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SW - They called us by Renny08 SW - They called us :iconrenny08:Renny08 812 153 How boring by meago How boring :iconmeago:meago 5,167 356 No Sense of Humor by euclase No Sense of Humor :iconeuclase:euclase 1,450 94 Boring Boomerang Birthday Barbeque Binge by JoeyJazz Boring Boomerang Birthday Barbeque Binge :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 244 24 Pot Watcher - The Game by JohnSu Pot Watcher - The Game :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 8,087 2,902 The same routine by BrokenTeapot The same routine :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 2,742 683 Boring by DeadSlug Boring :icondeadslug:DeadSlug 2,612 63 Snooze Fest by NCMares Snooze Fest :iconncmares:NCMares 1,730 125 My Little Hands by antontang My Little Hands :iconantontang:antontang 528 23 Hopscotch by antontang Hopscotch :iconantontang:antontang 1,256 72 Rathios is not impressed by Sunima Rathios is not impressed :iconsunima:Sunima 798 30 SW - AOTC 10th Anniversary by Renny08 SW - AOTC 10th Anniversary :iconrenny08:Renny08 1,331 244 Altair - test animation by TheMinttu Altair - test animation :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 2,283 269 .::Blue Fallen Wolf::. by WhiteSpiritWolf .::Blue Fallen Wolf::. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 1,739 106 The Wild Blood by Marinshe The Wild Blood :iconmarinshe:Marinshe 426 36 Sydney Harbour Skyline by antontang Sydney Harbour Skyline :iconantontang:antontang 175 12 The Glass: Drowned by 1uno The Glass: Drowned :icon1uno:1uno 1,116 147 So Fluffy by antontang So Fluffy :iconantontang:antontang 2,416 179 Rain by t1na Rain :icont1na:t1na 775 18 Life Is Beautiful by antontang Life Is Beautiful :iconantontang:antontang 619 26 The Truth by DivineError The Truth :icondivineerror:DivineError 330 139 Stuff and Things by moni158 Stuff and Things :iconmoni158:moni158 2,582 151 Beetle Car by antontang Beetle Car :iconantontang:antontang 732 26 ..revealed.. by pavel89l1 ..revealed.. :iconpavel89l1:pavel89l1 1,508 172
the past is just practice.
we spent last summer blowing kisses that never made it to their destinations. and now i don’t know what to say to you to make all those wasted words seem right. it’s like we were waiting for our first kiss but neither of us had the guts to make the first move so instead we lay side by side not touching, not moving, breathing on opposite intervals. i’d say your name but you weren’t listening. you’d whisper i love you but you didn’t mean it. it was summer and you should have tried smiling with your eyes.
last autumn, we were flying paper airplanes with our wishes into the wind but they kept coming back to us. so you would tell me that we were young and we still had time. that the wind would die. that everything dies eventually and then we could finally breathe wishes that we wouldn’t have to swallow again. we could whisper the words we’ve been needing to hear. but every other day, i was losing track of what to say to you. we were sitting in the
:iconpaperheartsyndrome:paperheartsyndrome 231 166
Are We There Yet? by SenshiStock Are We There Yet? :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 766 47 Gazing by antontang Gazing :iconantontang:antontang 759 48 Boredom. by Safiru Boredom. :iconsafiru:Safiru 2,054 152 Modified AK-103 by TheBadPanda2 Modified AK-103 :iconthebadpanda2:TheBadPanda2 288 50 im bored by k3rry86 im bored :iconk3rry86:k3rry86 1,634 217
BBC Sherlock - The Bored Song
If you're bored and you know it shoot a wall! (boom, boom)
If you're bored and you know it shoot a wall! (boom, boom)
If you're bored and you know it, then your wall will surely show it,
if you're bored and you know it shoot a wall! (boom boom)
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'Plain' Leads To 'Pretty' by UntaintedSoul 'Plain' Leads To 'Pretty' :iconuntaintedsoul:UntaintedSoul 363 163 ID change once again by Parororo ID change once again :iconparororo:Parororo 1,045 302 Darkroom by BigBad-Red Darkroom :iconbigbad-red:BigBad-Red 456 23 Obstacles by antontang Obstacles :iconantontang:antontang 1,374 68 New Feeling by Winick-Lim New Feeling :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 536 41 Cancer by Whiluna Cancer :iconwhiluna:Whiluna 859 28 Salt by Darbaras Salt :icondarbaras:Darbaras 331 21
I tried
I tried to count my scars,
But I couldn't tell
Where one began
And another ended.
So I tried to count the cuts,
But I couldn't, because
Blood smeared across my skin,
Connecting them like a thin,
Red veil of pain.
And so I cried.
I cried a single tear, because
When I need to cry,
I can't.
Finally, I sat down,
And put pen to paper,
Or fingers to keys.
And tried to write my emotions.
But I couldn't, because
I don't know how to tell the world
What I feel like,
When I have no right.
I looked from the blood stained tissues,
Across my torn body,
Into my own eyes, reflected perfectly by the mirror before me.
Another tear was pulled from my eyes by gravity.
By this invisible force that makes me
Oh, so, miserable.
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