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Levina: Bio (Remake)
Name: Levina
Age: 16
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Dark Blue
Species: Human
Personality Traits: Self-centered, tough conceited, superior, cocky, brave and funny.
Likes: Teasing Swift, being the strongest warrior, saving the world, sparring.
Dislikes: Being outsmarted, evil, losing, being laughed at.
Attributes: She matches her speed with Swift's and has a lightning-type attribute. She is very agile and is an expert at lightning manipulation.
Weaknesses: Her electricity power can get violent when she loses control of her power. Using too much lightning energy wears her out often.
Background: Not much is known about her past. It can be assured that she is a runaway warrior who left her home town to save the world by defeating the Evil Queen all by herself. That is until her and Swift decided to butt heads and become rivals since the day they met.
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Abby - From Ice and Fire TG - Part 1
Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire

Abby Longbloom: From Ice and Fire - Part 1
Previously on The Abby Longbloom Tales
Abby Longbloom, young explorer of parallel worlds, has been searching. Ever since the sudden disappearance of her father many years ago, she has sought clues in the reality-altering ‘anomalies’ he used to research and what he’s left behind for her. After many long travels, she finally knows where he is but terrible things stand in the way of getting him back…
Leaving the strange, fractured Dark Forest of Mirrors, Abby and her friends land in an even-more-mysterious Desert which seems to stretch forever. Struck by a violent tempest, they seek refuge inside her time-space jacket pockets. However, this refuge soon becomes a prison. 
To escape, Abby and the others set off an explosion which liberates them but devastates the pocket.

Meanwhile, Iao, a malevolent, insect-like creature
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