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Blake Belladonna by Axsens Blake Belladonna :iconaxsens:Axsens 1,084 14 From Shadows by SpiritofthwWolf From Shadows :iconspiritofthwwolf:SpiritofthwWolf 383 12 If you can't fight, you can't survive. by FrancineCaroline If you can't fight, you can't survive. :iconfrancinecaroline:FrancineCaroline 170 31 RWBY Keyblade Set (2016 - 2017 ReMix) by ExusiaSword RWBY Keyblade Set (2016 - 2017 ReMix) :iconexusiasword:ExusiaSword 167 26 Blake Belladonna by gscratcher Blake Belladonna :icongscratcher:gscratcher 273 9 Team RWBY by ZeroRespect-BOT Team RWBY :iconzerorespect-bot:ZeroRespect-BOT 184 9 Sketch- Missed a Toe?! by ARSONicARTZ Sketch- Missed a Toe?! :iconarsonicartz:ARSONicARTZ 501 61 Blake Cut-in Scene by RustyArtist Blake Cut-in Scene :iconrustyartist:RustyArtist 508 13 Pixel Blake Belladonna by RyuRyugami Pixel Blake Belladonna :iconryuryugami:RyuRyugami 166 2 Blake Belladonna by yesi-chan Blake Belladonna :iconyesi-chan:yesi-chan 175 4 Sketch- Like Old Times by ARSONicARTZ Sketch- Like Old Times :iconarsonicartz:ARSONicARTZ 365 138 Blake Belladonna [RWBY] by Takabow Blake Belladonna [RWBY] :icontakabow:Takabow 453 9 Bumblebee in Summer by ErinLaurant Bumblebee in Summer :iconerinlaurant:ErinLaurant 214 13 RWBY: Faunus vs Flower by GrimmWolf360 RWBY: Faunus vs Flower :icongrimmwolf360:GrimmWolf360 163 80 One life is not a long time by YouseiCosplay One life is not a long time :iconyouseicosplay:YouseiCosplay 91 6 Blake Belladonna by sarahlrn Blake Belladonna :iconsarahlrn:sarahlrn 168 8 Blake Belladonna Fanart by tony808 Blake Belladonna Fanart :icontony808:tony808 81 5
Prelude: Team RWBY vs. Ninja Turtles, Part One

Abe: In battle, a warrior must learn to use all their skills and assets at their disposal to win; every weapon, skill, and experience they've attained must be used correctly to achieve victory. However, at times, a warrior is not alone. Sometimes, against great foes, a single man is not enough to win. What one needs is a team of valiant warriors, for strength in numbers is greater than the strength of one.
Insanus: And for this battle, we'll be pulling all stops and bringing in two of the best four-man and woman teams for our first team battle!
Abe: Team RWBY: the brightest students of Beacon Academy, dedicated to protecting the land of Vale from the monstrous Grimm!
Insanus: And the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: four brothers dedicated to the arts of ninjitsu to protect New York from the grip of the Shredder!
