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BIOSHOCK: One big happy family by Benny-Lee BIOSHOCK: One big happy family :iconbenny-lee:Benny-Lee 865 78 Age thingy- Rarity by Earthsong9405 Age thingy- Rarity :iconearthsong9405:Earthsong9405 1,518 185
I came to watch.... Haikyuu x littlebrother!Reader
I came to watch (Haikyuu x LittleBrother!Reader) INTRO
A lot of students turned around, confused or surprised looks on their faces. After all it wasn’t every day you saw a six year old boy at high school. The boy was walking over the school grounds, looking amazed by the huge buildings and people. His (h/c) hair glanced in the sun, while his (e/c) eyes sparkled at the thought of seeing them. Not just them at home, no them at school. The boy never thought he would get to see his elder sibling at school, but today he would. He didn’t know much about his sibling’s school life, only that it had something to do with volleyball. The boy walked to the gymnasium and opened the doors to see the volleyball team.
And of course, his sibling…
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BioShock 2 by PatrickBrown BioShock 2 :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 8,576 758 Big Sister by UnnamedPro Big Sister :iconunnamedpro:UnnamedPro 1,655 179
Safe in my big sister's tummy
:Authors note hi everyone this is my first ever vore story so I hope you all like it:
Warning:  Non-fatal vore shrinking giant and tiny stuff
In a house their lived a family a mother and a father who had very busy jobs would always leave their kids at home thy had a young boy named Danny who was very little for his age he was 10 years old he didn't have many friends everyone had always made fun of him and called him names "stupid," and "dumb" the poor boy was always bullied by everyone for him being short and small he would rather play some video games with his big sister then go to that horrible school of terror.
His sister Alice was an awesome person she was 15 years old and she was like the friend the poor boy had he wished he could go to high school with her in stead of being in his "school of terror" but she told him to take her word for it and just be happy to be in grade school Danny loved his sister she always had awesome video games to play Danny and Alice always played togeth
:iconshrunken-littlebro12:Shrunken-LittleBro12 107 105
Journey to the center of Alice: Vore story
Warning: Non-fatal vore, Shrinking, Giant and Tiny things
The young boy know as Danny Marten was on his way home from school sadly the poor boy had gotten caught in the rain as Danny was on his way home a huge storm had rolled in thunder shattered threw the skies and gray dark clouds covered the blue clear winter sky, Danny had ran as fast as his small legs could take him the wind blew rapidly and the frozen icy rain hit his face like a painful cold wet toile Danny closed his eyes multiple times to avoided the ice rain from hitting his eyes, the boy was to busy keeping the rain out of his eyes he did not see the patch of ice on the side walk he came down running from the rain's pounding his sneakers were soaked in cold water he placed one foot on the patch of ice slipping and falling down on his belly making a smacking sound as the weight of his book bag and his own smashed into the hard cold concrete.
Danny had his eyes closed he slowly opened them finding himself on the sidewalk's co
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Dont try to stop us... by AngelaBermudez Dont try to stop us... :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 2,419 101 BioShock 2 - Bigsister - a by Destro2k BioShock 2 - Bigsister - a :icondestro2k:Destro2k 614 201 Bioshock 2: Big Sister by Malindachan Bioshock 2: Big Sister :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 824 50 Bioshock 2: Rapture by Malindachan Bioshock 2: Rapture :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 1,664 113 Big Sister is coming by BangBangNeko Big Sister is coming :iconbangbangneko:BangBangNeko 391 152
A Game Of Hide and Seek VORE
Warning: Soft non-fatal Vore and Shrinking
 It was a slow day at are house it was are Christmas break and me and my sister Alice were left home again by are selves we were sitting on are couch watching the TV we had a VCR and we would rather watch movies on the VHS tapes we were watching an old favorite of mine "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" the first one that was made in the 1970's not the one made in the 90's and the 2000's Alice had her arm around me, she was rubbing my head with her fingers we were perfectly rested and I was enjoying the movie I just hoped Alice was too.
We watched the final part in the movie were Godzilla ripped off Mechagodzilla's head and everything became a happy ending I gave a yawn and Alice joined in with her own yawn she scratched my head and gave a laugh "You know we still got sometime to play a game," I said it was 6:00 and we go to bed around 10:30 Alice smiled at me deviously she knew what game I meant it was like tradition for us, "ok kiddo I'll go
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I came to watch...Shimizu

Shimizu Kiyoko, the manager of Karasuno’s volleyball club.
