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Kotaro Bokuto -  Summer Owl by Laovaan Kotaro Bokuto - Summer Owl :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 809 14
Birthdays |Daddy! Kuroo x Mommy!Reader|
        Tobio had never had a proper birthday.
      He barely remembered his birth mother, a woman who was little more than a faceless shape and a kind voice. If there had ever been a party in his honor while he still had birth parents, he had no memory of them. His foster mother – if she could even be called that — had barely remembered he had a birthday at all.
      When she’d finally remembered, she had gone out to buy a day old cupcake, shoved a used candle on it and that was it. No presents, no party, nothing. It was nothing like the parties the other kids or their parents talked about at his previous daycare, nor what he saw on TV. Just a sad, stale cupcake and a slowly melting candle to celebrate his birthday.
      Now here he sat at the table, a large, decorated cake with his name in loopy, blue icing on it, five candles artfully arranged on top, a stupid hat that proclaimed him a birthday boy
:iconabaeternoamantes:AbAeternoAmantes 152 30
Kotaro Bokuto - Haikyuu!! by Laovaan Kotaro Bokuto - Haikyuu!! :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 1,439 47
A curse [Bokuto Koutarou]
A solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm on punishment on someone or something.
A curse.
A simple fate that ruined your dreams.
Why doesn't it count anymore?
"I'm going to meet him in 5 minutes, oh my gosh, I'm so scared!"
"I can't believe its already at 1 minute, what if I messed this up and ruin for her?!"
"10 more seconds...Can I do this?"
That wasn't you.
Neither was it your soul mate,
because you don't have any.
Giving an encouraging smile that covered up your jealousy, you sent your best friend off with a shove, gesturing her to run along. She gave you her signature grin before turning the corner to finally see the man of her dreams.
You heard her footsteps stopping abruptly, as her sweet voice gets mixed up with another boy's voice. From a simple greeting to laughing noises. Its so agonizing, so unfair.
You spun around, letting your legs take you far away from the happiness of your friends but the miser
:iconfanfictionofyou:Fanfictionofyou 252 30
. noticed | Bokuto Koutarou
[9:30 pm]
From: [Name]-chan
To: Hoodini

omg, kuroo
u said I’d get bukuto’s attention if I hooted at him, but he only laughed at me
I h8 u so much
now I think he h8 me too
guess I can die now knowing he’ll never love me
[9:32 pm]
From: Hoodini
To: [Name]-chan

Damn, [name]-chan
Better luck next time
[9:33 pm]
From: [Name]-chan
To: Hoodini

But damn, he’s so hot i wanna claim him as my own
Too bad he’d never go out w/ me
I’ll remain a sad lone potato 4 da rest of my life
[9:34 pm]
From: Hoodini
To: [Name]-chan

how do u know that so sure?
[9:36 pm]
From: [Name]-chan
To: Hoodini

Cuz he only dates popular girls
I’m too plain for him to even notice me
Just between the two of you, I have his number
Yet I’m too chicken to actually text him
Da struggles tho
[9:37 pm]
From: Hoodini
To: [Name]-chan

You say ur too scared to text him?
Look at who you’re texting, [Name]-chan (^_^)/
[9:38 pm]
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 151 43
I came to watch.... Bokuto

