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Collab Art with Semi-chan (FT x ANE crossover) :iconayumichi-me:AyuMichi-me 2,114 178
Punishment (Mephisto x Reader)
Mephisto Pheles was always a very interesting person in your opinion.
Attractive yes, but very strange. You really didn't understand him at all. One day, he'd be kind (alright, in a way...), and the next he'd be a cocky asshole.
This happened to be one of those days. After you had accidentally slept in, you had been running to your classroom so you wouldn't be late, in a crowd of other running students, and Mephisto just so happened to only notice you and called you out. So now, here you are, late for class, standing in the deserted hallways with the headmaster of True Cross Academy, being scolded.
"Bull shit. There were tons of other people running around me, you ass!" You growled. Your arms were crossed, and an irritation was written all over your face.
"As far as I know, you were the only one running." You wanted to just punch the smirk that was plastered onto his face right off. "And I'm afraid you'll have to come with me back to my office now, for swearing not only on school groun
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 593 117
Panties, Swords, and Flowers(Rin Okumura x Reader)
    You wet your lips, silently steaming. That pig headed, egotistical, elf-eared, dumb ass! You'd ring his neck if it was the last thing you'd do. You peevishly glared at the chalkboard, refusing to even look at him. Rin Okumura was going to pay.
    Rin, on the other hand, was equally pissed, for he saw the situation differently. You got him in trouble! If he was going to be scolded, he could get there all on his own, thank you. You were so nosey! That (Name) (Last) was a know it all.
    Yukio looked over his classroom with a weighted sigh. Those two had to be separated. Again. It was usually for a multitude of reasons. Rin copied (Name)'s test answers, (Name) would purposefully prove him wrong in conversation, and they both couldn't resist digging into each other (even for the smallest of faults). The young teacher was at his wits end. Even with Rin seated with Shiemi on the west end of the room, and (Name) paired with Izumo on the east,
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 656 85
Today [Yandere!Rin Okumura]
Rin Okumura was not a happy half-demon.
Don’t get him wrong, though. He was usually a bright and cheerful boy, and rarely one would find him anything other than positive. In fact, he had often been told he had one of the brightest smiles in the entirety of True Cross Academy.
However, today was an abnormality.
He was currently sulking in the corner of the camp he and his fellow exorcists-in-training had only moments ago set-up, deep blue eyes set upon his group of ‘friends’ in a deep scowl. His brother had assigned the cram school’s students to journey to the forest nearby the school, with the task of defeating a set number of demons as a surprise quiz.
Now, it wasn’t that the boy disliked the prospect of getting out of the classroom. In fact, he couldn’t be more relieved that Yukio had finally decided to assign them field work. No, the reason he was angrily swishing his tail behind him as he glared down his classmates was much simpler than that. At
:iconcherrai:Cherrai 612 151
'Pervy stuff' ~ Amaimon x Reader
"Amaimon, why are you here?" You sigh out and rest your head in your hands, half in embarrassment that you were sitting on his lap in the middle of a park, half in awe of his bold exposure to the academy. "This is way to close to school for you. One of the other exorcists is going to see you if your not careful, you know?"
       The green haired demon rests his head on yours and lazily wraps his arm around your shoulders. "Hmm. It's not like they can hurt me."
  You raise one eyebrow at the green haired man. "Rin hurt you before, remember?" With a hiss, Amaimon's arms constricted around your body painfully and his head presses down on top of yours. "Amaimon!" You gasp out, and he loosens up immediately.
       "..." He doesn't say anything, he's not a person who would apologize outright, but you knew he felt a little bad for hurting you. "Don't bring him up again, _______."
       Amaimon went into battle like he was toy
:iconfuwafuwaberry:fuwafuwaBerry 562 42
Hawaiian Pool Party (Rin Okumura x Reader)
It was another unbearably hot, sticky, and humid summer day, and you wanted nothing more than to take a month long vacation to somewhere frigid cold, like Siberia or something.