Abe: For the purposes of this fight, we will be utilizing the 2003 incarnations of the Ninja Turtles, as they are the closest in power
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Nyanesthetic Blake  by Dornenkranz Nyanesthetic Blake :icondornenkranz:Dornenkranz 296 4 Volume 4 Blake Belladonna by Lambentworld Volume 4 Blake Belladonna :iconlambentworld:Lambentworld 192 1 | Let's Just Live | RWBY Cosplay Group | by OhMyEggs | Let's Just Live | RWBY Cosplay Group | :iconohmyeggs:OhMyEggs 78 12 RWBY - The Four Ice Sweets by NisuKitsune RWBY - The Four Ice Sweets :iconnisukitsune:NisuKitsune 213 11 Never Late Miss Belladona by HALLI-art Never Late Miss Belladona :iconhalli-art:HALLI-art 58 1 RWBY Chibi: Team RWBY by Jyojiriin RWBY Chibi: Team RWBY :iconjyojiriin:Jyojiriin 167 7 Bumblebee| SPEEDPAINT by AgentWhiteHawk Bumblebee| SPEEDPAINT :iconagentwhitehawk:AgentWhiteHawk 333 67 RWBY - Naruto's Girls by Shinteo RWBY - Naruto's Girls :iconshinteo:Shinteo 130 61 Got Milk? by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Got Milk? :iconmeganekkoplymouth241:MeganekkoPlymouth241 304 35 [SFM] I Gotcha! by Robopon003 [SFM] I Gotcha! :iconrobopon003:Robopon003 90 3 Zwei! by Valkirine Zwei! :iconvalkirine:Valkirine 150 13 Black Sun by AgentWhiteHawk Black Sun :iconagentwhitehawk:AgentWhiteHawk 279 39 Blake Belladonna by Hikaru-Ryuu Blake Belladonna :iconhikaru-ryuu:Hikaru-Ryuu 78 4 Who Says I'm Done Fighting? - RWBY by GuildElite Who Says I'm Done Fighting? - RWBY :iconguildelite:GuildElite 74 5 Faunus girl by YouseiCosplay Faunus girl :iconyouseicosplay:YouseiCosplay 80 3 (Timeskip Team RWBY) Hand in Hand by TheApatheticKat (Timeskip Team RWBY) Hand in Hand :icontheapathetickat:TheApatheticKat 167 14 Blake Belladonna by FairyArtists Blake Belladonna :iconfairyartists:FairyArtists 96 3 Blake Belladonna Redraw by HoPiuFameStudios Blake Belladonna Redraw :iconhopiufamestudios:HoPiuFameStudios 132 3 RWBY Blake Nosebleed by ZeroRespect-BOT RWBY Blake Nosebleed :iconzerorespect-bot:ZeroRespect-BOT 124 11 blake belladonna by Zalyas blake belladonna :iconzalyas:Zalyas 34 0 Marilyn Monroe (Bumblebee) by khfiire120 Marilyn Monroe (Bumblebee) :iconkhfiire120:khfiire120 35 2 Villager Blake by ram-jam Villager Blake :iconram-jam:ram-jam 57 2
For The Plot! (Blake X Male Reader)
So, what is this?
Why, a random one-shot curious reader.
Yeah, Ruby Rose X Male Reader is still coming out every week, usually Saturday or Sunday (where I am at least.) But I'm going to do random stuff whenever I feel like it cause "Eh, why not?" Although I will be using the same characters and weapons for the reader and their team.
Also, one final note, this doesn't really go anywhere in the RWBY story. But you and your team, as well as RWBY and JNPR know about Blake being a Faunus and being in the White Fang.
RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth.
You belong to you.
I own nothing, sad I know.
-Narrator's point of view-
(Y/N) and team GOLD walked down one of the endless hallways of Beacon, heading to combat class with Mrs. Goodwitch. Walking in they sat in front of Team JNPR bu
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no jaunes allowed by ainkid no jaunes allowed :iconainkid:ainkid 103 26 RWBY - Blake Belladonna by edCOM02 RWBY - Blake Belladonna :iconedcom02:edCOM02 43 0 Team RWBY - Happy Autumn by eollynheartilly Team RWBY - Happy Autumn :iconeollynheartilly:eollynheartilly 84 4 Blake~ by Valkirine Blake~ :iconvalkirine:Valkirine 45 0 RWBY: Blake, how do you know? by rainbow-zebra23 RWBY: Blake, how do you know? :iconrainbow-zebra23:rainbow-zebra23 231 34 Bumblebee Abs by JayEmEl Bumblebee Abs :iconjayemel:JayEmEl 182 46 Blake Belladonna Cosplay by Asterlia Blake Belladonna Cosplay :iconasterlia:Asterlia 54 15 Blake doodle by MeL0-MeL Blake doodle :iconmel0-mel:MeL0-MeL 148 13 Tumblr Ask 66 by ChubbyPumpkinn Tumblr Ask 66 :iconchubbypumpkinn:ChubbyPumpkinn 89 13