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Tekken Vore: Asuka Kazama
Having broken up several rival gangs in her neighborhood, Asuka Kazama was starving. While she loved to
beat up anyone who stepped out of line, doing so left her drained. Food was need to replenish her energy if
she was to break up more gang fights. Thankfully they seemed to be done for the day.
She headed to her favorite eating spot in town to gorge herself on some beef. But as soon as she reached the
town's restaurant two guards stopped her from entering. "Hey! What is your problem? Let me in." Asuka said.
"You are Asuka Kazama, correct?" One of them said. "Yeah? So what?" Asuka said.
"We have strict orders not to let you in." The other guard said. "Why?" Asuka asked. "This restaurant was
bought recently and the new owner's daughter said not to let in a 'violent brute girl with a blue outfit who
answers to the name Asuka Kazama' that's you. You'll have to eat somewhere else." The guards said.
"Somewhere else? This isn't fair!" Asuka yelled. The guards remained in her way to prevent h
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Just a little change :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 2,040 85 Ashley And Jessica Cooper :icontheneverwere:TheNeverWere 256 27 Animation | Vena's Glob Adoption Service :iconvenatari:Venatari 195 38
Legally Stuffed - Chapter 1
    It goes like this: Ethan Goldman has the perfect life, and I stumble around on the fringes. But tonight, as we share a prime table in a Manhattan bar, he’s the one stumbling. 
    “I earn the firm more billable hours than any other lawyer in the office, I’ve never lost a case, and yet every goddamn year, I get passed over for partner.” He punctuates each pause with a wild gesticulation of his beer-holding hand and I wince as a splash lands on a woman’s high-heeled foot.
    This bar is one of the hottest spots in the city.  The people that pack it are genetically and physically gifted; there are no crooked noses, no wrinkled suit jackets. If you’re here, you either know someone or you are someone.
    I am not someone. I am a mustard stain on the collar of this establishment. Even the waiter ignores me.  But I know Ethan.
    The wom
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The Girl Who Ate The Carnival
Through the packed carnival grounds walked a young boy named Mac. At twelve years old, he was at that age where kids started pushing away silly things like days at the carnival or action figures, asserting that they were too old for them. Whether they felt that way or not. Regardless this young lad had what he felt was a very good reason to be there, and her name was Christine.
For some years, she had worked as his babysitter, and over that time he had grown to adore her. Adore everything about her, from her shoulder length red hair, to her fun loving attitude, and even her portly waist line. In fact, especially her waistline.
Christine, or Christy to her friends, was not a skinny girl, and the way she ate it was hardly any mystery why. Mac just loved her all the more for it, though he was far too shy to actually tell her so. Thankfully, the two had always gotten on well, unrequited love aside, and the end of him needing a babysitter wasn’t the end of them hanging out together.
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The Girl Who Ate Halloween
Mac sat miserably on the couch, mumbling about the grave injustices he had to face as a twelve year old boy. Halloween was his favourite holiday, and he had been so very confident that his mother would let him trick or treat without her tagging along this time. While this was true, it meant that they would instead be joined by a babysitter.
He explained that he’d seen plenty of kids much younger than himself roam the streets without anyone. He saw a whole preschool worth of Avengers last year.
His mother simply said that when they all ended up on Missing Persons reports and Ultron destroys humanity as a result, their parents would feel very silly.
“I feel so stupid!” he grumbled, pulling down his Darth Vader mask. His mother walked by, placing a large candy dish on the table. “Mom, you can’t send me out trick or treating with grandma again! I will be teased about this until the day I die! And that’s from the people I like!”
