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Dead Beat 1 reader x zombie
Reader x Zombie?! (wwyff)
Warning this fic contains slight language and sexual situations. If you are mentally too young for this or squeamish around blood I recommend you to read with caution or not at all ^-^
Alright guys this might just possibly be one of the weirdest stories I've ever written so far, (yesyes very weird) it's a reader-insert yes, BUUUT~ with zombies. Now I know what your thinking: "Ew wtn is wrong w/you woman zombies are gross!" *^*" OTL but I assure you that this particular story includes at least some form of handsomeness. Now I know others will argue that of course zombies can't be attractive but I always seem to find a certain animalistic charm in a few =w=~ this is in a L4D zombie type of world and I shall explain, time to learn about zombies~
The Horde:-Now in this zombie-esque world there are (of course) the simple regular zombies, they are called the horde, there's lots of them, they're easy to kill- boom boom bang =w=. They can run
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ppgz chp. 1 long time no seen
years past since the rowdyruff appered, the girls hadn't seen their revival. so now 17 year old docter blossom utnioum has major problems when it comes to the past about the rowdyruff.
" lucy how many times have you visited me?" blossom asked the cheerful girl. "uh nine" lucy said proudly. "then you get a teddy bear!" blossom said happily. blossom loved the look on lucy's face. "thank you! thank you! THANK YOU! " lucy hugged blossom. "you're welcome lucy!" as blossom hugged her back. "thanks, dr.utionum" lucy mom said. "please. call me blossom!" blossom said. "bye ms. blossom!" lucy said. poor lucy. she keeps coming back in the biggest hospital. everyday. blossom remembers the first she saw lucy.
'please let me see the docter!' lucy mom had barged in with a very sick girl.
'i'm sorry but dr. utionum is a busy woman." the nurse had said.
lucy mom was crying in fear of losing her only daughter.
'excuse me! i'll be glad to help you' blossom reassured lucy mom.
since that day blossom promi
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