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Fickle Flames and Dreamy Rooms
curled up
in the blue,
flowered armchair
my little coco girl
is like a puzzle
of limbs on limbs,
a slender,
tangled birds nest
of arms and legs,
elbows and knees,
from the fireplace
play fickle games
upon her cheekbones,
players in a story
of amber silhouettes
in dreamy rooms,
enjoying the sight
i watch as tiny
shadow fingers
try to grasp her
and how her lids
seem to flutter
in response,
a grin is spreading
across my willful mouth
as i predict the adventures
she's experiencing
in her own little world,
and how eagerly
she will tell me all
with dark eyes burning
of imagination,
yes, dream,
my sweet little coco girl,
and tell me later,
for i only desire
to be one with
everything of you.
:iconlady-yume:Lady-Yume 13 9
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