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If the Plague was their Child by Liger-Inuzuka If the Plague was their Child :iconliger-inuzuka:Liger-Inuzuka 1,708 120 Custom double switch plate by dogzillalives Custom double switch plate :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 938 201 Sculpting Tutorial - Textures by SgtMilenko Sculpting Tutorial - Textures :iconsgtmilenko:SgtMilenko 790 47 Necrosis by JoshHutchinson Necrosis :iconjoshhutchinson:JoshHutchinson 564 68 Patient ID by PlaceboFX Patient ID :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 802 80 I'm really quite normal, really! by dogzillalives I'm really quite normal, really! :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 112 14 Ellis and Hunter playtime by ippylovesyou Ellis and Hunter playtime :iconippylovesyou:ippylovesyou 645 93 Putrid Stash Jar by dogzillalives Putrid Stash Jar :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 116 19 Untitled by dogzillalives Untitled :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 127 13 I've Bred Bread! V2 by Py-Bun I've Bred Bread! V2 :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 198 12 Smog Sculpt by PlaceboFX Smog Sculpt :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 191 45 Doctor-Patient Confidentiality by PlaceboFX Doctor-Patient Confidentiality :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 441 62 Chestnut by PlaceboFX Chestnut :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 618 94 Hollywood Zombie Walk 1 by PlaceboFX Hollywood Zombie Walk 1 :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 449 47 Psychic Archetype: Mutationmind by Suzanne-Helmigh Psychic Archetype: Mutationmind :iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 177 11 Chicken Pox by PlaceboFX Chicken Pox :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 195 83 Pair of custom switch plates by dogzillalives Pair of custom switch plates :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 112 15 Nope by dogzillalives Nope :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 82 8 Eggs 3 - Boiled egg? by XxdrummerxX Eggs 3 - Boiled egg? :iconxxdrummerxx:XxdrummerxX 474 75 lovely... by dogzillalives lovely... :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 132 16 I've Bred Bread! by Py-Bun I've Bred Bread! :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 186 18 Look At Those Eye by PlaceboFX Look At Those Eye :iconplacebofx:PlaceboFX 513 27 Pizza face switch plate by dogzillalives Pizza face switch plate :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 75 14 Creature of the Heart by monsterkookies Creature of the Heart :iconmonsterkookies:monsterkookies 99 51 Ugly Truth by NynjaKat Ugly Truth :iconnynjakat:NynjaKat 176 24 The Crypt Keeper -colours- by memoriesofnam The Crypt Keeper -colours- :iconmemoriesofnam:memoriesofnam 185 50 Untitled by dogzillalives Untitled :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 126 18 diseased switch plate by dogzillalives diseased switch plate :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 56 7 Siamese cyclops switch plate by dogzillalives Siamese cyclops switch plate :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 66 5 Failed Hunter Color by ippylovesyou Failed Hunter Color :iconippylovesyou:ippylovesyou 369 26 blahblahblah by dogzillalives blahblahblah :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 46 8 Custom double switch plate by dogzillalives Custom double switch plate :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 48 1 Four eyes by dogzillalives Four eyes :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 68 11 Mini framed beast mouth by dogzillalives Mini framed beast mouth :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 41 5 Untitled by dogzillalives Untitled :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 55 11 Disgusting tin touch up by dogzillalives Disgusting tin touch up :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 32 1 Smoker closeup by CyberII Smoker closeup :iconcyberii:CyberII 161 32 Sludge-Shrieker by Christopher-Stoll Sludge-Shrieker :iconchristopher-stoll:Christopher-Stoll 36 1 Trick of the Eye by Jane-Moth Trick of the Eye :iconjane-moth:Jane-Moth 65 13 boil blob billy bob by dogzillalives boil blob billy bob :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 32 2 bursting boils ornament by dogzillalives bursting boils ornament :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 40 7 Smoking Hot colored by CyberII Smoking Hot colored :iconcyberii:CyberII 84 29 Plague Doctors by Dr-K Plague Doctors :icondr-k:Dr-K 24 1
Happy Mothers Day Black Death
Black Death
Mommy, are you feeling quite fine?
Why do you lay so cold and still?
The doctor said he could not help,
That this was more than a petty chill
The doctor said this terrible fever
Has come, and gone, and past
But there is more he will not tell
He doesn't think you'll last
But please Mommy don't die on me
Please get up and dance around
Or even just talk, a whisper
Murmer one little sound?
You're up, wait, what are you doing?
Dancing? You shouldn't listen to me
I just want to know you're alive
Not dead like a fallen tree
Your limbs are flailing, sporadically
Until your face is snowy white
The boils on your neck look to burst
Your fingers as dark as night
The flailing suddenly haults
All your movement suddenly stops
Blood drains from your eyes
As you lean and finally drop
Oh Mommy, Mommy, you can't be dead!
Not you, not now! Please speak to me!
Mommy, please turn over on your back
Mommy, I just need you to breathe!
The boils are cutting off your breath!
You may live if I pop the
:iconamelia13274:amelia13274 9 21
pus face polymer clay creature cuff by dogzillalives pus face polymer clay creature cuff :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 23 6 I've Bred Bread! Process by Py-Bun I've Bred Bread! Process :iconpy-bun:Py-Bun 68 6
Charles Xavier x Reader ~ Blood
[Reader has hemophobia here. (hemophobia - you can't stand looking at the blood etc.)
No. No, no, not again. It wasn't that much blood, Raven just cut herself with a knife while cooking with you but still... you were new in this whole mutant school, you were trying to make relationships, but it wasn't that easy for you. And now this... you could feel dizzy already just by looking at the blood. Your heart was racing, whole world was circling around you, you couldn't catch breath. Your hands and legs were shaking. You hated it. It was so stupid, blood wasn't scary, so why your mind and body were freaking out like this?! Raven looked at you starled. 
 - (Y/N), are you okey? - she asked and Charles gave you a concerned look. Hank was watching you a bit surprised and then... Erik laughed. 
 - Mutant afraid of blood... well that's new. What, you're going to faint becase of something that stupid? - you could feel tears in your eyes. 
 - N-n-no. T-t-th
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 161 6
double switch by dogzillalives double switch :icondogzillalives:dogzillalives 26 0 Puke by a8ken Puke :icona8ken:a8ken 97 23 Pollination by Anathema-Photography Pollination :iconanathema-photography:Anathema-Photography 97 54