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The Wolf by Z-Pico The Wolf :iconz-pico:Z-Pico 378 5 An act of chivalry by Bidass An act of chivalry :iconbidass:Bidass 534 117 Engaging fortress ! by Bidass Engaging fortress ! :iconbidass:Bidass 216 12 Boeing B-52 Stratofortress by bagera3005 Boeing B-52 Stratofortress :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 158 13 Dresden by ChrisRawlins Dresden :iconchrisrawlins:ChrisRawlins 179 31 GDI-SD256 by UNGDI-SEA GDI-SD256 :iconungdi-sea:UNGDI-SEA 1,194 105 Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack by bagera3005 Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 102 13 Halo Theory by Boredman Halo Theory :iconboredman:Boredman 644 248 Convair B-36 Peacemaker by bagera3005 Convair B-36 Peacemaker :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 85 9 Liberators by Bidass Liberators :iconbidass:Bidass 183 17 Bombers by Dekus Bombers :icondekus:Dekus 134 42
The Bomber's Heir+Chapter 14
"Make me one."
Deidara glanced up with a sigh, his eyes breaking the contact he'd kept with his chewing hand for about four minutes.
"Make me one, dad." A poke in his shoulder, and Deidara frowned slightly. Sasori glanced up from his book with an eyebrow raised. "Show me how."
"I'll show you when you're older." Deidara said with a small nod, returning his gaze to the middle of his hand.
"Why?" This time it was Sasori who spoke up. "Deidara, she's seven. She's got to learn sometime."
Deidara rolled his eyes. "But I'm too lazy right now, un." He said with a small groan. Suri stamped her foot and folded her arms, glaring at her father with a pout in her blue eyes.
"Don't be lazy, dad." She said shortly, "If you're lazy, you'll get fat. And fat people are icky. Un!"
Sasori put down his book with a chuckle. "Ahaha, Deidara, I think she has you pegged!" He grinned at the flush-faced blonde, who glared from his daughter to his lover.
"Yesss!" Suri punched the air, a triumphant g
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Alliance Nations armament sheet by WWII44 Alliance Nations armament sheet :iconwwii44:WWII44 120 116 XB-70 Valkyrie by bagera3005 XB-70 Valkyrie :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 84 15
The Bomber's Heir+Chapter 11
"...I don't want to."
"No... I might drop it..."
"You won't drop her, un!"
"Aw, Leader-sama, just for a minute."
Deidara sighed and adjusted the squirming Ayatsuri in his arms, rolling his eyes, while Sasori folded his arms and Konan raised her eyebrows and said, "Because, I want you to."
Pein's eyes wandered from each face, before shaking his head. "No..."
"You're not going to break her, un." Deidara said, as Ayatsuri let out a small squeak.
Sasori craned his neck to look at Suri for the umpteenth time that hour. Deidara had been right, she was a beautiful baby- bright blue eyes that reflected Deidara's, and a tuft of bright red hair that he knew hailed from his own likeness. Tiny, closed mouths on her hands, with her fourth mouth just below her ribcage covered by a light purple shirt.
"Watch, Leader-sama," Sasori said suddenly, stepping closer to Deidara, "It's not hard."
He adjusted his arms as Deidara transported the kid into Sasori's grasp. "Just support the head
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Boeing B-52 23d Bomber by bagera3005 Boeing B-52 23d Bomber :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 84 3
The Bomber's Heir + Chapter 4
"He's keeping it."
Sasori's eyes flew open wide. "WHAT? Leader-sama, you can't  
be serious!" He stood up, shaking his head. "He can't  
"No. He's having it."
"Pein." Konan spoke gently, reaching over to put a hand on  
his arm. "Think about Deidara for once. Is there any real  
reason you want him to keep it?"
"Deidara is a useful weapon." Pein cracked his knuckles  
slightly, keeping his eyes fixed on Sasori. "If he has a  
child, it will most likely carry Deidara's trait of the extra mouths. The mouths are how he makes his bombs, correct?"
"Well... yes, but-"
"If something ever happens to Deidara," Pein went on loudly,  
"We will have another bomber. The bomber's heir. The child  
will be Deidara's replacement."
"That's cruel." Sasori said bluntly, falling back into a  
seated position. "Taking a /child/ into the Akatsuki for the  
sole purpose of being a weapon."
