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Legaia: Return of the Mist pt1
       It has now been 7 years since the last of the Mist had been cleared from the earth. 7 long years since Vahn, Noa, and Gala had systematically destroyed the Mist generators throughout Drake Kingdom, Sebecus Islands, and from the Karisto Continent. Vahn had gone back and rebuilt Rim Elm with the help of Ixis, the Biron Monks, and with the help of the survivors from Drake Castle. Not only that, Vahn made sure to get/stay together with Mei. He had never forgotten her through out his journey, he held tight to her pendent that Mei had given him after liberating Rim Elm from Zeto's grasp. Noa had gone off on her own, and using her experiences from growing up under the wolf that Terra had controlled, she had successfully raised Cort as her own son. She had made her base just north of Drake Castle, just on the Southern base of Mt. Rikuroa, which had since grown to be as lush at the northern side of the mountain.
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Sightseeing: Chapter One - The Final Stop
"Noa! Gala! Come check out the view!"
Vahn stood, carefully balanced on one of the sculptured wings. We were atop Mount Dhini, our final stop before we would turn home. The sun was setting, streaming brilliant orange hues over the mountaintops.
Seeing as both Noa and I were unresponsive, Vahn called out again, "Hey, what're you two waiting around for? Come look, it's gorgeous!"
"I don't wanna, Vahn." Noa plopped down in the wet grass and looked at her toes.
I suppose Noa had a good reason not to want to look. From here, Mt. Dhini, you could see far off over the Range Divide, to the hardened shell seru that had engulfed Conkram, and all of Noa's family along with it... save for her brother Cort. It had taken a lot of persuasion from Vahn to get Noa to come this far. When the tragedy had befallen Conkram, Noa had Terra to blame... but after Terra was gone, well... I suppose she felt so guilty for blaming Terra, and ultimately for her death, that she just denied that any of it had happene
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Venus's Carousel
Rating: PG-13
It wasn't a question of 'When will this end?' so much as 'How long this time?' that had Minako sigh end in a groan.  The pain she felt was nothing more than soreness she felt thought her body.  Beside her the bed was empty and rumbled with the strong scent of...
She closes her eyes not wanting to think about it any more. She was becoming more practiced at this kind of thing.  After all, it was the only way to remain sane.    Getting up, the pale blonde haired woman went to the bath to shower.   As the hot spray of water washed over her she lets out a soft hiss at the sprays hitting some bruised spots.
"He was too rough." She mumbles to herself before making the effort of cleaning herself.  The 'he' she was referring to was the current king of not only earth but of this...this thing he called the Golden Empire. She shivers remembering the first time she had been taken.  
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