monday Morning :iconfrowzivitch:frowzivitch 30 18 'Its whats for breakfast' by Fostaa 'Its whats for breakfast' :iconfostaa:Fostaa 19 4 Hetalia - HAPPY FAMILY TIME by thatgirl255 Hetalia - HAPPY FAMILY TIME :iconthatgirl255:thatgirl255 22 20 A shocking morning by boushido A shocking morning :iconboushido:boushido 52 38 siorb siorb by Krasska siorb siorb :iconkrasska:Krasska 19 1 Sketch dump galore 9 by Carolzilla Sketch dump galore 9 :iconcarolzilla:Carolzilla 19 18 Morning Time :colored: by ZamieCat Morning Time :colored: :iconzamiecat:ZamieCat 32 99 waffle earrings by GingerSnapClay waffle earrings :icongingersnapclay:GingerSnapClay 10 4 My Saturday Snack by PoptartsAreSexyy My Saturday Snack :iconpoptartsaresexyy:PoptartsAreSexyy 13 8
The Date 3 part 1
It was late one night in Ponyville, an evening public picnic was being held in the park for the town's citizens, both Ponies and non-Ponies.
"I think this evening social needs to be more funky", said a male Chicken, his long tail feathers twitching with excitement. When nothing happened in response, he repeated louder: "I THINK THIS EVENING SOCIAL NEEDS TO BE MORE FUNKY!"
"Will you shut up already?" asked Doctor Whoof, "I'm trying to concentrate on the snacks here"
The Fowl was getting really impatient with what he was trying to do. He stormed out of the crowd and looked around for what he was trying to signal. He spotted something hiding behind a nearby tree.
"There she is", said the rooster as he approached the tree. As soon as he looked, he saw what he was looking for, DJ P0N-3. She was sitting at the Tree's base, looking down at the ground without her sunglasses on and had a very depressed expression on her face.
"I keep crowing for you to hit the disks", snapped the Bird, "And yet
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(TOOT-TOO, the meal train rolls down the tracks on the table. LifePartner and WifePartner are sitting down with their pet Garfield. The cat is dressed like a young boy).
I heard there revolt has moved on to main-street, they’re lining up programmers now.
That’s four blocks away. Aren’t you worried the rebels will find you?
So dramatic, (to CAT) let’s hope yours is a peaceful society when your time comes.
It will be a long while before the cats take over. What if they're just like us?
Garfield will teach his cubs and his cubs will teach his cubs-cubs.
Teach them what?
How to behave like common, decent civilized folk.
WP #2
Switch to the disloyal function on his translator, I want to hear it again.
Scratch behind my ears if you can to do that much.
LP #1:
How come Garfield never insults you, only me?
The collar can only make approximate translations, he might've meant it as a compliment.
Always complaining Mr.-I-could’ve
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