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March of the Damned
Marching on dead feet
over a field of gray
we lost the soul
we lost ourselves
in a time we'll never forget
we're an army of dead men.
Innocence gone
hearts lost
Those who shoved us into this world
were lost long ago
as a wage of war.
Even the shallowest scratch
cuts to the bone
with a story we don't care to tell
some still scream
when in the heat of battle
they find another hollow
in the very flesh of their souls.
But most can no longer muster a tear
as we march
doing the dirty work of the devil.
An army of dead men.
We only wish we could care
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Dream Parade :iconrowena-jordan:Rowena-Jordan 815 74 Look Alive Sunshine :iconmaru-light:Maru-Light 242 79 :Black Parade Stamp: :iconpixelated-rain:pixelated-rain 784 38 Do or die, you'll never make me :iconmaho-urei:Maho-Urei 216 6 Frank Iero. :iconclean-me-off:Clean-Me-Off 288 28 My Kinda Signpost :iconwishaway:Wishaway 332 304 MCR 2001-2013 'So Long and Goodnight' // Negative :iconandrewnickson:AndrewNickson 105 9
Thank You Gerard Way- A Poem
The story of the boy with
The hair black as night
He chose the path of an artist
And thought the way was right
Until one day an airplane smashed
And the buildings did more than sway
This once young man’s green eyes
Did flash and he couldn’t look away
He sunk lower and
Barricaded himself in his room
No one dared break through
The darkness of this gloom
Then one day a worried friend
Pulled him out of his depression
He was awoken with knowledge
And put the gloom on suspension
He knew what he must accomplish
To make the world a better place
He called together friends
And his brother to start off on his race
He started writing lyrics
And music- he had found his muse
He was no longer afraid,
Or something the public just used
He helped the teenagers
That use to so scare him
Though he chanted “I’m Not Okay”
His sanity never perched on the rim
With his understanding
And compassion for others’ strife
He has saved more
Then just one life
As the Black Parade came marc
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saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned :iconandaelentari:Andaelentari 195 142 Gerard Way :iconsoftspirit118:SoftSpirit118 824 324 I stop bleeding three years ago :iconnadzescapade:NadzEscapade 596 417 Welcome to the Black Parade :iconshapestrong:ShapeStrong 622 168 Gerard Way WatercolourPainting :iconsharmz:sharmz 584 372
Welcome To The Rainbow Parade
When I was a young boy
My father took me into the city
To see a Pride Parade
He said, "Son, when you grow up,
will you be the saviour of bisexuals,
transsexuals and gays?"
He said, "Will you accept them,
Protect and not reject them,
Because of who they are?
Because one day, I'll leave you,
A rainbow to guide you to a gay bar
To join the Rainbow Parade"
(He said, "Son, when you grow up,
will you be the saviour of bisexuals,
transsexuals and gays?"
He said, "Will you accept them,
Protect and not reject them,
Because of who they are?)
Sometimes I get the feeling no one wants me to be me
And other times I wish that I could change
But through it all, the names we're called, the marches in the street
we want you all to feel you're not so strange
We'll carry on,
We'll carry on
And though sometimes you feel defeated,
Know we will always carry on
We'll carry on
Over our heads our banners will wave,
We're not beaten we're still brave.
One day I met a young man, sitting in a coffee shop
He wore a
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