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PKMN trainer me by DamaiMikaz PKMN trainer me :icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 1,780 188 Kelly -087 Halo 5 by Its-Raining-Neon Kelly -087 Halo 5 :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 475 28 Brat by TheDayIsSaved Brat :iconthedayissaved:TheDayIsSaved 3,655 220 Handsome Rogue by MuusKazi Handsome Rogue :iconmuuskazi:MuusKazi 694 90 Kelly 087 -halo5 by Its-Raining-Neon Kelly 087 -halo5 :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 166 2 Batta up - Scout TF2 by cry-baby-cry Batta up - Scout TF2 :iconcry-baby-cry:cry-baby-cry 659 91 scout tf2 by Kanda3egle scout tf2 :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 1,669 104 Halo 5 blue team kelly 087 by Its-Raining-Neon Halo 5 blue team kelly 087 :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 145 3 Dirt nap by BrokenTeapot Dirt nap :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 684 116 Sniper tf2 by Kanda3egle Sniper tf2 :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 1,511 83 Blue Team Motivational Poster by akatsukifangirl91 Blue Team Motivational Poster :iconakatsukifangirl91:akatsukifangirl91 452 158 Tallo Negro del Maiz by The-Chronothaur Tallo Negro del Maiz :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 176 54 Engineer TF2 by Kanda3egle Engineer TF2 :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 631 25 It's Not My Fault, They Were in the Way by LordHayabusa357 It's Not My Fault, They Were in the Way :iconlordhayabusa357:LordHayabusa357 305 44 Red Team Motivational Poster by akatsukifangirl91 Red Team Motivational Poster :iconakatsukifangirl91:akatsukifangirl91 328 153 BONK by Mahsira BONK :iconmahsira:Mahsira 1,188 280 The Blues by SaccharoKirby The Blues :iconsaccharokirby:SaccharoKirby 226 36 Red vs Blue - Blue Team by Phill-Art Red vs Blue - Blue Team :iconphill-art:Phill-Art 958 121 Is it just me, or just Amy Rose? by Dry-Rowseroopa Is it just me, or just Amy Rose? :icondry-rowseroopa:Dry-Rowseroopa 216 27 Agent Tex by SaintAsh Agent Tex :iconsaintash:SaintAsh 708 225 Even more TF2 buckles by bionic-dingo Even more TF2 buckles :iconbionic-dingo:bionic-dingo 241 47 Birds by Pyromanik Birds :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 330 60 You busy this weekend Miss Pauling? -TF2 by KirstyCarter You busy this weekend Miss Pauling? -TF2 :iconkirstycarter:KirstyCarter 371 37 No escape by Pyromanik No escape :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 224 66 Equius and Nepeta by gaelanhammond Equius and Nepeta :icongaelanhammond:gaelanhammond 765 94 Blue Team Wins by Il-Piccolo-Torero Blue Team Wins :iconil-piccolo-torero:Il-Piccolo-Torero 330 87 Red vs. Blue Recreation by SaintAsh Red vs. Blue Recreation :iconsaintash:SaintAsh 636 161 TF2 Blue team Mafia by biggreenpepper TF2 Blue team Mafia :iconbiggreenpepper:biggreenpepper 634 44 X-Men _8th Line Up by mansarali X-Men _8th Line Up :iconmansarali:mansarali 209 26 The Curse of Team Scramble by Pyromanik The Curse of Team Scramble :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 105 24 Doodles by Desolee Doodles :icondesolee:Desolee 207 12 Robot Study by suburbbum Robot Study :iconsuburbbum:suburbbum 123 5 Outpost Sunset by DooMGuy117 Outpost Sunset :icondoomguy117:DooMGuy117 100 14 Medic and Engie Tell Bad Jokes by JelloApocalypse Medic and Engie Tell Bad Jokes :iconjelloapocalypse:JelloApocalypse 800 108
Your Weakness Will Kill You!
"So, vhat did you find about ze Aussie? Tell me boy, vhat is it zat he loves ze most?" Spy walked closer to Scout, who was standing beside Sniper, shaking a little, not wanting to leave his side.
The man was tied up to a chair, his head hanging low as he breathed heavily. BLU Sniper had nearly been beaten to death, and hadn't been given food or water for five days. He was fading, and fast. Blood soaked his clothes and covered most of his face. He was bruised from head to toe, coughing violently as pain flooded every inch of his body.
Scout was terrified. He did not want to tell the RED Spy what he found out. The boy spent eight weeks trying to discover what Sniper cared about the most through tricks, lies, jokes, games, everything. But the answer was always the same thing. No matter how Scout tried asking, he was always given the same answer.
The answer to what was most important in Sniper's life? It was the boy. It was Scout himself.
Spy became impatient having to wait for an answer.
:iconkitty-mayhem:Kitty-Mayhem 21 38
RvB by KareIchi RvB :iconkareichi:KareIchi 409 81 Heavy's Epic Split by Pyromanik Heavy's Epic Split :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 202 25 [REF] Raizo Form Concepts by Blood-Of-Severity [REF] Raizo Form Concepts :iconblood-of-severity:Blood-Of-Severity 180 39 Reality of MVM by Pyromanik Reality of MVM :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 172 67 Blue Team by The-Chronothaur Blue Team :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 98 18 Red vs Blue Project Freelancer by SaintAsh Red vs Blue Project Freelancer :iconsaintash:SaintAsh 518 86 POCKETS by TE4MOON POCKETS :iconte4moon:TE4MOON 440 25 Bored by Pyromanik Bored :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 152 7
TG War - Back With the Stoat
"I don't... I don't know why-y..." Leila sang happily as he got out of her bath. Damn, she'd been a mindhacked boy for so long she even forgot how it was like to have her own female-friendly cuddly facilities in the headquarter. Heck, she couldn't leave that! While drying her hair, she decided: she was coming back to action. She'd fetch Vorhias once again and start spreading warfare! She smiled and stretched before going outside to tell ComX the good news.
But first... she had to take a look at her other facilities! Sure, after all those time, she wanted to be sure everything was neatly in its place as she left. She turned a few corridors and found her Makeover Salon. She smiled widely and entered. And was not happy.
"WHAT HAPPENED HERE?!" The scene was quite grotesque. ComX, just finished his gruesome buffing up, together with his literally shady sidekick Ego, standing amidst a total confusion of make-up and dress-up articles lying around, thrown around and some even broken, shards of
:iconleila-stoat:leila-stoat 14 46
Ze Ubersaw. by bionic-dingo Ze Ubersaw. :iconbionic-dingo:bionic-dingo 107 37 Caboose by thewaxmaker Caboose :iconthewaxmaker:thewaxmaker 430 157 Ghosts of Onyx: Spartans Part 2 by The-Chronothaur Ghosts of Onyx: Spartans Part 2 :iconthe-chronothaur:The-Chronothaur 166 13 The Night Horror by Pyromanik The Night Horror :iconpyromanik:Pyromanik 60 9 Rave night at Blue Base by ZZoMBiEXIII Rave night at Blue Base :iconzzombiexiii:ZZoMBiEXIII 340 62