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Evra + Elmyra Profile :icongasara:Gasara 1,957 121 AC Heroes :iconsibsy:Sibsy 646 65 Circus Girl on Swing 1 :iconwingdthing:wingdthing 355 38 circus :iconmatchstickgirl:matchstickgirl 718 51 Big Top :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 171 13 Carni-crank :iconsunnykoda:sunnykoda 373 48 All Eyes on me :iconhollarity:hollarity 311 16 Circus Couture :iconharajukuboy86:HarajukuBoy86 235 15 The Center Ring :iconcbsorgeartworks:CBSorgeArtworks 253 37
Big Top
Ladies and gentlemen, astromen, and courtesans,
Your undivided attention for a second please.
Tonight you're gonna see things that'll turn you on your earrings,
If you've got a weak stomach aim it at your knees.
Please turn off your pagers pass along and sign the waivers,
Someone will be by shortly to collect your names.
Before we raise the curtain please be sure that you are certain
That your children can be hushed we don't have time for games.
First, direct your eyes up to the woman in the skies.
Mothers, should you shield your daughters from her siren song
They'll turn forever cursed to wander vainly o'er the earth,
Longing for a lover, legs half as strong.
Next, Felix will juggle just as sure as he will struggle
To escape a straight jacket from the bughouse, see.
Then Adelaide and Adeline drink marmalade and pickle brine
While singing Kiss Me Under The Banana Tree.
Now I need a volunteer not vexed to lose an ear,
Man enough to a put a shoulder to the wheel.
But if Mena should miss,
:iconsandzen:sandzen 18 26
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You try to be the ringmaster,
In this wild, crazed circus of romance.
Lording, commanding over all you see,
Beneath the canopy of your big top.
Awaiting some spectacular performance,
Discontented if it is not so forthcoming.
Expecting me to play many parts over,
The somersaulting and  flexible acrobat,
To contort and distort to applause,
Balanced precariously on a high wire.
You expect me to play the clown,
To amuse and delight  with painted face.
Or be the magician and conjure up
A magic performance to astound and please.
I simply say  I am more the big cat,
And the  lion is not as  tame as you think.
You do not realise you  are the juggler,
With far too many balls in the air.
I’m just waiting for you to drop them,
And the show won’t always go on.
:iconrockgem:rockgem 8 12
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