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Beyond the Barrier :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 7,387 241 Beyond :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 6,055 297
Beyond the Looking Glass Intro ~ Hetalia x Reader
-this is a series that will involve many different situations involving many different countries who will eventually end up with you, the beloved reader. 
Please forgive the long description of your belongings, they all are important for the continuation of this story.  Thank you!
Read happily and read on my young padawon -//Star Wars reference = shot//-
It was a long day from work/school. You were both mentally and physically exhausted. The only thing that kept your body moving was the motivation that your bed was eagerly waiting for you with its soft covers and fluffy pillows. Oh! And don’t forget that poster with all your Hetalia characters on it! Yes, you were a megafan of Hetalia, almost to the point of obsession; but there was one character you greatly admired. Who am I kidding? You were absolutely IN LOVE with Mr. Sexy (fav Hetalia character)!!!
As you walked to the front door of your house, and took out your keys. But sadly as you took them out of your pa
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BTLG- Curl Misunderstandings - Greece x Reader
You woke up to a strange grumble. Then *POW!*
The ground around you shook; it shook so hard that your teeth rattled.
In shock you sat straight up.
Then another earthquake hit! *GRRR!*
You saw a huge shadow loom over you and once you looked up, it took a moment for you to realize some ruins were about to fall on top of you!
One of the huge columns fell toward you. “EEEK!” you screeched. In a split second, your body was launched to move.
Your poor palms had its skin shaved off as you escaped the falling columns. You then burst onto your feet and ran!
‘Where the hell am I?!’ you mentally bellowed. Your eyes scanned the place as you ran.
Ruins littered everywhere showing you were at some type of lost, crumbling city. The strangest thing was that a lot of these ruins resembled the ones in Greece.
“Could it really be-?!” You were cut off mid-sent
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BTLG-A Pschopath's Love- 2p England x Reader
You woke up on what felt like tile. Your body felt like it fell five stories from some random building. Your head wasn’t any better and it took a lot of your energy to just raise your head up.
You looked down to see that your body was laying on what appeared to be a multi-colored tile of pink, blue, yellow, and neon green. You looked around even more of your surroundings to see that the walls were purple, white, and magenta. Then the next thing you noticed was a stove and countertops for cooking.
‘Woah. I must be in someone’s kitchen… but whose kitchen?’ you wondered.
Wanting to know what the heck was going on, Oliver soon greeted you.
“Ello poppet! You’re awake? Good! The cupcakes are almost ready!”
You looked up shocked. ‘I didn’t even hear or see him? It’s like he popped out of nowhere’
As you thought this, you continued to stare at your lovable crush.
He was right in
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-- Beyond -- :iconyvanquinet:yvanquinet 6,500 221 Soteria :iconnikolayasparuhov:NikolayAsparuhov 477 31
BTLG- My Manly Defender- 2p Canada x Reader
*bam* *bam bam* *animal screech*
‘What the F*CK-?’
You heard gunshots and the poor helpless cry of a huge animal as it collapsed to the ground with a crash. Then almost a few seconds later you heard disgusting crushing sounds. It sounded as if a knife was cutting through flesh and bone. You wanted to puke because you knew whoever shot that animal was now cutting it up.
Thankfully, the grating sound stopped and you heard the person stand up. You heard a gruff voice whisper to himself, “Finally caught that son of a b*tch. Now I can mount him on my wall” You heard him turn and it sounded as if his footsteps were coming toward you!
You looked around for a place to hide. Fortunately, there were a lot of adult maple trees surrounding you so you could at least hide between one of them.
You found one particularly huge maple and tried to make your way toward it. Sadly, your body felt as if it were drugged with
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BTLG - A Towering Protector - Russia x Reader
A chilly gust of wind immediately woke you and made you sit erect. ‘What the fu-?’
All around you was a blanket of white. You looked down to see that below your once laying body lie on a very thin layer of snow. Your eyes surveyed your surroundings and you seemed to be in the middle of an artic wasteland.
As any sensible human being you asked, “Where am I?”
Another gust of frost-laced wind blew against you.
‘I-it’s so c-cold’ you thought while you shivered.
When that thought surfaced your mind, tiny snowflakes started to fall around you and coat your half-naked form.
‘How do I get out of here? Without dying?’
Your lovely body heat was fast fading away and you slowly became weaker.
You desperately screamed, “I n-need to m-MOVE-!?”
You stopped your scream abruptly when a dark imposing figure approached you.
You couldn’t make out his face because the falling snow was obscur
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In A Dream :iconm0ntezuma:M0NTEZUMA 2,698 191 Ale Garza Beyond :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 5,373 266 Beyond :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 6,545 374 Batman Beyond :iconlgsg-9sniper01:lGSG-9Sniper01 4,021 222 Imminent Decimation :iconadriencgd:AdrienCGD 1,425 191 Heart of Neptune :icontohad:Tohad 956 45 What Only Exists In The Mind :iconascending-storm:Ascending-Storm 2,702 0 Soteria back view :iconnikolayasparuhov:NikolayAsparuhov 477 45 Batman75 Bat-Family :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 1,080 53
BTLG - Jealous Latin Lover - South Italy x Reader
The air smelled clean and crisp. All around your body you felt a scratchy material that would give you a rash later.
