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Candy sugar blueberry dragon necklace by AlviaAlcedo Candy sugar blueberry dragon necklace :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 5,862 547 THE CAKE IS... by einlee THE CAKE IS... :iconeinlee:einlee 5,869 651 UNDERVERSE 0.3 - Concept A by JakeiArtwork UNDERVERSE 0.3 - Concept A :iconjakeiartwork:JakeiArtwork 458 100 Octofruits by Oborochann Octofruits :iconoborochann:Oborochann 1,452 237 Cake plushies by apple-pai Cake plushies :iconapple-pai:apple-pai 911 200 Chibi Fruit Ninja-Sasuke by Red-Priest-Usada Chibi Fruit Ninja-Sasuke :iconred-priest-usada:Red-Priest-Usada 7,880 431 Exercise 36 Results: Berries Step by Step Chart by CGCookie Exercise 36 Results: Berries Step by Step Chart :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 7,160 151 Underswap!Sans - Underverse 0.3 by JakeiArtwork Underswap!Sans - Underverse 0.3 :iconjakeiartwork:JakeiArtwork 966 75 polymer clay pumpkin pie charm by ScrumptiousDoodle polymer clay pumpkin pie charm :iconscrumptiousdoodle:ScrumptiousDoodle 283 34 Yoshi's fruit bowl by priteeboy Yoshi's fruit bowl :iconpriteeboy:priteeboy 2,698 720 Magical Girls: Fluffy cake by hieihirai Magical Girls: Fluffy cake :iconhieihirai:hieihirai 2,296 79 a sad blueberry by ASSORTEDJELLIES a sad blueberry :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 1,496 123 Wyvern's Wisdom + Siren's Song by neondragon Wyvern's Wisdom + Siren's Song :iconneondragon:neondragon 1,732 84 FRuiT BaBieS by DestinyBlue FRuiT BaBieS :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 2,802 510 Sweet Bear Necklaces by Oborochann Sweet Bear Necklaces :iconoborochann:Oborochann 651 43 [UPDATED] Undertale - Blueberry Shimeji (Win/Mac) by Kaweii [UPDATED] Undertale - Blueberry Shimeji (Win/Mac) :iconkaweii:Kaweii 659 226 berry twig by len-yan berry twig :iconlen-yan:len-yan 7,434 212 Blueberry Cheesecake by DAV-19 Blueberry Cheesecake :icondav-19:DAV-19 7,863 728 Blueberry Muffin by DAV-19 Blueberry Muffin :icondav-19:DAV-19 7,268 627 US - Blueberry Love on a Rainy Day (Secret Santa) by Atlas-White US - Blueberry Love on a Rainy Day (Secret Santa) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 486 116 blueberry by meago blueberry :iconmeago:meago 16,047 731 Magnum Minimus Close-Up by FatalPotato Magnum Minimus Close-Up :iconfatalpotato:FatalPotato 1,772 189 Blueberry dragon by GaudiBuendia Blueberry dragon :icongaudibuendia:GaudiBuendia 2,322 71 free cheesecake icon by RRRAI free cheesecake icon :iconrrrai:RRRAI 1,197 66 Undertale AU - Sans + speedpaint by Any1995 Undertale AU - Sans + speedpaint :iconany1995:Any1995 348 70 Random pack 34 : THEMED (Fruit) by Tehrainbowllama Random pack 34 : THEMED (Fruit) :icontehrainbowllama:Tehrainbowllama 491 87 Customised My Little Pony Fluttershy by AndrejA Customised My Little Pony Fluttershy :iconandreja:AndrejA 1,356 66 US - Get Well Soon, Blueberry (Commission) by Atlas-White US - Get Well Soon, Blueberry (Commission) :iconatlas-white:Atlas-White 630 56 pancakes by Moramarth pancakes :iconmoramarth:Moramarth 2,817 392 Free dA avatars - batch 3/5 by UszatyArbuz Free dA avatars - batch 3/5 :iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 308 23 Miniature Pie Slice Necklaces by lessthan3chrissy Miniature Pie Slice Necklaces :iconlessthan3chrissy:lessthan3chrissy 734 146 blueberry fullbody by meago blueberry fullbody :iconmeago:meago 7,681 217 Blueberry II by meago Blueberry II :iconmeago:meago 5,489 132 An Ideal Brother - Page 53 by VanGold An Ideal Brother - Page 53 :iconvangold:VanGold 87 19 Hello, I am Blueberry by Selenada Hello, I am Blueberry :iconselenada:Selenada 817 123 berry dessert by Moramarth berry dessert :iconmoramarth:Moramarth 853 69 MLP Adoptable Auction ~ Ice Cream Triplets[CLOSED] by tsurime MLP Adoptable Auction ~ Ice Cream Triplets[CLOSED] :icontsurime:tsurime 658 93
Revenge is Best Served in a Group
Spike groaned, opening her eye's slowly. " The fuck...?" she mumbled as she looked around. She found herself in what appeared to be a large warehouse. And a rundown one at that. As she went to move she quickly discovered that she was restrained. Looking down she found herself sat down on a chair with her arm's tied behind it. "Hey! What the hell?" she said loudly, frustration showing on her face. It was then she noticed that all the other member's of her gang where there with her, tied up like she was. Slowly they where all coming to.
