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TG Questionnaire: Summer
It was only the first day of summer and already I was bored out of my skull. I was browsing DeviantArt, seeing if any of my friends were doing anything, when I noticed somebody had sent me a note. I opened it and saw it linked to some kind of TG questionnaire they had found, asking what I’d be like if I were a girl. Seeing as I had nothing better to do, I decided to give it a try. I printed it out, grabbed my trusty pencil, and looked over the questions.
Question 1: If you were a girl... would your handwriting be nice?
Well, my handwriting is already pretty nice, so yes.
As I wrote down my answer, my writing seemed to become straighter and less crooked. My hands also felt a bit smaller and more petite.
Question 2: If you were a girl... would you like pink?
I guess. It wouldn’t be my favorite color or anything, but I would wear it and maybe have some pink decorations in my room.
While I wrote, my bedspread turned from black to a hot pink, while about a third of my large coll
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