Drumming your dry hands on your wooden desk, you let out a frustrated groan. The overflowing pile (which, in reality, was very small) of homework that needed to be done lay in the corner of the wooden piece of furniture, and the rest of the desk was littered with two bottles of water, several empty plastic tubes of Otterpops, your Mac laptop, pencil shavings, and numerous pens, pencils, and other junk.
You had given up on doing your homework a while ago, after concluding that is was way too hot to be doing work, no less even thinking. You felt something vibrate in your pocket, so you reached down and pulled out your phone. Rin had texted you.
'hey, can u come over? Im super bored ughhh'
You inwardly cheered, smiling slightly to yourself. 'Oh my god, yes, finally something to relieve my
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 762 147
Sweeter Than Pocky - Amaimon x Reader
"Thanks for letting me borrow your textbook, Yukio." You said, tucking the book safely away in your shoulder bag.
"No problem. After all, you would still have yours if it weren't for Rin."
"Heh... yeah." You frowned in annoyance as you recalled Rin's most recent escapade that resulted in the destruction of your much needed textbook. "Anyway, thanks again. I'll return it as soon as exams are over, if that's okay with you?"
"There's no rush. Keep it for as long as you need to, [Name]." Yukio agreed politely with a smile.
Despite knowing the Okumura brothers since childhood, you still had a somewhat difficult time believing that Yukio was the younger of the two twins.
Yukio was always so mature, organized, and hardworking while Rin was care-free, relaxed, and pretty much the complete opposite of his brother.
But that was Rin. And you wouldn't want him any other way. That is, as long as none of your other textbooks had to suffer the consequences of being friends with him.
:iconoppafaustusstyle:OppaFaustusStyle 256 36
Blue Exorcist :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,793 790
Ways To Make Her Shut Up (Amaimon x Reader)
Amaimon never seemed to care about what you had to say. Not even when it was something important (hey, the fact that you leveled up your favorite pokemon in your pokemon game is important!).
He always seemed to shut you up in the most strangest ways though. Sometimes he would stuff a pillow into your face and walk away, or say something out of the blue, and while you stood there confused, he'd take his leave.  But the most common way the lollipop-addicted boy saved his poor ears from being brutally talked off was taking the lollipop he had been sucking on, and shoving it into your mouth while it was open.
Most people might find that pretty adorable, but not you. The fact that he rarely listened to you frustrated you beyond belief, and also.. made you feel quite dejected. Though you constantly denied it, you did happen to find the green-haired demon, dare you say, attractive?
You'd never tell him though. Oh good heavens no, you could only imagine how he'd react
:iconeatmysconesbetch:EatMySconesBetch 531 86
I Do Love You! (Rin x Reader)
You snuggled closer against your boyfriend, Rin. You sighed, staring aimlessly at the movie that was currently playing on your TV. He was snoring, head tipped back, drooling dripping, and occasionally twitching.
So cute.
You had picked a chick flick because you knew he was fall asleep like he normally does. Most girls would've look at you weirdly. Why pick a movie, on purpose, to make your boyfriend fall asleep? Most girls pick a movie because they actually want to watch it.
When it was just him, his brother, or you, his tail was comfortably out. He said his tail was constricting, so you I urged him that it was alright to let it out in your dorm room. You didn't have a roomie, anyway. You lived snugly with your manga and blankets. And food.
You eyed it, watching it occasionally flop around. Your hand that was in his hair twitched. Oh man, how you wanted to just grab it...
So you did.
You held it gently and looked at it in fascination. You poked it and he moved slightly. Yo
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Rin Okumura :iconkuricurry:kuricurry 2,601 212
Rin Okumura x Neko!Male!Reader -REQUEST-
You sighed, tired of digging through the garbage. Your paws were sore and you wanted nothing more than a warm, safe place to curl up. But your old home (an abandoned apartment building at True Cross Academy Town) had been demolished to make way for some new shops. So you were stuck on the street, alone and cold.
