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BTS - 'fire' :iconmari945:Mari945 341 12 Neverland Kevin :iconyuki-k:yuki-k 327 68 Akatsuki- I Lay My Love On You :icontopazshrine:TopazShrine 917 492 TONIGHT :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 2,846 193 bowtie :iconcurlytops:curlytops 346 44 Last Missed Chance Tour :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 347 93 Memories :iconwocket-in-my-pocket:wocket-in-my-pocket 359 53 Black Rose XXX :icongilraen-stock:gilraen-stock 190 18 Summer Lovin' :iconwocket-in-my-pocket:wocket-in-my-pocket 413 76 Undead :iconwocket-in-my-pocket:wocket-in-my-pocket 256 102 LIKE A BOY BAND OR SOMETHING :iconpunkichi:Punkichi 365 197 South Park Triple Baka :iconsakuto:Sakuto 713 169 Old Times :iconwocket-in-my-pocket:wocket-in-my-pocket 301 52 SHINee - Taemin :iconnyugyu:nyugyu 521 28 :: KINGS - BIG BANG :: :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 1,236 236 That One Thing :iconfit51391:fit51391 204 39
Pet 5 - Heaven's Door
"Aren't you a little young to be kissing a guy like Matthew Delgado?" the blue haired teen asked me as soon as Matt had disappeared around a corner. I turned my eyes to him and noticed the slight startle come to his face as our eyes met. I knew what had gotten him. It was the same thing that Matt absolutely loved. My almost colourless eyes. Unless you weren't looking directly into them, they appeared to be white and if you were looking directly into them, you could see the very faint blue tint. Matt always said that the pale hair and pale eyes made me visibly unique to pretty much every other human out there and he loved it.
"I'm sixteen, he's nineteen almost twenty. I don't think it's so bad," I replied softly, moving closer to Matt's manager Bailey Jones. I wasn't entirely comfortable around Bailey, but the blue haired teen made me nervous.
"Wow, you really don't look like you're only a year younger than I am," he said, moving a step closer to me. In turn, I moved another step closer
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FF XV - Boyband :icontorheit-skadi:Torheit-Skadi 376 42 McLovin Cousin :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 234 47 Louis Tomlinson :icondarefron:darefron 372 100
Pet 2 - Changes
The next morning I found my arms still firmly wrapped around an extremely small blonde body. I was confused for a moment, my still half asleep mind trying to figure out why I'd gone to bed with a barely legal if not underage girl. And then the events of the night before came rushing back to me in a veritable flood of emotions and images, reminding me that this little body was a secret that my latest co-star had kept for the last seven years. Now, this small boy was going to be going home with me, because Brent McHaufy was going to be getting married in the next month.
I wasn't really complaining. It had been my suggestion after all to take the boy off of his hands. In truth, Pet had been the best lover I had had in awhile with his completely innocent reactions to me even though his body was from innocent. The impression that I got was that Brent had quite literally treated the boy like one would any other pet, only this one was much more capable of sexual activity. Finally, I raised my
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One Direction Shimeji :iconanimatedpretzel:animatedpretzel 542 151
Pet 16 - Stay or Go?
Oh, I was pissed. That bastard, the person that meant so much to Kat, had cheated on him and then raped him. Kat hadn't said anything yet, not a single word since I showed up at the apartment to pick him up. I'd had to take his glasses away as they had broken from whatever Matt had done and I was worried he'd get a piece of glass in his eye. It was bad enough that there were scratches so close to that beautiful orb. The ride back to the flat had been unbelievably quiet, even though everyone wanted to ask the same thing: why?
Whatever the reason had been, Kat didn't deserve to be treated so cruelly. He hadn't done anything wrong. My anger was only further fueled when I helped Kat clean up once we were home again. There were dark bruises on his upper arms and on his hip, probably from being gripped far too tightly for his little body to handle. It wasn't hard to keep my desires for him in check while I cleaned his body. The bruises and the blood had my blood boiling too hot to even think
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SHINee : Playground :iconwaterbirdart:waterbirdART 172 5 My Name Is Skyyler :iconantiquity-dreams:Antiquity-Dreams 232 45 Can you Love Me? :iconwocket-in-my-pocket:wocket-in-my-pocket 162 21 Super Junior-M :iconmkiseasytospell:mkiseasytospell 218 15 :: KPOP MEME :: :iconiheartthunder:iheartthunder 240 76 The Homestuck Boys :iconaua1000:aua1000 234 15 HubbaHubba Bigbang :iconthestarofpisces:thestarofpisces 401 113 kogan: Fever :iconcharliemccarthey:CharlieMcCarthey 157 32 One Direction Chibis :iconthemuzbo:TheMuzbo 493 101 [O.T.P] All Star! :iconskunkyfly:Skunkyfly 515 112 Avengers ASSEMRRRAAWWLLGGH :iconlittlegeeky:LittleGeeky 148 27 Boyfriend in white 500x281 :iconravnwyng:Ravnwyng 168 34 SHINee: Photo Shoot :iconwaterbirdart:waterbirdART 160 23 U-KISS Kiseop :iconyuki-k:yuki-k 230 45 Jonghyun: Grrrrr :iconwaterbirdart:waterbirdART 144 15 G-Dragon (BIG BANG) PNG Render :iconclassicluv:classicluv 108 8 A Different Perspective :iconoxboxer:oxboxer 379 29 .: MBLAQ's Thunder :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 318 67 Mukuro - Rise Up :iconfujimiyaran:FujimiyaRan 115 43
Always With You
"Will you please come?" your friend Elizaveta begged.
"No," you stated as you returned to the book you were reading.
"Please ____, I promise you'll love them!" Eliza gleamed happily waving the tickets in front of your nose.
"What's their name again?" you ask the Hungarian as you lowered your book.
"Nordic 5!" she squealed.
"What are they each from one of the Nordic countries?" you laughed as you tried to read again.
"How'd you know, but yes they are. Although they weren't born there, their parents are. They met in Canada," she smiled. "_____, please come! I even have backstage passes!"
"What time?" you sighed giving up.
"The concert starts at six sharp," she smiled.
You glanced up at the grandfather clock directly across from you. five o'clock it read in roman numerals. Sighing you tossed your book onto the cushion beside you. Walking over to Elizaveta you gingerly plucked one of the tickets from her hand, causing a large smile to form on her face.
"This will be so much fun!" she shout
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Pet 7 - Blood Covered Hands
"Kat!" I screamed in horror as the crimson blood began to pour over his small fingers that he held tightly against his throat. His tears were still falling even as he looked up at me with mirrored horror and pain, black streaks trailing down his face from the ruined make-up. "Hang in there, Kat! Please!" I cried and slid my arms around his small body and hoisted him up, fleeing the room.
"Ren, what the hell is all the screaming..." Kei started to yell before his voice trailed off as he caught sight of the boy in my arms. "What the fuck happened?!" he shouted, his face blanching at the sight of all the blood.
"Kat, was attacked," I said quickly, flinging my head in the direction of the room I had just exited. "I punched the guy, but he had a knife to Kat's throat. He might still-" I was cut off as Kei shouted again and began to chase someone down the hall. "Kei! Be careful! He's armed!" I yelled after him before turning and continuing to run towards where there were more people. "Someon
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