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Tren-an character shot by dragonsong12 Tren-an character shot :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 13 3 Harvest by dragonsong12 Harvest :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 10 22 Tai-ra, from Twisted Mirrors by bhudicae Tai-ra, from Twisted Mirrors :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 7 6 Intruders Sighted by dragonsong12 Intruders Sighted :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 6 19 Would You Like to Hear a Story? by dragonsong12 Would You Like to Hear a Story? :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 6 5 TM Vol 3 Cover by dragonsong12 TM Vol 3 Cover :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 6 14 Twisted Mirrors Epilogue: Desinence by dragonsong12 Twisted Mirrors Epilogue: Desinence :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 5 8 Olden Days by bhudicae Olden Days :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 5 2 Boetheri Bookmarks by dragonsong12 Boetheri Bookmarks :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 5 24 Jack by dragonsong12 Jack :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 5 12 Eclipse by dragonsong12 Eclipse :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 4 6 TM Character Set 1 by dragonsong12 TM Character Set 1 :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 4 12 Jack Derenger lines edited by bhudicae Jack Derenger lines edited :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 4 9 Through The Twisted Mirror by WhispersInTheMirror Through The Twisted Mirror :iconwhispersinthemirror:WhispersInTheMirror 4 2 Twisted Mirrors Volume 2 Cover by dragonsong12 Twisted Mirrors Volume 2 Cover :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 4 35 TM Vol 4 Cover by dragonsong12 TM Vol 4 Cover :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 3 10 FIGHT by dragonsong12 FIGHT :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 3 1 Sketches of Tai by Ra-ooo Sketches of Tai :iconra-ooo:Ra-ooo 2 4 Their Dance by bhudicae Their Dance :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 2 7 TM2 Designs - Masks by dragonsong12 TM2 Designs - Masks :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 2 0 Derenger Twins lines by bhudicae Derenger Twins lines :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 2 0
Even in Death chapters 18, 19
Chapter 18 “Jack’s Tale”
        Jack took me to Pocket D…It was the first time I’d ever been there. Before meeting Cherry, the only time I would have spent in a night club was to stalk my prey, and Zero would never had permitted such actions in his establishment. Jack had permanent VIP status in the interdimensional party place, due to his close personal friendship with DJ Zero himself. He introduced me to the DJ, where he hovered above his dance floor, happily watching the dancers down below. I wondered if anyone else could see the golden, sun-like aura about the man, or if was just due to my lineage. Either way, you couldn’t help but feel good when DJ Zero smiled down at you…it was like walking out into sunshine. 
        “Good morning, Zero!” Jack cried, bounding up to the little island where Zero was
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TM Cover 21 - Resolve by dragonsong12 TM Cover 21 - Resolve :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 1 4 Vol 3 Cover Gallery of Failure by dragonsong12 Vol 3 Cover Gallery of Failure :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 5 TM2 Sketchdump by dragonsong12 TM2 Sketchdump :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 4 TM2 Second Main Character Final Design/Colors by dragonsong12 TM2 Second Main Character Final Design/Colors :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 1 3 TM2 Boetheri Characters by dragonsong12 TM2 Boetheri Characters :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 2 TM Concepts (WARNING-SPOILERS!) by dragonsong12 TM Concepts (WARNING-SPOILERS!) :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 8 crazy character sheet by dragonsong12 crazy character sheet :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 1 6 Jaith from Twisted Mirrors by le-hana Jaith from Twisted Mirrors :iconle-hana:le-hana 0 5 The Lady and her Gunslinger lines by bhudicae The Lady and her Gunslinger lines :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 1 6 Vigilante by dragonsong12 Vigilante :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 9 Clawed Cougar by bhudicae Clawed Cougar :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 6 5 TM2 Sketchdump2 by dragonsong12 TM2 Sketchdump2 :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 10 Boetheri Scouts by dragonsong12 Boetheri Scouts :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 8 Olden Days by Bladed-Sisters Olden Days :iconbladed-sisters:Bladed-Sisters 0 0 Terr-Goun Fanart Contest Entry by Light-Tracer Terr-Goun Fanart Contest Entry :iconlight-tracer:Light-Tracer 1 6 Cut Paper Test by dragonsong12 Cut Paper Test :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 4 28
Even in Death chapters 20, 21
Chapter 20 “Rebellious Heart”
    I hated doing this, I really did.  So, why do I still go out of my way to pick a fight with Uncle Gond?  
    “Why do you care where I’m going, who I’m going with and what I do when I get there?” I snapped, one hand on the doorknob, the other in a fist at my side.  “I’m 20 years old, for God’s sake!”  He rubbed a hand across his deep set, hazel eyes.
    “Shim,” he sighed, “I know you’re an adult.”  He sounded so tired.  “It’s just that after…bringing you back to life like that…I feel like I have a certain amount of interest in what kind of life you’re leading with that second chance.”  I glowered at him.
    “Just because you saved my life, doesn’t mean you can own it!”  I turned back t
:iconbhudicae:bhudicae 2 5
Golden Tygress by bhudicae Golden Tygress :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 4 14 TM2 Main Character Final Design/Color by dragonsong12 TM2 Main Character Final Design/Color :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 18 'Cut Paper Test' 2 by dragonsong12 'Cut Paper Test' 2 :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 9 Jack by Suiish by bhudicae Jack by Suiish :iconbhudicae:bhudicae 4 9 Scouts on the Attack by dragonsong12 Scouts on the Attack :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 0 0 Escapism by dragonsong12 Escapism :icondragonsong12:dragonsong12 1 7
Daddy's Girls, Chapter 17
Chapter 17 "An Unveiling and a Proposal"
     I simply couldn't stand it any longer!  I was busting with a secret, a BIG one, and I absolutely had to tell someone!  But I also wanted to keep my word.  And so, I told the one person I could trust to not tell anyone else.
     I went to Daddy's, and told Tunk.
     "Tunk, sweetie," I said to him quietly, after making sure there was no one else around.  "I have a secret I want to tell you, but you have to promise you won't tell anybody, ok?"  He nodded.  I leaned close and whispered my secret.
     "Jack's going to ask Cat to marry him!"
     Tunk nodded again.  Now, I don't know exactly what kind of reaction I was expecting from a little robot, but he'd simply nodded as if…as if he already knew!
     "Tunk!" I exclaim
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