Bokuto Koutarou, the owltastic ace of Fukurodani.
“ONII-CHAN!!” Tsukishima and Kuroo almost jumped at the loud voice and were shocked to see a young boy run at extreme speed at Bokuto. Akaashi didn’t seem bothered by it, it seemed like he had seen it before.  Bokuto let himself fall on the floor when the boy tackled him, making it seem like the boy was the cause of him falling over.
“HEY, HEY, HEY!” Bokuto greeted the small child. “How’s my cute bro doing?” The (h/c) boy puffed his cheeks, cutely.
“I am not cute, I’m awesome,” he declared. “Just like you.” Bokuto smiled.
“You’re awesomely cute!” Both brothers seemed content with that declaration. Kuroo looked at the boy, then looked at Akaashi.
“So that’s the little owl your team keeps speaking of, isn’t he?” he asked the setter. Akaashi nodded.
:iconmikorin-kun:Mikorin-kun 128 28
Haikyuu!! Kisses (Bokuto x Reader)
Koutarou Bokuto was in a great mood. He had finally graduated high school and would be going to a college with an excellent volleyball team so that he could continue to play. On top of that, he got to spend tonight with all of his best friends at an awesome party full of free food, volleyball chatter, and loads of cute girls telling him how amazing it was to watch him play at the Spring Nationals.
The only thing that could make this night better would be if he could convince you to dance with him. He had focused so hard on ball throughout high school that he'd never worked out how to actually date someone at the same time. Being outgoing and flirty was part of his nature and having girls come up and compliment his skills on the court certainly wasn't a negative as far as he was concerned, but when it came to somebody he could actually see himself dating, there was really only one girl.
Besides his teammates, no one had been there for him like you had. Other classmates constantly talked
:iconthatgingahninja:ThatGingahNinja 446 43
bus seat jealousy. | bokuto koutarou
Bokuto Koutaro is the captain of Fukurodani's volleyball team. Tagged as a simpleton, he is actually respected. He's a cheery man and could come off as a show off sometimes, yet there are times when he's wise. He's quite a forgetful person and there are times when everyone is completely done with his mood swings. But despite that, everyone trusts him deeply to bring himself back up in the game.
He never shuts up, that's what everyone says. But when it comes to (y/n), he would lose his voice.
This is the first time he's shy around someone, and he felt like its out of his character. He's the type who gets along well with everyone, talks with everyone - but why couldn't he get along with her?
He wanted to get along with her so bad. But the big question is 'how'.
Today, the school had a practice match with Nekoma. She was there along with the other managers. Koutaro couldn't concentrate on the match due to stealing glances at (y/n) all the time and that made Keiji stopped tossing the ball
:iconkarentakamiya:KarenTakamiya 90 7
I think I found you - bokuto |soulmate|
soulmate au
-> the one where the words on your body change depending on what’s going on with your soulmate
The first time I payed attention to the words scribbled on my hand was when they changed. They had been a simple word for as long as I could remember: volleyball. Well, volleyball was the only consistent word. They would change now and then to reveal words like 'I'm kind of sad but it's okay, I guess' and one time it was literally 'my feet can't move because I've been jumping all day'. These words would only stay for a day or a couple of hours. I used to be aggravated that literally the only important thing my soulmate could think about was some stupid sport, but I forgot about the whole idea of a soulmate when I realized nothing was going to change for a while. 
It was a Tuesday during spring when the drastic change happened. Certain letters disappeared, and some stayed to form the word 'I failed'. I looked at the words for days on end, awakening a wor
:iconwhatsausernamereally:whatsausernamereally 383 28
HQ - (bokuto + akaashi) Arabian clothing by Evil-usagi HQ - (bokuto + akaashi) Arabian clothing :iconevil-usagi:Evil-usagi 818 31
[bokuto koutarou] definitely
title: definitely
characters: bokuto koutarou, you
words: 1,500+
warning: profanity, vulgar language, mentions of alcohol consumption
"Stupid fucking man-whore," You grumble under your breath as you wipe at your eyes furiously.
They are brimming a light rose color, the same tint your trembling fingers are blushing. The taste of aged whiskey and blackberry nectar chapstick is still fresh on your lips, as well as the scowl stretched across your icy cheeks. You pull your trench coat closer to your body, the black cloak pressed tightly to your skin to forbid the little heat you had left from escaping your shivering body. You huff and ran your fingers through the fallen strands on your face, hastily brushing across your cheek again.
Midnight is the time for wanderers to go for continuous shots of vodka and for exhausted dreamers to feel at the top of the world or submerged under it. You were stuck at 11:59. The park swings are all abandoned save the one you were sitting in, accompanied by a
:iconohsehvn:ohsehvn 258 53
desperate causes : bokuto koutarou
It was love at first sight for Bokuto.
The moment he laid eyes on her his heart began to beat faster and he felt blood rush up to his cheeks. She was absolutely beautiful and she made the nekoma tracksuit look better then it ever was. She was hiding behind Kuroo, hugging a clipboard against her chest as her [e/c] eyes scanned around the room.
"K-Kuroo, who's this?" He asked, eyes focused on the female teen who noticed his heavy stare and hid even further behind the black haired male.
Kuroo watched him silently for a couple of seconds before a small smirk broke out onto his face. "She's the new manager of our team, [Name]-chan." He introduced, sending a glance over his shoulder towards the shy female.
That was her name and Bokuto felt it fitted her perfectly.
[Name] peeked out and bowed her head towards him, avoiding his sharp gaze before hiding behind her captain once again. Bokuto looked over at Kuroo who seemed to notice the blush tha
:iconshitsuji-san:shitsuji-san 380 22
