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MC - Princes of Peace :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 240 71 MCCP - Iggy :iconeeba-ism:Eeba-ism 45 70
I Smell of Grease
He smells of grease.
Compliments of his 9 to 5.
Second window please.  
No rest.
If there's time for leaning,
There's time for cleaning.
And here I am.
Looking down on this minimum wager.
Looking down on myself.
But it is not me.
Is it?
It couldn't be.
I am a writer.
This shmuck flips burgers,
Bags fries,
Smells of grease.
All the while thinking of his girl,
What he'll write about later,
What he would say,
If she could listen.
It is me, then.
I always thought I'd be a writer.
:icontheunlikelypoet:TheUnlikelyPoet 2 3
Rocketboy3005 and the gang enjoy some Braum's soda :iconjoecl93:joecl93 4 4 Braum's poro :iconandie200:Andie200 3 0 no, he's not dead ID card. :iconbrian2:brian2 2 25 Tower :iconlifegate:LifeGate 2 8 Tulsa sketches :icongenbe89:Genbe89 1 2 Mr. Tomato is shocked that you'd think that... :iconlaurensconcepts:laurensconcepts 0 0 Dessert :iconl-nay:L-nay 0 0 trippin' on strawberries :icongraymoonbeams:graymoonbeams 1 6 Everyday and Ordinary :iconneamhchlaonta:Neamhchlaonta 0 0 So I Went to Braums the other night... :iconsuppasaiyanswagga:SuppaSaiyanSwagga 0 0 Psychedelic comparison. :iconfelixer:Felixer 3 2
Detective Pistachio 1
Detective Pistachio and the Case of the Missing Ice Cream Scrapers and Scoops
By Braum’s Store 68
It was 10:47 a.m.  I had been hired by Braum’s to find some missing ice cream scrapers and scoops.  I knew that finding them would be a tough job, but I was up to the task.
I walked up to the counter and asked the manager on duty what the scrapers and scoops looked like.  She said, “Have you ever eaten ice cream?”  Now, I can honestly say that I had never eaten ice cream in my life, so I quickly replied with, “Yes, and don’t answer my questions with your questions.”
When I came back, I saw a line of the most pathetic-looking people I had ever seen.  I pulled out my little notebook and wrote down their names: Chris, Ben, Nick, Charlie, Kendra, Melissa, and Tara.
“Melissa,” I said, “Are you aware that a number of ice cream scrapers and scoops are missing from this store?”  She s
:iconpistachio0690:Pistachio0690 0 0
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