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Harry Potter: Umbrella (updated) :icondaekazu:daekazu 24,035 2,435 Ghost Stories Photoshop Action :iconelestrial:elestrial 3,726 632 Lulu - FFX 10 :iconyayacosplay:yayacosplay 2,004 189 The Soul Collector :iconaegils:Aegils 1,721 204 Black Magic 22 :iconliam-stock:liam-stock 2,290 616 The price to be paid :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 3,135 199
NekozawaXReader Hopeless Romantic
     Nekozawa sat down at his desk in the quiet room, hidden at the back of the Black Magic Club. As the Black Magic Club’s president, he tries to get people to join his club, though he isn't very successful. He lightly pushed his hood off his head so that only his black wig was revealed- something he would only do now since all members of his club had been dismissed. “Beelzenef, we are alone at last,” he told his cat puppet and lightly moved his fingers so that the puppet’s arms moved up and down. With his other hand, the mysterious boy began to write in his journal. The room was dimly lit, with few candles lit about the room- these candles made strange shadows dance across the walls. Merchandise such as dolls used to curse students lined the many shelves that Nekozawa himself had stocked and the room, despite the lack of light could easily be called neat and organized. Nekozawa worships cats along with his other occult beliefs.
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Death Can't Part Us
Zeref X Reader
Chapter 1: A Dream for Two
"Hey, you all right?" Gray asks, stuffing a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.
"Yeah, I'm just exhausted." You sighed, taking a seat in between Natsu and Gray.
"Couldn't sleep?" Lucy gets up to bring you a cup of soothing tea. You thank her when she returns, blowing on the hot surface.
"It's so weird. Lately, I can't sleep. I mean, I do, but I have these weird dreams and when I wake up, it feels like I've ran around the world."
"Maybe you just need someone to spend the night with." A voice says from behind and a hand picks up yours. "And I will gladly spend every night with you until-"
"Leave her alone!" Lucy hits Loke over the head, the celestial spirit pouting at her interference.
"Thanks, but I think I can handle it." You laughed a bit before laying your head on Natsu's shoulder. "I'm using you as a pillow."
"Sure thing." He grins, careful to not make too much movement.
"__(y/n)-chan, you can use me as your pill-" Loke was once again
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Grim Reaper|Commission :iconn-deed:N-Deed 1,256 101 Dark water dragon design :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,827 96 Black Magic 20 :iconliam-stock:liam-stock 767 190 Prelude :iconzemotion:zemotion 8,232 691 Black Magic 24 :iconliam-stock:liam-stock 849 149
I'll Be The One To Save You From Your Tears
Mystogan X Reader
Chapter 1: The Years After
"Here's your drink, __(y/n)-chan!" You heard a familiar blonde say as she set down your beverage on the table.
"Arigato, Lucy-chan." You smiled at her, your hand reaching out to grab where you believed she put the cup, but grabbed the air instead.
"Ah, sorry! It's right here," Lucy pushed the drink gently closer to your hand as you grasped it, bringing it to your lips.
"No problem, thanks again."
"Ne, ne ___(y/n), let's check out the new job postings!" Natsu shouted excitedly.
"I wonder what missions we have this time!" Happy joined in as the fire dragon grabbed your hand, taking you towards the board.
"Natsu! Don't pull her so roughly like that!" Lucy scolded slightly.
"It can't be helped. He's always excited whenever new missions come in." Erza shook her head slightly.
"New missions? All right, let's see what we got." Gray was standing beside you, reading quickly through the postings.
"Gray-kun, you're pants." You knew he wa
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I'll Be The One To Save You From Your Tears
Mystogan X Reader
Chapter 2: Reminiscing
*~Four Years Ago~*
"Ittekimasu!" You shouted to your Fairy Tail friends, holding one bag in your hand and the other waving.
"Kiotsukette, ne?" Mira smiled as you left through the door. You were off to meet with your client for the mission he wanted you to complete. He didn't specify, but he mentioned that it was urgent that someone come to his aide. After hours of traveling, you found yourself in a small town. You went to the address that the client left you, knocking on the front door of his home.
"Yes?" He was an elder male with his wife behind him along with two young children. You guessed that they were his grandchildren.
"I'm here about your request?" You held up the flyer that the man had sent to Fairy Tail.
"Yes, please, come in." He let you enter, the two kids rushing up to you with big, cute eyes.
"Hello there." You smiled gently as they held up their arms.
"Do you wanna play with us, onee-san?"
"Now, now, s
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