Tremor [Kuroo Tetsurou]
Kuroo ran down the stairs in a frenzy. Everything danced left and right, and awakening every survival instinct he possessed, propelled him forward. His fingers clenched tightly the fluffy textile wrapped around his groin as his bare feet made contact with the rough surface of the street. He cast about, taking in the view of the old ladies on the street holding each other.
[Name] came running through the entrance of the building, her cotton night robe barely covering her naked body. Slippers flopping on the street she ran towards him, completely disheveled. He couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at her attire, despite their dire predicament.
“Kuroo!” she screamed.
“I can hear you, [Name]. No need to scream your lungs off”, he clicked his tongue. “I can see you too. All of you”, he offered her a smug grin, feline irises glistening in the dusk. She looked down at her body and a wave of red flushed her cheeks. She hastily wrapped her robe around her
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 105 36
Stupid Questions 11 [Bokuto Koutarou x Reader]
    “Hey, hey, hey!”
A boisterous voice startled you out of your reading. Not wanting to witness anymore disastrous attempts at flirting – airport were full of those – so you ignored it and swished to the next page.
“Hey!” The voice sounded closer this time so you looked up to find a pair of golden eyes staring at you over the edge of the hardback. You drew back, pulling the book too. Grey hair swept up the sides, it made him look like a friggin’ owl. The ridiculous hair broke through your reserve and prompted you to ask before things got any odder, “Is something the matter?”
“Not a nice book?” He asked maintaining a weird crouch in front of you. You raised an eyebrow at his assumption but kept silent. That was all he needed to plunge ahead.
“You looked bored out of your mind which is how I feel right now!”
He didn’t give you time to respond. Instead he stretched to his full height and
:iconabvore:abvore 148 56
. chemical reactions | Bokuto Koutarou
//Chemical Reactions//
One thing people wouldn't ever expect from Bokuto was that he was good at chemistry.
Goggles making his eyes bigger, and, she wouldn't admit it, making him cuter, he focused all his attention on their current experiment. "[Name]," he said, lifting the beaker to his eyes for a better look, "I hear a lot of people say we have chemistry." His eyebrows knitted under the glass in bafflement. "What does that mean?"
But he was still dense as a rock.
She almost dropped the test tube she was examining onto the bench. Sputtering for a few seconds and fighting back a blush, she turned to him with a flustered expression. "Why would—why would anyone say that?!"
"How should I know?" he said, looking at her with a raised brow, "Maybe because we do chemistry experiments together? So, you know, right now we do have chemistry."
She resisted the urge to smack herself, because that would, effectively, spill this possibly-dangerous chemical solution on her face, or Bokut
:iconangelicinferno:AngelicInferno 159 10
bro'd one time too many. | kuroo tetsuro
Kuroo and Bokuto are crouching in the corner of the room, their arms rest on each other’s shoulders as they have a strategy meeting to discuss how to pick up girls.
“Okay bro, since you’re an owl, you gotta be my wing man.”
Bokuto chortles loudly and stands up with his hands on his hips. “Hoot hoot, let’s fly.”
Kuroo smirks. “Let’s bro go.”
You’re sitting by your desk, silently reading a book while the two volleyball captains approach you with a jubilant spring in their synchronized step.
“Hey, [Name].” Kuroo speaks first and you flick your gaze towards him for a brief moment. Bokuto stands near him, peeking out from behind Kuroo’s shoulder.
“Yes, Kuroo?” You raise an eyebrow at him in question.
“Did you know that you’re...” Kuroo attempts to slide onto the seat in front of you, but loses his balance and lands on his ass. “...Purrfect...”he finishes lamely, sitt
:iconcaeilius:caeilius 402 65
Haikyuu Creature Collection - Intro
Alright, so you're probably wondering what exactly this is. To put it simply, it's a collection of one-shots for the Haikyuu characters starring one of them as a fictional creature. Or in some cases, the reader will be the creature. However if I am able I would like to avoid that.
Anyway, since there are over 55 different characters that I can do, I will only do one for each character (maybe a sequel or two if it's asked for.) Also, I'm letting you guys help decide who will be what creature. I'll limit it to creatures with a human or human-like form, but other than that, no restrictions! All characters and creatures are welcome! (Even coaches, managers, and siblings of the main characters!)
However, once someone has been decided, they won't be changed!
Currently Decided:
Toru Oikawa, Hajime Iwaizumi, Akiteru Tsukishima, Koushi Sugawara, Tadashi Yamaguchi, Kei Tsukishima, Hayato Ikejiri, Satori Tendo,
Asahi Azumane, Shoyo Hinata, Natsu Hinata, Manabu Naoi, S
:iconwizzygamemaster:WizzyGameMaster 61 64
Haikyuu! Seven Minutes In Heaven - Bokuto
Calling out the name, you gradually received a cheer and flickered your eye up at the hyper captain who basically sprinted to you, desiring an embrace to celebrate but Iky stepped between you both in time.
“Save the romance for later, Bokuto-kun.” They both exchanged a grin at the same time as you sighing, claiming them as childish.
Iky led you together to the mission box and Bokuto volunteered to pick. It didn’t take as long as you expected and you inched towards the tall boy, reading the words on the paper.
‘One must straddle the others lap and kiss them’
Face altering too many shades of red, Bokuto looked as if he went to heaven while you were struggling to stay calm.
“Come on you two.” Escorting you both to a large room filled with equipment, the light was turned on soon after by the black haired girl.
“Wait! H-How will you know if we’ve completed the mission?” Before Iky could exit, she
:iconkhriky:KHRIky 107 10
Falling In Love With You [Bokuto Koutarou]
Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
Wise men say
Only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you