Konan nod
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Tupolev Tu-22M BACKFIRE by bagera3005 Tupolev Tu-22M BACKFIRE :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 65 0
The Bomber's Heir+Chapter 12
Her first word had been, "Bang!". Her first steps had taken her into the bathroom, which had lead a soaking wet, half-nude and rather disgruntled Hidan to search the house with her on his arm to find Deidara and Sasori, who were both in a panic at that point. Her first injury was from a knife that she'd knocked off the kitchen table in a frenzy to play with the shiny object.
The first thing she thought hysterically funny was the sight of Hidan's head flying off when he and Kakuzu had been sparring together while she and Deidara watched with interest.
Her first real punishment had been because she had made off with one of Hiruko's eyes and later was found to have flushed it down the toilet.
She'd also found it hysterically funny to see a red-faced, spluttering Sasori dig desperately into the tank of the toilet to retrieve it.
In the course of five years, Amegakure no Ayatsuri had become a holy terror.  
Most of her personality had been influenced by the other members of the Ak
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Bombs Size Chart 5 by WS-Clave Bombs Size Chart 5 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 67 8 XF-42 Ochre Jasmin by UNGDI-SEA XF-42 Ochre Jasmin :iconungdi-sea:UNGDI-SEA 63 12 SavePoint: Tousled Yakugashi by fredrin SavePoint: Tousled Yakugashi :iconfredrin:fredrin 189 13 Bombs Size Chart 3 by WS-Clave Bombs Size Chart 3 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 61 4 High Speed, Low Drag by UNGDI-SEA High Speed, Low Drag :iconungdi-sea:UNGDI-SEA 45 9 Bombs Size Chart 1 by WS-Clave Bombs Size Chart 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 59 3 Candid Cuties Captured by Fire-Fox-America Candid Cuties Captured :iconfire-fox-america:Fire-Fox-America 533 64 Ticklish present by countfire Ticklish present :iconcountfire:countfire 182 47 Invader Teeva by scamwich Invader Teeva :iconscamwich:scamwich 126 24 Bombing of Germany 1939-1945 by Arminius1871 Bombing of Germany 1939-1945 :iconarminius1871:Arminius1871 45 176 Bombs Size Chart 4 by WS-Clave Bombs Size Chart 4 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 63 2
Expo Films- Hannah's Kind of A Big Deal
In a bold move Expo Films purchased the rights to a little known web/digital story series for an undisclosed amount several weeks ago The series that goes by the name Hannah’s Kind Of A Big Deal follows the misadventures of a incoming college freshman who just so happens to be the tallest woman in the world, who turns the world on it’s ear when she gets a little too big for her britches or anything else for that matter.
A script has already been prepared by the original writer, and the studio is fast tracking the new property. Meetings are already taking place as the up and coming studio searches for a director and a leading lady with enough personality to play this larger than life role.
Early contenders on the studio's short list are Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Bonnie Wright, Chole Moretz, and even eminent songbird Taylor Swift. Although it seems that the studio is pushing pretty hard for the former Harry Potter actress but have stated that the direc
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 27 0
The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask by FinnPants The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask :iconfinnpants:FinnPants 143 17
The Bomber's Heir + Chapter 5
Deidara progressed steadily into more violent mood swings and had nearly doubled in size. His random cravings were insatiable, or so it seemed, as he had labeled every new jar of pickles that appeared in the fridge with a post-it note reading, "DEIDARA'S, DO NOT TOUCH" in red marker. He had abandoned of his Akatsuki cloak and had taken to wearing loose-fitting black shirts along with his usual pants.
Something was /different/ about his appearance, too. Beforehand, Deidara had always been good-looking. Bright blue eyes, that amazing blonde hair. Fair skin, thin eyebrows, his muscles toned and his incredibly white smile.
But now... if it were possible... Deidara looked better. His skin seemed to always sport a healthy glow, his hair, it seemed, had turned to silk, and his eyes were clear and seemingly overbright.
For some reason, it was driving Sasori crazy. In a way that was both good and bad. He appreciated the way Deidara looked, above all, but the fact that he so, so badly wanted to
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B-17 Flying Fortress by bagera3005 B-17 Flying Fortress :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 61 11
The Bomber's Heir+Chapter 13
"How come Aunt Konan has breasts and you don't?"