Standing up, you flicked your tail and began to walk out of the alley. Your (h/c) fur was beginning to get dirty and ragged, and you didn't like it one bit. Since you weren't watching where you were going, you stepped on a broken piece of glass. It cut your front left paw and made you yowl.
Limp-hopping, you hurried to a covered porch and began to lick your sore paw. Just great, you thought. And it looks like it's gonna rain, too.
You cursed your luck and allowed your ears to droop. Your mood was as bleak as the clouds looked right now. To add to your situation, the door to the house you were currently in front of opened, and a lady with a broom shooed you away. H
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 417 53
10 Reasons Why I Love You (Rin x Reader)
Number one. I love the way our hands fit together.
Everytime when we get a chance away from school, we would go outside. Maybe go to the beach, maybe go the cafe down the road. It didn't matter. Your small hand always seemed to fit perfectly in mine when we walk together. I hope it stays that way. If I doesn't, well, I don't know. What do I do?

Number two. You're always respecting my choices and there for me 100% of the time.
The words, 'I'm going to beat the shit out of Satan!' always spun in my mind, even if my brother thought it did or not. I couldn't tell her because I knew she would laugh. I couldn't keep it from her, so I told her. She would find out eventually. She just smiled, grabbed my cheek and kissed me lightly. She would pull back with a pink tint on her cheeks.
'That's very ambitious. That's fine, I'll be there for you, trust me.'
She always used the word 'trust'.
Number three. You're very competitive, even when you know you'll lose
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 429 69
Ao no Exorcist- Okumura Rin :iconjaerika:jaerika 2,464 103 5-18-ao no exorcist :iconegosun:egosun 3,284 132 Ao no Exorcist :iconumika-sayoji:Umika-Sayoji 3,325 204 Grab my meme - Rin and Yukio :iconjoselingering:joselingering 2,745 293
She Was One Too (Blue Exorcist [guys] x Reader)
Rin was the one who had to show her around. He had to show her around the school. The regular school, actually. The creepy clown had requested it. Why?
She seemed nice. Very pretty and a nice chest. Not that he'll every say.  He stared for a moment, but looked away. He hid a small blush.
She was quiet, but he could tell she was the type to start talking non-stop when she got comfortable. He liked that. He hoped they would be friends soon.
"This is your main classroom where you'll go. I think my brother Yukio is here." He pondered, pointing at a classroom on the right. He stared at the door, his face in concentration. Her gaze followed his eyes. She smiled brightly.
"Cool! Thank you, Okumura-san." She smiled sweetly. He blushed and looked away. Gosh, she had such a doe-eyed look in her face. Damn, if he became friends with her, he hoped not to spill his secret. She'll run away...
"You can call me Rin." He grinned, watching her hesitate with something. He poked her cheek, watching h
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Movie Night :iconflyingrabbitmonkey:FlyingRabbitMonkey 4,054 1,038 Really son of Satan :iconpollypwnz:pollypwnz 560 63
That Awkward Moment Shima x Reader
~That awkward moment when you go to take off your sweatshirt and your shirt comes off as well.~
You were just standing with your girl friends Shiemi, Izumo, and Shura, and you felt your body temperature increasing.  Every day you wore a pull over sweater over your school uniform.  The school uniforms were stupid, tedious, and too provocative.  So you found a (fav color) pull over and the tallest black over-the-knee socks you could find.  Much to the boys in your classes dismay, you left lots up to the imagination.  Usually, you kept your pull over on 24/7.  However, the cram school classroom was hotter than usually.
"I think I'm gunna die." You said, fanning yourself with a folder.  Izumo rolled her eyes at you
"Take off your sweater, you only wear it all the time.  Do you ever wash it?" Her voice was annoyed, as usual
You smiled at her in a very ironic way, "Every night.  And I don't wanna take it off." Pouting, you crossed your arms across
:iconmsdeaththekid:MsDeathTheKid 216 45
Mephisto - Eins, Zwei, Drei :iconaicosu:Aicosu 989 94
Glasses (Yukio x Reader)
"Ugh. I literally cleaned out Rin's fridge and manga collection." You groaned, flopping onto Yukio's neatly made bed. 
