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Taking a chance Armin x Reader
Polar opposites. That was the phrase that described you and Armin perfectly. You were loud and outspoken, always full of life and energy, you couldn’t stay still for too long because you craved to be up and about, you loved hanging out with the guys and in combat training, you couldn’t be beat –Mikasa aside-. While he was quiet and shy, always so calm and collected, the type of person who would enjoy spending his days reading away in silence, he was never really social, much less confident and while he was a true genius, he did the one thing his mind constantly nagged him not to do, and that was to fall for you.
He just couldn’t help getting lost in your beautiful gem like eyes or stop his heart from racing every time you hugged or placed your arm around him in a friendly matter, there was no doubt that against his better judgment, he was in love with you. Although if you ever felt the same way, even in the slightest, you sure knew how to hide it, he could never
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The Ticklish Girl
The Ticklish Girl Part 1-The Tickling Begings
On the way home from school. James stopped Jayne from walking. James asked Jayne a question. "Hey Jayne! Want to come over to my house and work on our homework together?" Jayne shrugged. "Yea why Not." Jayne had known James for years. They were both there Junior year of HighSchool. Jayne was un-aware of what James was going to do. When they got to James house they went up to Jame's bedroom. "Hey James can I just lay on your bed for a few minutes. I didnt get much sleep." A Smirk appeared on Jame's face. "Hey not a problem, Jayne"
Jayne layed on Jame's bed and stretched her arms out. Soon enough Jayne fell asleep. James got his fathers handcuffs and bound Jayne's arms and legs to the bed. Jayne was woke up to a big shock when her armpits, stomach, and feet were vunerable to anybody. She wiggled and couldnt move. "HEy! Why am I handcuffed to a bed! I cant Move!" She was in more of a shock when she saw she only had on her Bra and Underwear. Ja
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