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Echo of the past 01 [ENG]
All chapters are under correction
Chapter with better formatting, in PDF file:
The chapter below has come into being spontaneously, for fun, without the bigger concept of writing any more chapters. It wasn’t supposed to have any form of continuity, and the thread of Marcin & Nivan - the two heroes in this story - was meant as a note of spice in their created lives. Both characters were created for the purpose of a role playing game, both of them had partners in their lives as well as separate histories. And so it was meant to stay... in the beginning that is. But "Karma" wanted it different
After the unexpected warm reception of the first chapter the author decided to continue the story. She wrote the second and the third chapter intertwining the boys paths, added a few others and so the story took shape.
The author intertwines the lives of two men, best friends in the past. After almost eight years apart th
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I remember sleeping in the bed we shared.
Was it wrong?
I remember him always holding me in his arms.
Isn't that what you do with those you love?
I remember mom finding out.
Why did she cry so much?
I remember him looking away.
Couldn't he meet her gaze?
I remember asking him if something was wrong.
Had we done something bad?
I remember him wrapping his arms around me.
Wasn't it supposed to feel this way?
I remember him keeping his voice soft and quiet.
Did he whisper so as not to let mom hear?
I remember him saying he had to leave.
Where did he have to go?
I remember saying goodbye.
Were those tears for me?
I remember not seeing him for years.
What kept him away?
I remember seeing him again.
When did he grow so much?
I remember feeling tears slip down my face.
There were still tears left?
I remember running to him.
He didn't forget me?
I remember feeling his arms around me.
Is it the same as before?
I remember a passionate, dominating kiss.
Something new?
I remember a promise.
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The Surfer and the Merman CH 1
        It was beautiful, sunny day in Cayucos, California. However, even the perfect weather couldn't improve the mood of one of the local residents as he gloomily walked across the sand. Surfboard in his hand, he stared out into the horizon, his natural blonde hair blowing in the wind. He then realized that he was the only person on the beach, which just made him feel worse. He felt so alone lately, ever since summer began. His parents had left him for a whole month to go visit relatives who lived a few states away. The poor surfer couldn't go with his parents because he had to take summer school classes.
       "Fucking Econ...." He grumbled to himself.
        The poor highschooler didn't even have any friends to help him with his loneliness. Besides his good looks and likeable personality, he was painfully shy and only had a few friends. And those few friends happened
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Echo of the past 02 [ENG]

Chapter with better formatting, in PDF file:
*Author notes available at the beginning of chapter one*
Note from the translator:
This is not a word for word translation. So there will be words missing, or words added when comparing with the original. I gave my best not to change the contents, BUT sometimes I just had to. Of course you'll find mistakes in the text, so please instead of mocking my language skills, just sit back and enjoy a beautiful love story. I decided to try to translate it because I adore their story so much. It would be a pity for others not to be able to read it, especially since the artwork that goes with it is so beautiful. This piece took 9 hours to translate, so if you don't like the way it's done, please at least respect the work I've put into this. But, I really hope you'll like it as much as I do.
Note from the editor:
Thanks to the hard work of the lovely Anna, who translated this from Polish
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Pets (Neko!Levi x Male!Reader x Puppy!Eren) I
    "A pet?" You blinked at your friend of 6 years, Armin.
    "Yeah. I figured that since you're always saying how lonely you are, getting a pet might be good for you. I worry about you, you know", Armin said softly while placing a hand over yours.
    "Well.. I mean I guess I could try? But, I don't know anything about taking care of animals."
    Armin smiled, "Don't worry. I know somewhere that sells special kinds of pets. It's where I got Erwin, after all."
    Your (e/c) eyes snapped to his suddenly. "Wa-wait! That kind of pet? But, I, uh, wouldn't taking care of an actual full-blooded animal be easier?" You laughed nervously while scratching the back of your head.
    Armin gave you a reprimanding look before continuing. "(M/n), Erwin can take of himself and.. me. I know that you don't take care of yourself properly. I've been watching."
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