You stared at the ceiling, thinking about what to do. You came to their dorm to play a prank on the brothers, but they weren't even there. 
That was hours ago.
It was almost five and they still weren't home. You scrambled up from Yukio's bed and hopped over to his closet. You opened it like a nosy kindergarten student and peered inside. All he had was clothes and books. You picked one up and read the title.
"'Physics: The Theory of the famous Einstein'." You read. You whistled and threw in back into the closet, shutting it closed.
"Yukio, you sure do read complex stuff." You chuckled, remembering the counting book you still owned when you were four.
You plopped down on his desk and looked over his notes and smiled. He really is smart...
His work from the actual school was different than yours. Was he taking a harder class? That would explain why you didn't ha
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 300 26
Ao no Exorcist- Moriyama Shiemi :iconrindia4:RinDia4 200 119 Rin- Blue Exorcist :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,342 67
Unanswered Questions (Yukio x Reader)
Yukio Okumura was a young man with a determined mind and body. He worked well in his classes and for his own class of students. He focused in his classes, was extremely athletic, and had a large fan base for single-and-ready-to-mingle girls. If it wasn't for his blood, he would've have the perfect life. He did, technically, have the perfect life.
But then she happened. It all started on the day she arrived. 
So little things happened, yet he was left with many questions. He hated the uncertainty.
"A-ah, excuse me...?" A timid voice called. Yukio felt the lightest touch of a poke on his shoulder. He turned. 
"Hello. Are you lost?" He asked, noticing her flustered state and quite obvious confusion.
She nodded. She handed him her schedule. He hummed.
"You are in my class. Lucky you." He smiled. She nodded. She quickly followed him.

Yukio felt weird after that.
"I'm name is (y/n) (l/n)! I am from (country)!" She said, slightly louder than she needed. Her face flushe
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 204 23
~Chocolate - Rin Okumura x Reader~
Ever since you enrolled in True Cross Academy, you had been really good friends with everyone in your class. Especially the one you sat next to…Rin Okumura. He was the hot-headed dork who, over time became really protective of you because of how clumsy you were. You two had also gotten really close. He was your best friend.  You actually liked him. Not just in a friendly way either. You liked everything about him. He made you laugh, he made you mad when he’d tease you, no matter what you felt safe around him, and he had the best smile ever…But most of all, he made you happy. 
You actually had been living with Rin and his brother Yukio in their dorm since your house was way too far from the school. It was nice being there; Yukio would help you with your homework if he wasn’t busy, Rin made amazing dinners and you got to spend more time with them.
Today, you invited Shiemi over for a sleepover. This was the first time either of you had had a sleepover
:iconp4cheeks:P4Cheeks 361 42
Rin Okumura Flame Tail :iconmonoyasha:Monoyasha 626 88 Blue Exorcist :iconxephonia:xephonia 3,324 122 ASURA :iconkazakami:kazakami 3,073 82
Disgusting Candy Hearts (Amaimon x Reader)
"I'm out of candy."
You peeked over the top of your book, rolling your eyes slightly. You were used to Amaimon's 'whines'. Looking down again, you continued your reading without responding.
"(Y/n)." He called out.
"(Y/n)." He said again, slightly louder. He crawled over to the girl he was supposed to call his 'girlfriend'. He clearly didn't understand the meaning of it except that he was supposed to... Like her? What? At least, that's what the dictionary defined.
Again, she ignored him, flipping to the next page of her book. He growled slightly.
"You know I hate it when you ignore me." He stated, getting up from his crawl and hopping onto her lap.
She grunted with pain, her book digging into her side. She glared.
