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Morrigan vs. Tron Bonne
Morrigan shifted back her long, green hair as she flew across the night sky, feeling bored as usual. Nothing excited had happened in weeks, and she was starting to feel her usual activities as a succubus weren't going to keep her satisfied for much longer. With a sigh, she flew back to her castle and prepared for rest, growing tired of seducing others for now. As she landed at the window of her room, she stretched and went to her wardrobe.
But she felt different, somehow. Something seemed wrong.
Before removing herself from her normal skin-tight attire, she made her way down the hall and through several rooms in the castle, concerned that something was going on. As she got closer to the lower rooms, she realized her fear. She sensed someone. Someone small, and weak, but the feeling was close.
Soon a rustling sound caught her attention, noticing it coming from directly below. With a determined look, Morrigan dashed over to the stairwell, heading downwards, noticing she was nearing the t
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8-bit Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 :iconrieytails:RieyTails 164 34 Tron Bonne :iconhvond:HvonD 738 145 Megaman Volnutt_Trigger :iconpandm101:pandm101 115 49 Ms. Tron :iconlividdoll:LividDoll 116 34 MegaMan Trib Fail :iconfooray:FooRay 824 98 Badde to the Bonne :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 731 56 Commission: Bonne Jenet :iconjaimito:jaimito 659 22 It's Tough to Top a Classic :iconherms85:herms85 688 126 MM Tribute 3 - Tron Bonne :iconglitcher:glitcher 519 29 Tron Bonne, Bonne Strike :iconmaxwindy:maxwindy 811 53
Bonne vs. Bonne
Tron Bonne awoke to a blurry view and a massive headache. A groan escaped her lips as she slowly regained consciousness and tried to grasp her surroundings. As she slowly came to, she noticed a large purple figure moving about in front of her. Moments later, she realized it was a woman in a very prominent, yet revealing purple dress, giving off a grand view of her ample cleavage and draping off of her leg so vividly that a clearly visible thong caught her attention and caused her to draw conclusions of what this mysterious girl probably thought of herself. Even more concerning, though, was the large symbol of a skull designed into the lower half of her dress.
"Oho! Have you finally awoken?" The mysterious woman said with a enticing voice.
Tron could only mutter in confusion. "Who...are you?" Only now was she slowly starting to realize the wooden room they were held up in, seemingly a storage room full of crates. The whole room was wood, though, which seemed rather odd...
The blonde, bu
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Tron Bonne Legacy :iconfurboz:Furboz 614 248 Kissing under the mistletoe :iconwhispersss:whispersss 223 92 Favorite Characters Meme :icongilster262:gilster262 246 71 Mega Man Tribute Entry :icondash-x:Dash-X 219 24 Tron Bonne rocks on :iconjin-saotome:Jin-Saotome 160 31 He isn't Blues, so much as Red :iconherms85:herms85 601 90 Tron Bonne and Shit :iconmastafuu:mastafuu 584 53 B. Jenet - Beautiful Victory :iconalpacacarlesi:AlpacaCarlesi 182 41 Notre Dame de la Garde :iconmatmoon:matmoon 149 20