"Yukie-chan!" You smiled as you waved to the third year female.
You often visited the team while they practiced to see their third year manager. Shirofuku Yukie was your sister-in-law as your older brother married her older sister. Though you two didn't know each other well at first, you came to be very close. She was very friendly and fun to be around. Plus she enjoyed eating your food no matter what it was or how it looked. You enjoyed practicing new recipes and she was always willing to be your guinea pig.
Today, though, you had made it at the end of practice, as you were busy helping out the librarian. Still you wanted to pop in just to see everyone.
"[First name], how was class?" she asked as you sat down next to her on the bench.
Sighing, you leaned against h
:iconkit12323:Kit12323 98 7
Bad Habits! Thermometer [Bokuto Koutarou]
Bokuto was lying in bed covered up to his nose, only stripy hair -strongly resembling a zebra crossing- visible against the pillows.
“Hey babe, are you okay?”
“[Name]… I think… I’m very sick…” his croaky voice sent all her internal alarms off. He wrapped the covers more tightly around his body.
“Are you cold?” she asked concerned.
“I’m freezing”, he moaned. “I’ve got shivers.”
“Wait, wait, I’ll get you the thermometer!”
“I definitely have extremely high fever! At least 39.5°C! I can’t even feel my feet!” his tone spoke of unimaginable suffering. Distressed, she ran to the bathroom. Getting hold of the electronic thermometer, she rushed back to the bedroom where her apparently gravely ill boyfriend lay in wait.
“[Name]”, he mewled. “My throat hurts.” His complain was accompanied by a coughing fit.
“Here, put the thermomete
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 140 28
Haikyuu!! The kiss (Akaashi Keiji)