"Yo, lay off the candy, dude." She sighed, managing to slide him to the side of the couch. He didn't say a thing, but he did repeat his previous statement.
"I'm out of candy." He stated bluntly, poking her cheek with his sharp nail. She groaned and dropped her book onto her la
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 260 21
Pick Up Lines (Shima x Reader)
It all started when you were talking to Kamiki.
"Do you like it when Shima fawns over you?" You laughed. Previously, he tried to impress her during gym, but then a spider landed on his shoulder and he freaked out. Kamiki-san snorted.
"Seriously? No, I hate it when he does that. Why? Do you?" She asked, her eyebrow tilting up in smugness. You chuckled and shook your head uneasily. You liked it because you had a crush on him, but it was annoying all the same. Such bi-polarness.
"No, but I know a lot of pick-up lines as well. I could be a female Shima!" You exclaimed, snickering. Kamiki felt the corner of her lips tug upwards.
"Ha, I'm glad you aren't because I would never speak to you again." She waved her hand, dismissing your statement. Little did the two of you knew, a pink haired idiot heard.
After that, Shima started to try and pick you up with his words and failed everytime.
"Do you have a band-aid? No? Well, it's because I've fallen for you."
"I'm not a photographer, but it can
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 145 10
Bakuman- Manga :iconmiimiiakatsuki:miimiiakatsuki 1,334 161 Blue Exorcist :iconyooani:yooani 3,618 87
Moe, Moe Bear! (Bon/Ryuji x Teddy[?!] Reader)
He could not believe that Shima had brought him to such a place. A place a man should only go if he was buying for his lover, he's a pervert, or he just really like the lotion. They made them smell pretty.
"Yo, Bon! Try this one for (y/n)!" Shima would shout every so often. He would lift a garment into the air and Bon would cuss him out, fleeing away quickly. The female customers would laugh and some would scowl. The co-workers would roll their eyes. Bon was sure Shima had done this before, judging on their reactions.
He knew he could leave the store whenever he wanted. It's just that the pink haired dumbass had his wallet. No way he'd leave that with him.
Did he even clarify what store he was in? No?
Victoria's Secret. That's where.
He was here because his pink haired idiot was saying his girlfriend didn't have any 'hot' clothes. That wasn't really true. Anything his girlfriend wore was beautiful on her. Even sweatpants and a holey shirt was fine for him!
The only problem with
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Ao no exorcist wallpaper :icontkaczka:Tkaczka 1,948 201 Ao no Exorcist - Rin :iconlancha:Lancha 3,062 111 Mephisto Pheles Cosplay :iconaicosu:Aicosu 882 114 Rin Okumura Tail :iconmonoyasha:Monoyasha 342 74
Blue Exorcist: Headache (Yukio X Rin)
Authors Note: This is my first fan fiction in a while, and my first post on this account. I would like to warn you this is Boy X Boy, but their is not sex or anything so no worries. This story is quite short I hope you like it. Please let me know what you thin in the comments.
Yukio sat at his rustic dorm desk with piles of un-graded work to his left and school text books to his right. Yukio was focused with good posture while the pen in his hand quickly skimmed his students school work. The room was quite, the sun slowly gleamed throw a large wooden framed window.
Suddenly a door opened causing Yukio to lose his concentration. Rin walked in with Kuro on the top of his head. He was carrying a paper bag full of herbs and elicksures from Shemini shop which his brother request.
“Here is everything, you ask for, I do not see why you could not have gotten this stuff yourself.” Rin said setting the bags on his bed. Kuro hopped down onto the bed and fell asleep next to the
:iconstarlightcloud:StarlightCloud 69 14
Things Happen at a Supermarket (Rin x Reader)
"Ah, Rin, I need you to go to the supermarket near the town square and get some food. I would go, but I'm going on a mission today."
Rin's head perked up, eyes shining in delight. "A mission? I would love to go-"
"I said I need you to go shopping. We'll starve." Yukio reminded. "Didn't you hear me? I swear, you just can't seem to hear the important details." He scolded. He blinked.