"Oi...the bloody hell happened?" asked Raven with a small shake of her head.
" Where are we...?" asked Fang as she looked around.
"Better question" chimed in Crystal. " Why the fuck are we tied up?!". She pulled at the ropes that tied her hand's, trying to pull them free. It was then they all heard someone laughing. A girl's voice.
" Not so fun being the one on the reciving end, is it?" said the voice. All the girl's turned their attention to a large pile
:iconkibzz:Kibzz 334 42
One Tough Stain by Toxic-Mario One Tough Stain :icontoxic-mario:Toxic-Mario 771 182 Giant in the Wasteland (Fallout) - Pg1 [En] by xmasterdavid Giant in the Wasteland (Fallout) - Pg1 [En] :iconxmasterdavid:xmasterdavid 1,764 66
“Can you see inside?” Bridgette shouted.
Her legs began to shake under the weight of her friend. Katie stretched upwards as high as she could, but the height of the two girls was not enough to see inside the warehouse window.
“Nothing.” Katie said as she jumped down. “This is the oddest building. I’ve never seen it used before. It’s been here forever. I wonder what’s inside!”
The two girls walked around the warehouse building, searching for some sort of entrance. It was quite a large facility, placed in an odd spot. Along an unpopulated street near the factory end of town. Many other industrial buildings covered the horizon, but this single warehouse looked as if nobody had entered for years. The curiosity of it all had finally gotten to Katie and Bridgette.
“The main doors are bolted shut.” Bridgette said as she shook on the handle. Steel plates made an “x” shape across the large main doors.
“Maybe the
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Sans Club by YunaSakura Sans Club :iconyunasakura:YunaSakura 805 79
The most saddening feeling in the world is the feeling of being in love with someone who doesn't know you exist. Holly has found herself in this position.
Everyday at school, she sees the most gorgeous boy she has ever known. Michael Werden. The boy is charming, built, and oh-so dashing. Almost every period, Holly swoons as he walks past her locker.
Holly is a beautiful girl. She wears the cutest outfits, has the most gorgeous shade of brown hair, and her eyes are a vivid green. Her face has no imperfections, with soft and luscious skin. Her hair is long and silky. You may be thinking why such a beautiful girl has problems winning over the heart of a young high school boy. Well…
Michael is a senior. Holly is a junior. It's as simple as that. Holly receives more than enough competition extremely beautiful senior girls. Girls more vicious and popular than Holly.
One day, Holly decides to take her love for Michael to a new level. She has never felt so much sexual urge for another hum
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An Ideal Brother - Page 51 by VanGold An Ideal Brother - Page 51 :iconvangold:VanGold 122 21 An Ideal Brother - Page 52 by VanGold An Ideal Brother - Page 52 :iconvangold:VanGold 119 23 Bunnygirl Blueberry! 4 by Natsuko-Hiragi Bunnygirl Blueberry! 4 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 376 19
Peaches And Cream
The water began streaming out of the shower head. The steam slowly rose upward and meandered about the room. Kristin began stripping her clothes off, dropping them into a heap on the floor. Her hand extended slowly into the falling shower water, checking to see if it was warm enough. She locked the door, kicked her clothes aside, and stepped into the shower.
It was an small shower. No larger than three by three feet. There was no room to sit. You just stood there and got wet. It's not that Kristin's parents couldn't afford a bigger shower, they just she didn't need one.
The warm water ran down Kristin's body. It flowed down her in a smooth and graceful trickling pattern. It streamed down her curvaceous frame, which was something she was quite proud of. Kristin was a very beautiful girl. She was just 17, and already she had the hottest body anyone could ask for. She was not snooty or popular. Just a typical school girl.
Her jet black hair was shoulder length, styled in a smooth and silk
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Thanksgiving Stuffing 2016 by Snow-chanDA Thanksgiving Stuffing 2016 :iconsnow-chanda:Snow-chanDA 1,147 127