The small boy walked quietly over to his big sister. She kept silent, but smiled softly at the boy. The volleyball players noticed the boy when they were taking a break. He was just like his older sister, handing out water bottles. “Ah, hello (m/n)-kun” Sugawara said smiling. The boy nodded as a greet to the grey-haired boy. “Eeh! You know this boy, Sugawara-senpai?” Hinata asked, looking at the boy. Everyone except the third years had a feeling the boy seemed familiar. “Of course” Daichi answered for Sugawara. “This is Shimizu (m/n)” he introduced the boy. “Kiyoko’s little brother” “EEHH?!” two obnoxious second years called out. “I didn’t know Shimizu-senpai had a little brother” Tanaka said, gripping Nishinoya by the arms. “Did you?” Nishinoya shook his head
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Hetalia x Reader: A Big Sister's Love
"Miss _____, there is a letter addressed to you."  An elderly woman came in.  
"Thank you just put it on my desk."  She nodded and walked out after placing the letter on the desk.  
You were busy with admiring the view from the window.  
You walked back to read the letter.  
Apparently it was from America, hence the bad spelling and grammar, about being at the meetings instead of your brother.  
Yes, you have an older brother but you were the representative of ( country ).  Your brother was just there helping you along the way.   He took you away from Rome when you were old enough.  
Your lips turned into a smile as you accepted his offer.
---------( SKIP? )-----------
You made your way to the meeting earlier than most showed.  America spotted you and hugged you.  
"I'm so glad that you decided to show up."  His grip started to get tighter.  
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Big Sister sketch by PatrickBrown Big Sister sketch :iconpatrickbrown:PatrickBrown 1,383 143
Sister and Brother moment
warning: vore, transfomation, brother and sister vore
Mike was out cool sleeping on the couch he was very tired from a hard day at school.
His older sister Emma was coming into the room she was bord and had nothing to do and saw Mike sleeping "Mike," she said trying to wake Mike up Emma pushed on him and moved him around on the couch, "ummmmm," Mike mound not even waking up, Emma was so bord she hated being bord not even going on the computer or watching TV sounded fun,
"ahhhh, I'm so bord," Emma said
she sate down on the edge of the couch thinking of something to do she look at Mike and had some idea hatching in her head she got up then walked into her room, her room had a lot of posters and a book shelf with a TV she reached down under her bed and pulled out a suit case, she unlocked the suit case inside of it was bottles of potions she had created she got a bottle of her favorite one it was one that could turn her into a dragon but she wasn't going to use it at least not yet.
She ca
:icondragondude97:Dragondude97 121 47
My Sister The Dragon
Warning: Draon and Human Sibling, Transformation, Micro Macro, Soft Safe Non Fatal Vore
    In a small house a young boy by the name of Mike stood outside on a porch swing by himself. He was feeling bored and alone as he watched a sun. He loved the warm feelings of the sun's radiance. It was spring and the weather was always nice. At spring when the days were warm, the trees grew back, green lush leaves, and the fields' tall grass grew well into the forest. He had a feeling in his stomach that something different was going to happen.
Mike stood up, his red jacket almost coming off his black short-sleeve shirt. His brown hair shined in the sun's light as he walked to the white rusty screen door. He opened it then reached down. Opening the main door he entered his home. His parents were out for the week so it was just him and his sister
"Mike is that you?" a female voice called out.
"It`s me sis." Mike called back.
Mike's sister Emma was very kind to Mike when he was up
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APH - A Ukraine Comic by Chocoreaper APH - A Ukraine Comic :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 929 176 Big Sister Cosplay- Complete by Kari--Koboyashi Big Sister Cosplay- Complete :iconkari--koboyashi:Kari--Koboyashi 268 54 BIOSHOCK: Welcome to Rapture by Benny-Lee BIOSHOCK: Welcome to Rapture :iconbenny-lee:Benny-Lee 302 12 BioShock 2: Beyond the Sea by Malindachan BioShock 2: Beyond the Sea :iconmalindachan:Malindachan 639 21 'Big Sister' Costume views by Fylgjur 'Big Sister' Costume views :iconfylgjur:Fylgjur 622 52 How Bioshock 2 Should End by SuperKusoKao How Bioshock 2 Should End :iconsuperkusokao:SuperKusoKao 1,451 371 Bioshock Farewell by Fly-Free12 Bioshock Farewell :iconfly-free12:Fly-Free12 856 58 Zooryanzoo Commission: Lets Play Doctor Sequel by Just-A-Little-Vore Zooryanzoo Commission: Lets Play Doctor Sequel :iconjust-a-little-vore:Just-A-Little-Vore 878 45 Timothy's Summer Vacation - Part 1 by dyperdrive Timothy's Summer Vacation - Part 1 :icondyperdrive:dyperdrive 320 99 Timothy's Summer Vacation - Part 3 by dyperdrive Timothy's Summer Vacation - Part 3 :icondyperdrive:dyperdrive 324 54
Full House - Request
(Warning: Contains Vore)
     "Please?" Emma whined. "You never play with us anymore!"
