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GermanyxReader ~ I don't blush!
You walked up the concrete staircase leading up to the Beilschimdt brothers' house. Gilbert had invited you over for a BBQ night and you had gladly accepted, knowing that Ludwig would probably be there as well. And God knows how big your crush on him is.
Ringing the doorbell once, you waited for either Gil or Ludwig to answer. But after a couple of minutes of patient waiting, you began to wonder if anyone was even home. You rang the doorbell again but to no avail.
Am I too early?
Your cellphone time read 5:00 PM and the Prussian had told you to come by at around that hour. Getting suspicious, you hesitantly turned the doorknob, wondering if it was locked or not. To your surprise, they didn't lock it. You felt bad about coming in without their permission, but you and the brothers have known each other since childhood so you concluded on the fact that they wouldn't mind of you intruding.
You slipped your shoes off and looked around the house a bit.
"Gilbert? Ludwig?" You half whis
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Splash -sonadow-
*splash, splash, splash*
”One, two, three…”
*splash, splash, splash*
”…four, five, six…”
Shadow saw the rings on the water grow bigger and bigger, until they suddenly disappeared in waves against the shore. He took up another stone and threw it as flat as he could to make it jump on the water’s surface. Sonics’ eyes glittered.
“Wow! Ten, this time, Shadow! I didn’t know that you were this good!”
Shadow blushed a bit when he let the sand fall though his hands and down again, building a little pile between his thighs. In the late evening sun the sand made a beautiful rainbow-imitation when the orange/purple/pink light from the sun shined though the tiny, white little stone pieces.
Sonic laid the chocolate-bar aside and picked up another stone and played with it between his fingertips for a while. Then he threw it as hard as he could against the turquoise surface. The blue hedgehog saw with a d
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