~Kiss on the fingertips expresses praise/admiration/affection~


That is the right word, Akaashi thought. (Name) was omnipresent, she was an ordinary presence of something trivial, something so natural, that it could not be functional without her. Her personality was inconspicuous, and yet, if she did not appear, everyone would have noticed that something was missing, as if the inherent energy around lacked something important that the Fukurodani team needed.
Akaashi's eyes narrowed as he watched the girl who handed out bottles with drinks. (Name) smiled decently, almost as if she did not realize that her lips hovered with fleeting smile.
The setter didn't pay much attention to his relatively faster beating heart. The wide range of emotions wasn't his cup of tea and he himself knew how much beyond his character would be to show affection towards girl. Instead, he to
:iconmaryppe:Maryppe 92 20
[Bokuto] [Soulmate!AU] Emotions
Bokuto Koutarou x Reader
Soulmate!AU where you can feel your soulmate’s emotions
Books and reference notes were scattered all over the table, your laptop placed right in the midst of the mess while you rushed to finish an assignment. Your hands trembled just slightly as you reach for your third cup of coffee that night and you let out a curse under your breath when you scalded your tongue.
“[Name], you alright?” A voice called out from behind you.
“I think you should sleep soon.” Hearing the video game being paused, you knew he was staring at you, and you could literally feel his concern for you growing in your chest.
You rolled back to turn your chair to face him, painting on a smile. “I’m really alright. Don’t wait up for me and go to bed first.”
The words you spoke differed from what you truly felt, and you hated that you couldn’t hide it from him no matter how hard you tried. Nothing
:iconicyfalls:icyfalls 363 30
Personal Ads [Kuroo Tetsurou]
Cute little orange and black kitten named Kenma
who is quiet, obsessed with its toys and a bit of a loner.
He is 6 months old and in need of not-so-needy care.
After he came in, my gorgeous, dark-haired, professional athlete of a boyfriend
started exhibiting unusual behaviour, cuddling uncontrollably with the kitten.
This situation is a source of extreme stress, so I’m giving away the (human) jerk.
You throw him in a manhole for all I care.

Yaku snorted involuntarily and then choked in his utterly failed attempt to hide his mirth. He tried to close the newspaper as discretely as possible, but his action was intercepted by a surprisingly perceptive Lev.
The half-Russian hovered over the small-framed male looking for the source of Yaku’s amusement. Spotting the ad, he read it out loud, earning himself a slap on the head.
“Stop taking advantage of your stupidly long neck! If we weren't in the train, I would have been kicked you!” Yaku hissed.
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 124 84
All the Colours of the Rainbow [Bokuto Koutarou]
Soulmate!AU where soulmates have matching tattoos
twist: one’s tattoo changes colour according to the other’s mood
She loved to spend her time staring at the delicate ivy that circled her ankle like an expensive bracelet. It was a hobby to try and guess the moods of her unknown soulmate by the colour of her tattoo. Most of the time, the tiny leaves sported a vivid green that to her seemed to indicate a standard mood. Judging by the vibrant hue, her soulmate was an energetic and positive person. Or at least that was what she wanted to believe.
She’d stare at the inked plant for hours daydreaming about the moment that the love of her life would finally bump into her and gift her with the most beautiful of smiles and the instant would be captured in an eternity of fluffy bliss. Charming and elegant, her soulmate would touch her with velvety hands and douse her in gazes made of pure silk.
How far her ideal was from the truth…
:iconselvatic:Selvatic 124 55
Of Owls, and Bathrooms. (Bokuto X F!Reader)
Soulmate AU where whenever you create a mark on your skin (drawing, words, phone numbers, etc.) your soulmate receives the same exact mark. 
Soulmate AU where you have a tattoo of the person’s name somewhere in your body.
Soulmate AU where your soulmate has a time and date you will meet, not your name.
  You tapped out a pattern on your leg, the marker making a small thumping noise. It didn't echo much beyond your ears, though. The God-awful singing of your best friends ensued that.
  You loved Kuroo to death. And you loved Hinata to death as well, and how could you forget your dear twin Kenma? Tanaka, that little puffball, and Nishinoya were there as well. But being stuck in a car, along with (b/f/n), was not your cup of tea. You were manager for Nekoma’s team, along with (b/f/n) (and much to the delight of a certain Yamamoto, who deemed you goddesses. Thank goodness he was (b/f/n)’s soulmate and not yours).
:iconangeldemon678:AngelDemon678 80 14
Mistletoe [Bokuto Koutarou x Reader] {3/25}
Day 3 of the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge
Prompt: Decorations