‘Uhh, what is that?’
Your eyes opened slightly. You found that you were actually lying on top of grass.
After widening them up some more you found that there were bright green trees surrounding you. When you looked closer there were little red dots in the trees. Confused you brought your head a little higher to find out that these red dots were actually tomatoes!
‘Wha-? How did I end up in a tomato garden!?’ you thought.
Soon after you heard a gentle humming. Whoever was humming was humming a nice tune. It sounded like a beautiful melody that immediately got your attention to find out who it was.
You were propping yourself on your elbows to raise yourself up when a tomato fell on your head.
“Ow!” The impact of the tomato itself was not enough to mortally hurt you but it somehow set
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14 Hi-Def Batman Universe Themed Brushes :iconnick004:Nick004 1,141 103 The Batman Reborn :iconartipelago:Artipelago 2,229 134 Star Wars: Edge of the Empire - Thrilling Escape :iconanthonyfoti:AnthonyFoti 264 12
BTLG- An Unlikely Savior- 2p America x Reader
I woke up on what felt like concrete. My body and head ache as if a freaking car ran me over. Slowly, painfully I sat up with a hand holding my head for much needed support. I looked around and found myself in an alleyway. My nostrils were soon greeted with an unpleasant smell of rotting trash in one of the nearby dumpsters. Scrunching up my nose in disgust, I heard a slurred drunken man yell to me:
“Hey you there! Pretty lady! Are you looking for a f*cking good time?”
Your eyes widened and you immediately backed away in fear as that drunken fat man with a beer bottle in hand come toward you.
“No!” you screamed as he came closer to your pain-filled body.
As he finally touched your right leg, you attempted to kick him off only for his grip to become a vice. You gave a hurt yelp and you struggled more. But alas your body was in a state of pain, so your attempts to get that horrid man were getting weaker with each passing second.
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Aricee Alley :iconfox-orian:fox-orian 1,824 93 Bat Family: The Favourite :iconcrimsonhorror:CrimsonHorror 1,725 180
BTLG -In An Unknown Place- Germany x Reader
You woke up on a soft pile of lush green grass. When you tried to open your eyes, the sunlight blinded you. ‘Ah! Why does the light have to be so bright?!’
You turned your head to the side and through blurry vision, you made out three distinct figures far away from you.
All three seemed to be running in circles but before your vision got better you heard:
“Vork harder Italy! Run faster or else England is going to catch you!”
‘G-germany?! Oh Jesus, I must be dreaming!’

“Why are you-a being so mean to me, Germany!” The Italian cried. “Wait, England is-a after me? Ahhh!” he screamed and you heard him run faster.
“Mister Germany, you shourd not be that hard on Itary” a quiet Japanese voice said.
“Vell I can’t help it that he’s laz- hey, vhat iz that?”
You heard the sound of footsteps come toward you.
“Ve~! It’s-a bella! Is she-a sleeping?
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BTLG- Teasing a Turk- Turkey x Reader
Little water droplets cascaded down your face as you stirred. The air felt wet, like a warm rainstorm passed by.
“Nugh” You wiped your forehead from all the perspiration and softly opened your eyes centimeter by centimeter.
Bringing your hand to your face, you looked at it bewildered. “W-was I sweating?”
You looked up to the ever blue sky and the sun was barely over the horizon. It seemed to say “Hello!” as it continued its ascent to the sky.
Determining that it was early morning, you were going to sit up when you felt your other arm completely wet.
“What the?”
Looking to the said right arm, you saw that it and your right leg were inside a warm pool.
The pool had clear aquamarine water in it as well as white limestone deposits around it. Confused you sat up and looked around you. There seemed to be dozens of pools just like the one you were half in. Then you understood you were in fact in a hot springs.
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Supernatural :iconaljoschathielen:AljoschaThielen 2,037 160 Beyond The Gate :iconburakulker:BurakUlker 1,000 136 Beyond The Grace Of God :iconvilestyle:vilestyle 2,661 882 Batman Beyond: Legends of a Dark Knight :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 1,149 82 Beyond This World :iconlosmios:Losmios 2,843 306 Beyond the horizon :iconagnidevi:agnidevi 5,231 369 Beyond and Before :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 732 67 Beyond Midnight :iconmarcoheisler:MarcoHeisler 3,863 740
100 ways to annoy Death Note
                        100 ways to annoy the Death Note characters

1. Call him a pervert for putting cameras in every room of Light's house.
2. Repeatedly ask him if L is his real name, whether he answers or not.
3. Arrive at is door asking for Hideki Ryuga's signature (the idol's, not L's)
4. Tell him that he must've been really desperate to get Light since he handcuffed Light to himself.
5. Ask him if he was disapointed when he saw Light reading hentai magazines.
6. Ask him if he watched Light masturbate.
7. ask him if he LIKED watching Light masturbate
8. Steal his cake then eat it right infront of him.
9. Call him 'panda puff' repeatedly.
10. Ask him where he gets his eyeliner from.
11. If he asks you for a pie, give him a pizza.
12. Call him a "duckbutt head".
13. Say he looks like Sasuke, even if he doesn't get it.
14. Tell him his feet stink.
15. S
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