Yukio paused. "Actually, do you think you'll remember the mineral water this time?"
The demonic twin sighed and waved his brother off. "Whatever, Yukio. I'll go out. And I'll get your water." Yukio saw something in Rin's eyes and he felt nervous.
Rin's eyes had a evil glint in them and Yukio stared. 
"But I'm going to need some money~!"
After the twins argued about what Rin could do with the change, he set off with a wad of cash and a smug grin. The only reason he got so much cash was because Rin lied about buying wasabi. Everyone knows wasabi was expensive as hell.
"...Ah, but what should I say when I
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 256 42
Shima and Shiemi :icontwinfools:twinfools 759 25
Rin Okumura x Reader - Helping Hand
Textbooks clattered to the floor in a mixture of flung open folders and fluttering papers, quickly followed by [Name]’s knees hitting the pavement as she hastily tried to gather everything back together. Laughter like birds twittering faded off into the commotion of a crowd of students at True Cross Academy, the culprits behind the woman’s accident walking daftly away.
These supposed unintentional run-ins she’d had with this particular group of girls was beginning to wear thin on the woman’s nerves. Scraping up the last of the leaflets, she shoved them hastily into a folder and stacked that on top of her textbooks. “Hey [Name], you alright?” came the familiar voice of Rin Okumura. Tilting her head up, she squinted against the sunlight that shone brightly behind him.
“Yeah, I’m fine,” she brushed off as she grabbed up her fallen pencil and pen.
“D’ya drop your stuff?” Scooping everything up and cradling them against
:iconthepillarsofcreation:thepillarsofcreation 325 100
Exorcist vs. Exorcist :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 3,781 301 Blue Exorcist- Rin and Bon :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,099 110 Ao no Exorcist - Rin /Collab with Killing-Idol :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 2,822 82 MBTea Charms Catalogue 2014 :iconwhispwill:whispwill 1,134 74
I'll Find You (Amaimon x Reader)
Amaimon woke with a jolt, his arms and legs spazzing out on the bed.
He had that dream again. It's been the 6th night he had it. It started the same. He'd be in a garden, just eating his lollipop, watching his familiar, Behemoth. Then a girl would sit next to him, humming a sweet tune. He would glance at her often, wonder how she looked like. Her hat and hair covered her face.
Then she looked at him, her head still down, but she would speak.
"Hello. I'm (y/n). This is a beautiful place, isn't it?" 
He would open his mouth to respond, but then his dream would white out before he said a word. Then he'll wake up. He would stare into the darkness of his older brother's spare room. After some time, he would fall asleep again.
He asked about the dream to his brother the very next morning, clearly irked. He was sure his face said so, but alas, Mephisto didn't recognize it.
"Brother, I keep having this dream." 
Mephisto would laugh and said something wrong. Then Amaimon would
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 150 40
Not What I Was Expecting... (Rin x Maid!Reader)
"Welcome...home, Master." You bowed down.
Your boyfriend's eye twitched as he closed the door to the dorm.
"(y-y/n)...?" Rin stuttered. He could not believed his eyes. You had stayed home, 'sick', while he attended his classes. So this is what you did...
Right in front of him stood his cute girlfriend, dressed in a maid outfit. You had the typical apron and skirt. To sum it up, you basically had every piece and made it even more appealing than it really is. He noted how short your skirt was...
He knew reading those manga with the cute girls in it was bound to happen sometime in his life.
"Uh. If you don't like it, I can remove it." You mutter awkwardly. He sniffled, holding in a nosebleed. He immediately felt his nose, making sure it truly wasn't streaming with blood. Luckily, it wasn't.
"Ah, no. It's fine. It... Suits you?" He commented, unsure. He shuffled with his bag.
"Oh! Well, since you approve," you smiled slightly, "that means I can do whatever you please. To a certain ext
:iconsushi-yukio:Sushi-Yukio 415 66