[Name] stood in the doorway, looking around the house in amazement. She had been gone for half a day to buy Christmas presents, and had left her husband in charge of decorating the house. Never would she have guessed that the house would have undergone a complete makeover by the time she came back.
Bokuto had somehow managed to set up the Christmas tree, string up red and green streamers, and hang up wreaths all within the span of one morning.
"[Name]!" A blur of white and grey hair hurled towards her and she found herself engulfed in two strong arms.
"I missed you." Bokuto buried his face in the space between her shoulder and neck, styled-up hair tickling her face.
"Kou, I've only been gone for the morning." [Name] laughed, returning the embrace. "You did a great job on decorating the house."
The compliment reaching his ears, her owl of a husband pulls back to beam at her. "I reused most of the decorations w
:icondeenotme:DeeNotMe 67 8
Hoot hoot by Lightning--Strikes Hoot hoot :iconlightning--strikes:Lightning--Strikes 603 19
Haikyuu!! The kiss (Bokuto Koutarou)

~ kiss on the thigh/leg expresses control/obedience/lust ~

(Name)'s finger lightly rode the path across the book, her eyes followed the gold-printed letters: 'Interesting facts about the owls.' She took the book from the shelf and sat in the corner of her living room. She deftly rummaged through the pages, but her gaze was focused to some other place.
Her brother Akaashi Keiji had a study session with some of his friends, including (Name)'s serious crush, Bokuto Koutarou. Ever loud and energetic captain looked so damn cool in casual clothes, she thought. Black and white checkered shirt with the sleeves rolled up and dark blue jeans, such a simple outfit and yet so delightful to his person. Then, (Name)  caught the intense eyes of her brother and she judged it was time to do some reading. 
(Name) sent to Keiji one fleeting smile and lowered her eyes down to the book in her lap. 

"Many owl species have
:iconmaryppe:Maryppe 72 13
just one [bokuto koutarou]

“You know something Bokuto?”
“I wish there were a million of you. Then the world can enjoy you too!”
[First Name] [Last Name] looked up at her boyfriend with a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. It was contagious, and Bokuto Koutarou couldn’t help but return it. He paused for a minute to think of a witty response, but his train of thoughts was interrupted.
“Be careful what you wish for, [Name]-san,” Akaashi Keiji happened to be nearby and overheard the conversation between the two. “Think about it. Would you really want that many copies of Bokuto-san?”
The silver haired teen feigned a wounded look. “Hey now! You act like that’s a bad thing!”
“You said it, not me.” Before Bokuto could protest, [Name] quickly waved him off.
“That’s just Akaashi’s opinion. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that bad.” O
:iconi-nstrument:I-nstrument 96 13
[gif] spooky scary skelebros by deads-on [gif] spooky scary skelebros :icondeads-on:deads-on 774 58 Dump 20 by Fishiebug Dump 20 :iconfishiebug:Fishiebug 376 27
Don't forget me! [Bokuto x Reader]
Struggling to keep your balance, you took a shaky step up the stairs whilst holding a box that is quite heavy.

Why did I pack so much, again?

Grunting at the weight, you took another step only to have miscalculated the position of the staircase and you found yourself tilting backwards.

