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colorful typeface design by dronograph colorful typeface design :icondronograph:dronograph 119 53 Deconstruct Me by NeoStockz Deconstruct Me :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 554 188 Pih Pah Definition_Allover by DamageCult Pih Pah Definition_Allover :icondamagecult:DamageCult 569 68 Disco by sygnin Disco :iconsygnin:sygnin 644 86 TechFear by NeoStockz TechFear :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 191 75 diRTY-ELecTRO by DamageCult diRTY-ELecTRO :icondamagecult:DamageCult 368 46 Autopsy_Infusion by NeoStockz Autopsy_Infusion :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 459 153 Autopsy_Injected by NeoStockz Autopsy_Injected :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 196 100 EroSynthetika by NeoStockz EroSynthetika :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 418 136 The Guillotine by NeoStockz The Guillotine :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 307 106 and a moment later...terror by DamageCult and a moment later...terror :icondamagecult:DamageCult 189 35 Autopsy_Huntress by NeoStockz Autopsy_Huntress :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 324 86
you are my careful ghost
i. The air is thick and I'm drinking you in like sunlight through a silver straw,
I'm feeling like my spine has come unzipped and my crayola red innards have become exposed to the cool air,
you're like the slivers in my fingers that I can't pull out,
maybe I should try scraping off layers of skin with tweezers,
goodbye dead cells, hello fresh meat,
damn, why are you so fresh as fuck.
ii. A whirlpool has developed beneath my chest so there goes my sense of sanity,
actually it's more like boiling water, bubbling, spewing out passed my eyes,
and all I've been asking for is for you to either take me or let me go,
let's be honest, I could try to say I am over this whole thing
but I'm not and I don't even want to be.
iii. So let's forget the world,
get lost in each others skin,
tracing ribs like jail bars,
running hands over heartbeats,
brushing lips with lonely aches.
:iconblackdahlia911:blackdahlia911 28 23
Autopsy_Relic by NeoStockz Autopsy_Relic :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 203 71 Art of Sound by NeoStockz Art of Sound :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 139 49 Autopsy_Silenced by NeoStockz Autopsy_Silenced :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 132 52 Daaamn by DamageCult Daaamn :icondamagecult:DamageCult 359 54 FICTIon THeoRY by DamageCult FICTIon THeoRY :icondamagecult:DamageCult 404 49 Shes Violent by NeoStockz Shes Violent :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 97 61 MarcH oF thE mARTyrs by DamageCult MarcH oF thE mARTyrs :icondamagecult:DamageCult 239 65 RECkoniNG by DamageCult RECkoniNG :icondamagecult:DamageCult 209 51 copy'n'paste victims by DamageCult copy'n'paste victims :icondamagecult:DamageCult 154 27 catfight cartel intro by DamageCult catfight cartel intro :icondamagecult:DamageCult 125 26 CJRFM 4 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT CJRFM 4 :iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 193 33 Audio Maelstrom by NeoStockz Audio Maelstrom :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 91 45 CJRFM old Cover by SCIFIJACKRABBIT CJRFM old Cover :iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 829 208 Warrior's dance by SkipDesign Warrior's dance :iconskipdesign:SkipDesign 116 15 Raw-Sickness1 by NeoStockz Raw-Sickness1 :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 124 71 Hawaii Vengence by DamageCult Hawaii Vengence :icondamagecult:DamageCult 139 34 CJRFM 5 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT CJRFM 5 :iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 124 39 No More Chocolate by DamageCult No More Chocolate :icondamagecult:DamageCult 129 37 CONCRETE JUNGLE prototype showcase 2012 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT CONCRETE JUNGLE prototype showcase 2012 :iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 95 130 ChuRCH oF ThE MosT PreCious... by DamageCult ChuRCH oF ThE MosT PreCious... :icondamagecult:DamageCult 105 49 Urban Disturbance by NeoStockz Urban Disturbance :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 79 29 MLP Shipping Draw to Adopts 17 (CLOSED) by TearyIris MLP Shipping Draw to Adopts 17 (CLOSED) :icontearyiris:TearyIris 157 447 Steel Couture by NeoStockz Steel Couture :iconneostockz:NeoStockz 102 52 WeAreLifted by DamageCult WeAreLifted :icondamagecult:DamageCult 150 44 Winter by ximmer Winter :iconximmer:ximmer 70 20 little bit kaosi by ximmer little bit kaosi :iconximmer:ximmer 93 26 New Sketchbook by FanfareX3 New Sketchbook :iconfanfarex3:FanfareX3 69 47 Electronic Dance Music stamp by TheBourgyman Electronic Dance Music stamp :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 5,855 533 Cultizm Schmizm by DamageCult Cultizm Schmizm :icondamagecult:DamageCult 94 21 The lounge Poster by ximmer The lounge Poster :iconximmer:ximmer 82 33 Misc Logos by ximmer Misc Logos :iconximmer:ximmer 142 28
CJRFM Comic brief 2011 -outdated-
To get things strait!
CJRFM's setting bases itself in an alternate futuristic London (no date decided yet but it takes elements ranging from the early nineties to Today) Looming metallic Glass structures, High motorways lit with neon lights and beautiful celetial skies. However this gleamy cityscape is not all perfect and sparkly as one may think for it is juxtaposed with run down shanty town council housing overgrown in weeds and moss like ruins of an old forgotten past. A city torn between Crime syndicates, Secret societies and a youth of Cyber Sound Gangs that make beef with graffiti, parkour and urban rave music. This may sound like doom and gloom at this point. But with darkness comes light as some would say. That light being the kids of CJRFM.
CJRFM is an acronym for "Concrete Jungle Radio (fm)" An Illegal pirate broadcasting station based at the top of a large block of flats, Operated by a group of cheery Junglist kids ( aka: "The Radio Crew" ). The Station s
:iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 33 86
Pretty Rave Boy ::Zukaang:: by kole Pretty Rave Boy ::Zukaang:: :iconkole:kole 264 45 CJRFM 1 by SCIFIJACKRABBIT CJRFM 1 :iconscifijackrabbit:SCIFIJACKRABBIT 158 33