     Jenny sighed. Her sister had a point. But Emma and Casey were so much younger than she was, and they never wanted to do anything she thought was fun. Plus, college classes took up all her time. But now it was between semesters, and her parents had taken the opportunity to go to the beach and leave her in charge of babysitting.
     "Oh, fine," Jenny sighed. "What do you want to do?"
     Emma bounced with joy. "House! Let's play house!" she squealed, and ran off to find the youngest sister.
     Unfortunately, Casey didn't want to play either; she wanted to nap. But Emma wanted to play House, and by golly was she going to play House! "What about this," she said, after five minutes of arguing. "You could be the baby?"
     "Do I get to sleep if I'm the baby?" Casey asked petulantly
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rapture family by alecyl rapture family :iconalecyl:alecyl 946 86 Butch Fatale: The Big Sister by Jebriodo Butch Fatale: The Big Sister :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 717 113 Big Sister Eleanor Lamb by Nomad1995 Big Sister Eleanor Lamb :iconnomad1995:Nomad1995 307 52 Where I Feel Most Alive by MrArdilla Where I Feel Most Alive :iconmrardilla:MrArdilla 1,113 97 Big Sister - Bioshock 2 by gstqfashions Big Sister - Bioshock 2 :icongstqfashions:gstqfashions 356 27 Bioshock - Eleanor Lamb by KellyJane Bioshock - Eleanor Lamb :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 1,998 276 Big Sister cosplay by ThelemaTherion Big Sister cosplay :iconthelematherion:ThelemaTherion 273 27 Eleanor by AngelaBermudez Eleanor :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 430 12 Eleanor by AngelaBermudez Eleanor :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 387 24 Cindy the Older Sister Vore by AfraArt Cindy the Older Sister Vore :iconafraart:AfraArt 176 57
Cat and Mouse - brain3times3
Previous: Foolish Food
      Beth pulled her new costume out of its bag and shook it out to reveal a grey onesie with white paw-feet, a white front, a springy tail, and a hood with soft, plushy, pointy ears. She turned it over, wondering how she was supposed to put it on; it looked a little small, and there were no zippers or buttons. The only openings were in the hood and the ends of the sleeves.
      A glance at the bag showed simple, illustrated instructions - climb in through the hood. Beth tugged it doubtfully (it seemed too narrow to fit over her whole body) but it stretched easily. She shrugged and pulled it on, tugging here and there to get everything in its proper place. The soft, stretchy fabric fit snugly, with no loose spots.
      When she walked out into the living room, tail bobbing behind her, Zack was already bouncing around in his own Halloween costume. Mrs. Essen cooed and fus
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Bioshocked by gavwoodhouse Bioshocked :icongavwoodhouse:gavwoodhouse 394 17 Rapture was just the beginning... by AngelaBermudez Rapture was just the beginning... :iconangelabermudez:AngelaBermudez 462 24 Big Sister Unmasked by Fylgjur Big Sister Unmasked :iconfylgjur:Fylgjur 348 33 Big Sister Problems Pg10 by Kobi-Tfs Big Sister Problems Pg10 :iconkobi-tfs:Kobi-Tfs 298 94 Team Big Sister - Turn Around by Riddle1 Team Big Sister - Turn Around :iconriddle1:Riddle1 400 70 Fanart - Bioshock 2 by Crumbelievable Fanart - Bioshock 2 :iconcrumbelievable:Crumbelievable 992 63 Splicer mask tutorial from Bioshock by AnndreaLeeann Splicer mask tutorial from Bioshock :iconanndrealeeann:AnndreaLeeann 144 27 BIOSHOCK - Daddy save me! by Benny-Lee BIOSHOCK - Daddy save me! :iconbenny-lee:Benny-Lee 285 12
What Are Big Sisters For: MLP Vore story
MLP Messing with the Potions Vore Story
Warning: Non fatal vore and Ponies
It was a perfectly normal day in Ponyville, oh and if you don’t know who I am my name is Danny I’m 10 years old and  I’m just a normal unicorn like all the other kids in Mrs. Cheerilee’s class I don’t have a cutimark yet but I don’t care its fun not knowing your talent yet it keeps my mind open I’ve had ideas about joining the Cutimark crusaders but I don’t know if they will let me join since I’m boy,.. a well I almost forgot to mention my best friend my big sister Alice she has her cutimark and she’s a unicorn too her talent is ‘magic potions’ I tend to help her out a little here and there but there's no talent in being an assistant I think, I do know this one mare who joined this odd pony his name was the “The Doctor” I don’t who his name is I guess its just the Doctor,.. opps sorry I’m getting off track again
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Bioshock 2 Desktop Wallpaper by LifeOnTheSofa Bioshock 2 Desktop Wallpaper :iconlifeonthesofa:LifeOnTheSofa 203 20