Oh no!
You squeezed your eyes closed in anticipation for the impact, but you suddenly gasped as you collided with something hard shortly after you slipped, and you felt warm arms wrapping at your sides to steady you.
“Are you okay?” you felt his vocal vibrations at the back of your head as he asked you.
You titled your head up slightly to peek up at the person and you find orbs which beheld a stunning shade of gold looking at you in concern.
You stood there with your back plastered at his front body, his arms almost enveloping your stature, mesmerized by his eyes – until you were suddenly cut off your trance when he lightly blew on your face.
You yelped and blushed, tur
:iconderanged-gongzhu:Deranged-Gongzhu 60 11
I Wait For You - (Bokuto Koutarou x Reader)
In all honesty, Bokuto wanted to run away. His heart was hammering in his chest and a nausea was building; he felt so foolish, though he didn't know why. Opposite to those feelings, he had forgotten the weight of the world and a dull ache hummed under his ribcage as he watched her. Everything had backfired. If he pulled himself away from the girl admiring the hydrangeas, letting the sounds of cicadas filter his numb mind, Bokuto remembered his intentions. Something to do with getting (F. Name) alone and showing her how good he could be for her, showing her she didn't have to be afraid of him. He wanted to change her mind about modern romance.
Things did a complete 180 and it was as if he waited for a right-hook and was now reeling from a left, (F. Name) throwing all the punches without realization or scheme. Their day out together was supposed to be what pushed (F. Name) into Bokuto's arms and instead it was reversed and Bokuto knew she wasn't going to catch him.
At least, not yet.
:icontsukkis-mom:Tsukkis-Mom 68 7
antecendant. / bokuto
School was finally over, and the weekend was tomorrow. As you opened your locker, you hear dour name being called out by a squeaky male voice.
Yukio.* You thought to yourself as you confirmed it was indeed him by looking over to your right side, only to see his smaller first-year form rushing towards you. "(Y/n)-senpai! I have something you need to deliver to Bokuto-san!"
You took it a blinked a few times confusedly as he handed you two sheets of paper in some foreign language, "Um, what are these?"
"Just deliver it to, Bokuto-san," Yukio said with a tired smile. "Akaashi-san said that he was familiar with this language and that he was looking for it. And tell him I need to talk to him later as well, please."
"Where did you find this?"
"While studying in the library!" He said proudly with a fist clenched over his heart.
You laughed and thanked him, then finished packing up to go home, when you recieved a text.
Akaashi: Hey, Bokuto's at the park, can you go check up on him
:icontaiyokai:taiyokai 75 34
Shenanigans [Kuroo T. x Reader x Bokuto K.]
[Kuroo Tetsurou x Platonic! Reader x Bokuto Koutarou]
WARNING: Profanity, alcohol, ridiculous shenanigans
≈ 450 Words

