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Like A Slab of Beef :iconun-debido:Un-Debido 281 56 Gun Show :iconwargreymon43:WarGreymon43 245 26 Eclair :iconmakodeviant:MakoDeviant 300 42
You, so weak. I, so strong
You, so weak. I, so strong
Written and edited by Amnoartist
You gaze upon my muscular magnificence, trembling. My rippling mass beyond compare, as is my strength; with my every breath it increases in multitudes. From the moment I set eyes upon you I was strong enough to do anything, but now am even stronger. I have you to thank for that. Even now, as I look down at you, my being grows so much, much stronger.
You, so small, weak, defenceless, and insignificant compared to me, (yet so cute) look on. Your trembling gaze intensifies as a bold grin follows the flex of my bicep. Unlike you, I can hear its every tendon contract. If only you could too...
I, so big, strong and transcendent simply cannot understand the nature of your trembling. Yes, I am a woman whose body is both larger and stronger than what today’s society deems appropriate. But I am different, not what every other woman isn’t: perfect. Th
:iconamnoartist:Amnoartist 26 7
Mass Grundy :iconmaxflax:maxflax 143 8
Housewife Part 2
Jane stood with John on the tarmac, waiting to board their plane to the Bahamas, where they had eventually both “agreed” to go (rest assured, JAne had heavily insisted on this destination). The airport workers were pushing the stairs up to the front door of the plane while another group drove carts of luggage to be loaded in the undercarriage. Despite the noise of a busy airport, it was a beautiful day out, and Jane was enjoying every minute of it. Flying, she believed, as did many others, was an event to be dressed for, and the two of them were dressed for the occasion, John in a suit and tie plus a hat, while Jane wore a sleeveless silk blouse tucked into a teal skirt, She clutched her handbag in front of her while she waited to board, and peered at their fellow travellers from behind winged sunglasses.
The McDonnell-Douglas DC-9 by TWA they were about to board wasn’t a big plane, though Jane hadn’t been on many, and judging by the number of people milling abo
:iconfp909:FP909 18 5
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