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Girl's night in
A regular apartment, on a side street right next to the city's main avenue is the place where this, and many other stories happen. Our main vict- I mean character are Tommy, 12 years old, average height, medium build, dark longish hair, and quite fast and flexible. His older sister Lisa, 16 years old, and one HOT girl with long straight black hair and matching black belt. She loves bondage and being the one that can move around during the tie ups. This hot girl likes to take advantage of being Tommy's regular babysitter by being in charge all the way, sometimes with her little victim's consent, but lately against it, as Tommy grew tired of his sister's abusive behavior.
This story begins two days before Tommy and Lisa parent's 20th anniversary, one that they decide to make a second honeymoon on. As always, they left Lisa in charge of the house and her little brother, which for Tommy meant the next week will be one tie up after the other. He wasn't planning on giving up that time though
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Afternoon Games
„Urrm, I’m not sure whether that’s a very good idea…“ “What’s wrong Sarah?” Claire asked while waving the coil of white rope in her hand, “Do you fear you might enjoy it?” she added with a smirk. “No, of curse that’s not it!” Sarah answered indignantly, “I’m just not comfortable with the idea of being all tied up!”
It was one of those rainy afternoons where you just couldn’t go outside of the house. And just at such days Claire had some of her “great” ideas. A few minutes ago she had arrived at Sarah’s home, wearing her favourite outfit, a comfy dark red pullover and a pair of somewhat greyish pants. Sarah, however, had been too lazy to change clothes and was still wearing her school uniform: White blouse, black skirt and matching black nylon stockings. She had been wondering what could be inside of that sports bag Claire brought with her – well, now she knew: Some lengths of white
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