        Bokuto was the harmless one. His ideas and pranks usually had short-term effects, and they mostly brought a smile to someone’s face and cause laughter to bubble up.
        But Kuroo, his were usually ridiculous and more often than not got the three of  you in trouble. Hell, he nearly got the three of you arrested once for breaking into the university just to take all the toilet paper and throw it around.
        Needless to say, hanging out with this troublesome duo usually didn’t spell out anything good. So when a night of drinking and partying ended with the three of you going to crash at Bokuto’s apartment, you were relieved that nothing too bad had happened. Sure, you totally embarrassed yourself in front of a bunch of people by ran
:iconim-p-ulse:Im-P-ulse 51 19
Guilty Pleasure [Bokuto Koutarou]
Bokuto turned the key in the keyhole and the door to his house opened up, welcoming him and Akaashi into the familiar warmth of the place where he grew up.
The silveret marched straight to the living room, his friend right at his heel. The sound of unfamiliar music washed over their ears as they stepped into the room. Bokuto squinted at the person sitting on the couch.
Feeling his gaze on her, [Name] craned her neck to look at him over her shoulder.
“Ah, Nii-chan! You’re here already!” she said, music still blasting from the speakers of her laptop.
“[Name], what are these owl screeches you’re listening to?” Bokuto hovered over the girl, hands resting his hips as he stared at the figures dancing around on the screen.
“They’re NOT owl screeches, stupid bro! He’s Taeyang!!!” she yelled.
“Who’s that?” Bokuto cocked his head to the side, completely clueless about contemporary music updates.
“Why would I expe
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bro'd two times too many. | bokuto koutarou
“Bro! Since you’re here, that means she’s here, right?”Bokuto’s golden eyes flash with excitement as he literally dances in place.
 It’s been way too long since Nekoma High had come to Fukurodani for another practice match, and Bokuto was more than happy to have another opportunity to see not only his bro in arms, Kuroo Tetsurou, but you as well.
Kuroo stifles a laugh and slings an arm around Bokuto. “Of course man. I knew you wanted to see her so I had to make her come.”
Bokuto lets out a hearty laugh and places his hands on his hips. “Since I was your wingman-singman last time you gotta be my catman-bratman.”
A smirk graces Kuroo’s features. “Hiss hiss, let’s piss—“ He coughs.“I mean let’s go bro.”
You’re sitting in the hallway, engrossed in some sort of video game that you probably filched from Kenma. You’re frowning at the screen and whispering
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Cold | Bokuto Koutaro
You were suspicious from the start. You knew your boyfriend's love for tomfoolery and pranks, even more so when it was directed at you. The weeks leading up to Halloween were the worst, scaring you to death despite your best efforts to anticipate it. Jumping out from behind doors, and placing plastic cockroaches in your food, just to name a few.
He got you every time.
When you came home to find the apartment door cracked open, you knew something smelt fishy. You were skeptical of the painfully obvious, 'bloody' hand print on the frame and the utter silence from inside. Bokuto was no doubt hiding somewhere, waiting for you to burst inside in alarm. You weren't buying it, not this time.
With a curt sigh, you wandered in and immediately spotted a pair of legs sticking out from around the kitchen counter. Bokuto had even gone as far as to completely wreck the living room by turning over lamps and scattering your collection of books. In the kitchen, the dining chairs were strewn haphazardly
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Date With the Owl Capitain.
Tic tock tic tock, you glanced at the clock once again, only one minute had passed since the last time you checked. Because you had gotten way too excited about having finally gotten a date with Bokuto, you got out of your home without checking the time, that’s why you were fifteen minutes earlier than planned on your meeting spot. You looked at your reflection on your phone’s screen again and again, you had done your best to wear at least a little bit of make-up, since it was a very special occasion. Your hair was also styled as nicely as possible without making it look as if you had tried too hard.
You fiddled with the rim of your dress, as you nervously stared at the floor, your own heartbeat resounding on your ears. Every second that passed was a second closer to seeing Bokuto, you decided to take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down, but Bokuto’s loud voice interrupted you.  
“Yes Akaashi, I’m ten minutes earlier as you told me to be….
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rain. / bokuto
Every story has it's beginning. And your story was no exception. Every story has it's complications. And your story was no exception. Every story has it's own sort of euphoria. And your story was definitely no exception.
And your story kicked off on that one fateful day. On that one exceptionally rainy day when you were merely six years old. The irony of that reality was that you, in fact, hated the rain. Well, you didn't necessarily hate the rain itself, you just hated the melancholy that revolved around the particular type of precipitation.
And not surprising enough, just as your day seemed to be taking a turn for the worst, and you stepped outside to take a breather from the stress indoors during lunchtime, a drip of rain fell on the tip of your cold nose.
Great. How rain always seemed to taunt you like this was beyond you. Every time lunch break occurred for you, the same girl with pretty long eyelashes and cute little curls in her hair always baited you with harsh wo
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Thankful [Bokuto Koutarou x Reader]
[Bokuto Koutarou x Reader]
Gender: Neutral
WARNING: Angst, death, war
≈ 1,480 Words
World War II AU
         January 7, 1943
   Hello! Bokuto-san, a dear, close friend of mine, has been trying to get me to write in this journal for months now. It was only now that I had an idea for what to write about.
   What if, every month or so, I just write a little excerpt on what I’m thankful for. It’s pretty silly, I know, but it’s something to keep me optimistic and happy, right?
   Oh, I have to go. Bokuto-san’s knocking on my door. We’re going to watch this play in town today! I suppose that’s one thing to be thankful for.
         March 15, 1943
   I’m back! It’s been a while, and so much has happened since then! I meant to write yesterday, but I simply didn’t have the time. Afte
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