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Go Team Mystic! :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 3,364 195 VS. Team Leader :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 2,205 90 poke go :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 20,604 501 Noticeably Trending to the Positive :iconyutaan:Yutaan 658 35 Team Mystic - Blanche :iconmyetie:myetie 581 28 Team Leaders :iconradittz:Radittz 1,530 50 Pokemon Go - Team Rocket :iconadyon:Adyon 422 26 Blanche :iconreef1600:Reef1600 343 25 Red x Blue :iconreef1600:Reef1600 308 20
Pokemon Go Group TF TG MC (Request)
Alex, Lisa, Kate, and Joey are all huge fans of Pokémon. When they heard that the very first Pokémon mobile game came out, they downloaded the game onto their phones and met each other at a mall. However, it wasn't what they expected. "I was expecting a real Pokémon game like the ones on the 3DS, not one where you waste cell phone data finding and catching things that don't exist," said Joey. "We never played this game either, but we'll all get used to it," said Alex.
They were on the Team Selection screen. "Team Mystic sounds like a cool name for a team," said Alex as he selected Team Mystic. "That's odd, my thumbs are starting to hurt." "Have you been texting too much again?" asked Kate. "I haven't been texting a lot after that incident," said Alex.
Alex's hair turned white and grew to his back while it was now held up in a ponytail. His shirt and pants turned navy blue while Alex's jacket turned light blue and white. His privates had vanished and his shoes became ligh
:iconanimegamer30:AnimeGamer30 12 4
Team Mystic - Blanche :iconnindei:Nindei 90 7 POKEMON GO - MYSTIC :iconjennaris:Jennaris 477 36 PokemonGo Team Mystic Blanche :iconpuddingzz:PuddingzZ 385 20 Pokemon GO: Team Mystic [+Speedpaint] :iconyuuike:yuuike 480 25 Pokemon GO TEAMS Leader :iconprisuicun:PriSuicun 87 15 Blache - PokemonGo :icondavidmccartney:davidmccartney 311 17 Blanche - Team Mystic :iconmhgenova:MHGenova 226 1 Pokemon GO Team Leaders :iconladycibia:LadyCibia 84 10 Pokemon Go - The Mystic We Seek :iconchinara:chinara 65 17 Pokemon Go :iconashiimiyu:ashiimiyu 97 2 Blanche :iconsrealms:SRealms 97 6 Candela and Moltres team valor :iconlogancure:logancure 279 12 Pokemon go - Blanche :iconluran-v:Luran-V 77 8 Blanche :iconpicb0t:PICB0T 119 18 PokemonGo - Team Mystic - Blanche :iconcute-loot:cute-loot 40 2 Blanche Team Mystic Leader - Pokemon Go FanArt :iconadrianwolve:AdrianWolve 315 23 Blanche :iconairisubaka:Airisubaka 61 3 Pokemon GO - Blanche :iconmilkcognac:MilkCognac 37 0 Blanche :iconchofy87:Chofy87 55 2
Team Instinct - The Rally
The rally was filled with Team Instinct Pokémon Trainers. They'd occupied a park for the event where Spark, their Team Leader, would speak to them. It was the first rally after the initial joining phase. Of course, they were still accepting members, but Spark wanted to stand up and gather everyone together...
He hadn't expected such a large turnout. The entire park was filled to the brim with other players toting insignia or paraphernalia to support their team. The crowd was a sea of yellow.
Spark grinned, looking around at the crowd behind the stage curtain. They were few in number... but here they were. It certainly boosted his energy to see everyone talking with one another and here to see their leader.
Spark turned to Blanche and Candela standing close by. Candela folded her arms, but she beamed. Blanche, cool and collected, also smiled at Spark.
"We told you there'd be a lot of people, Spark." Blanche murmured, gesturing to the group. "The numbers don’t lie. Although yo
:iconfruitsoflabour:FruitsofLabour 9 6
Pokemon GO! Stickers set :iconcorelle-vairel:Corelle-Vairel 47 13 Blanche n Arty :iconamarcato:Amarcato 127 5 1.5 Clear Acrylic Charms: Vocaloid and Pokemon Go :iconsueweetie:Sueweetie 351 54 Team Mystic :iconjosephinekazuki:josephinekazuki 30 0 Pokemon Go Team Leader Perlers :iconjrfromdallas:jrfromdallas 30 1 [SP] PKMN GO x Steven Universe CROSSOVER: Blanche :iconseikiei:Seikiei 37 3 Character Poll #37: Blanche :iconkaiyuan:kaiyuan 57 8 Pokemon Go - Team Mystic Blanche :iconpauldng:pauldng 108 5 Pokemon Mystic Leader Blanche :iconlegitsenpai:legitsenpai 43 0 Team Mystic :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 37 9
Cold,But Not Cold-Hearted|Blanche x Reader
"....Team Mystic. Because to win a battle, I look at my opponent's type before sending out a Pokemon that would deal the most damage to it. That's always important, right?" You asked, looking at Blanche.
"You're absolutely right, [y/n]. I already see your potential," she smiled, before offering you her hand. "Welcome to Team Mystic."
You nodded and shook hands with her. "It's an honor." After a few moments, you let go.
"Maaaaaaaaan that means I ran all the way over here for nothing?!" Spark groaned.
"Welp it was worth a shot," Candela shrugged. "Have fun with the nerd [y/n]~" She teased.
"Candela, don't you start." Blanche glared at the brunette.
" can we go?" You asked, feeling the awkward tension between the three leaders getting even more awkward.
Blanche glanced back at you, her gaze softening before she nodded. "Yes. Let's be on our way new recruit. I have much to teach you."
And with that she headed out of the cafe, you and Voltorb following suit.
"Good luck!"
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 40 3
Pokemon Go :icontaffydesu:TaffyDesu 90 10 Team leaders as players :iconyoruwish:YoruWish 151 11 POKEMON GO leader :iconrobinglt:RobinGlt 110 12 Let's GO! :iconcaptainmoony:CaptainMoony 35 1 Team Mystic Leader Blanche :iconladypixelheart:ladypixelheart 23 0 Pokemon Go - Leaders :icononewingart:OneWingArt 33 5 Which Team? :iconmikomikisomi:MikomiKisomi 104 6