Deidara choked on his coffee and Sasori leaned over to thump him on the back. Coughing, Deidara set down his mug and looked down at the 6-year-old redhead, eyes teary.
"W-what?" He spluttered, wiping at his eyes with one hand. "Why?"
"Well... I was thinking... Auntie Konan has breasts..." She put her hands on her own chest to indicate, "And you don't... how come?"  
Sasori looked at Deidara, whose face was red and his expression disbelieving. "Suri..." The blonde said, looking aghast. "I'm not supposed to have breasts."
"...but I thought all girls had them..."
Sasori snorted with laughter, resting his head in his hands. "S-Suri," He choked, "Your daddy is a boy."
"Really?! What?! Wait... I thought only girls could have babies, un...and... you had me, right...? So..." Suri looked confused, looking from a red-faced Deidara to a still-laughing Sasori.
"Shut up, danna." Deidara growled, "Suri... didn't.. may
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Dogfight Concept by Laffonte Dogfight Concept :iconlaffonte:Laffonte 45 24 Boeing B-52a Stratofortress by bagera3005 Boeing B-52a Stratofortress :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 44 10 Griffins Reich and Buffalo nation by Soundwave3591 Griffins Reich and Buffalo nation :iconsoundwave3591:Soundwave3591 42 19 Avro Vulcan B.2 by bagera3005 Avro Vulcan B.2 :iconbagera3005:bagera3005 52 7 Goodbye Blue Sky by PrinzEugn Goodbye Blue Sky :iconprinzeugn:PrinzEugn 41 27
The Bomber's Heir + Chapter 9
Sasori knocked tentatively on Pein's door once, and then took a step back with his arms folded behind his back. There was a sudden clattering from inside, and then a voice called with a dull, "What?"
Sasori opened the door and stepped inside. Pein was looking hassled, his orange hair stuck up in places that it normally wasn't, his cloak slung over one shoulder. "What is it, Sasori?" Pein asked, digging in a dresser drawer.
"Uh... Leader-sama, are you... looking for something?" Sasori frowned, watching Pein's harried actions with confusion.
"Yes," Pein said shortly. "Now what do you want?"
"I wanted to ask you... about Deidara..." Sasori asked gingerly. Pein sighed heavily and looked over his shoulder. Sasori held his gaze, watching as Leader pulled his cloak on and crossed the room.
"What about him?" Pein asked carefully, walking past Sasori towards his closet.
"Uh... what... are we going to do when he's supposed to... have it?"
Pein was quiet, digging in his closet and throwing things
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Warthog Load 1 by WS-Clave Warthog Load 1 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 52 3 dash'n'dive by outstarwalker dash'n'dive :iconoutstarwalker:outstarwalker 41 10 Bombs Size Chart 2 by WS-Clave Bombs Size Chart 2 :iconws-clave:WS-Clave 59 5 GDI-SF115 by UNGDI-SEA GDI-SF115 :iconungdi-sea:UNGDI-SEA 33 2
The Bomber's Heir+Epilogue
It was very, very dark. Nothing moved except for four dark figures that darted across the shallow sea of wheat, moving blindly through the field in a line.
"How far are we?" Came a whispered voice from the one-eyed figure at the back.
"I don't know," The person at front said, glancing back at the other. "But you can see the place up there." The figure pointed to the horizon, where a dark building rose up out of the darkness.
The other nodded and muttered, "'kay... and... now what exactly are we doing, un?"
The person just in front of the confused figure sighed and stopped. "Suri... it's EASY... we just have to go in there and come back out with the supplies Leader-sama wanted... Got it?"
"Good girl... oi, sempai?"
The shadow second in line looked around to face the other two, while the one in front sighed and stopped as well. "What?"
"That is what we're doing... right?"
"Yes, Tobi, it is, un." The figure rolled its one visible eye and sighed.
"Let's keep moving," The s
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B-2 Departure by jdmimages B-2 Departure :iconjdmimages:jdmimages 57 21 Freespace 2- Battle of Capella by zzhangster Freespace 2- Battle of Capella :iconzzhangster:zzhangster 56 19