“You just assu
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Late Night Feeding
Stretching a little, Lilliana rolled over onto her back. The girl reached up and brushed her long dark purple hair out of her eyes. She was having a restless night. Turning her head she glanced at the clock on her end table. 2:43 in the morning, she thought to herself. A sigh escaped her mouth as she went back to staring at her ceiling. The white bed sheets hugged her body a little as she lid there. Lilliana was a fairly attractive 19 year old. Slim. A cute face. Big purple coloured eyes. Not overly curvy like some women, but not flat either. Under the sheet's she was dressed in a sleeveless, light purple shirt and a pair of tight fitting black short short's. It was hot out tonight but the girl couldn't bring herself to sleep in only a shirt and underwear. She blamed her restlessness on the heat.
" Oh god..." she muttered, resting a hand on her forehead. Lifting her hand a little she looked around at her room. Rather bare light grey wall's. Almost white. In fact a lot of her room was b
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At the Buffet | Stuffing/Gas
   “Aren’t you going to try the cookies?”
   “Oh! Of course.”
   Famous last words. My roommate heads to the kitchen to serve up a plate. Don’t get me wrong—cookies are great. Decadent holiday treats, sprinkled with sugar and smelling like Grandma’s kitchen, are the best afternoon pick-me-up.
   But right now? I’m too full to even consider it—one bite of cookie and I think I’ll burst.
   I’ve gotten myself into quite a predicament.
   I’ll start from the beginning, which I guess is the LaCroix Company Christmas party.
   LaCroix is a century old food service supplier, although my tenure with the company only spans the last eight months. Their Christmas party is the stuff of legends. I mean, I’ve been hearing about it since before I even got hired. They rent out a local restaurant, load the place with product, and turn it into table af
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Tilly's Tummy
I was ready to take my place as the world’s last fertile woman. Scientists had worked for 4 years genetically altering my body, while simultaneously extracting and freezing about 500 of my eggs. I could now grow to superhuman feats, my uterus could hold thousands of pounds, my skin would never rip open from inhuman stretching, and my legs would be able to stretch far out without pain, and able to support my body weight for most of my pregnancy. My body was manipulated, now my brains main function is to keep my organs working, and my uterus working to develop a full term pregnancy with extremely big and healthy babies in roughly a month’s time, though the scientists weren’t certain on the exact amount of gestation time. I was now ready to grow a belly filled with at least five hundred large babies.
I was transported to a facility with plenty of space, thousands of square feet wide and twenty feet tall. I was placed on a large bed, with an iron foundation, and a very co
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Helpless Belly Inflation (2)
    Water splashed onto the floor, straight out of my butt.
    I sat on the floor, belly between my legs, in a sort of staring contest with Jake. He just watched the pressure build up inside my asshole, and I started shitting water right in front of him, naked. Almost a full gallon came out, and there was still a little pudginess to my normally flat stomach when two guys came and forced me into some sort of a cage. Another girl sat inside of it, her head cradled in her arms. She was naked, too.
    A crash sounded from the door to the cage as it slammed shut. The girl snapped her head up and whirled around for a second before having her eyes come to a rest on me.
    "They got you, too, huh?" She asked me in a depressed voice. Her brown hair draped over her left eye, making it hard to look her directly in the face.
    "Yeah..." I noticed that her belly was bulging slightly, taking it out of proportion with the rest of her lean frame.
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Donuts | Ariana Grande Stuffing/Force Feeding
    Ariana frowned as she looked at the assortment of donuts on the table. They looked appetizing – downright delicious really. Jelly-filled donuts dredged in powdered sugar, a dribble of pink jam peeking from their sides. Boston cream donuts robed in a thick layer of chocolate icing. A tidy row of plain, their golden dough slick with glaze. Dark chocolate, whose rich scent betrayed gooey insides. A tiny little American flag waved from each donut. A nice touch, Ariana thought.
    Ariana gulped and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror of her dressing room. She was wearing a high-waisted skirt and a crop top, tiny tummy flat and toned and her breasts pushed up into perky globes. She looked perfect, and to keep her perfect figure she needed to avoid these kinds of temptations.
    “The only donuts in the order were supposed to be chocolate glazed and plain glazed. I don’t eat dairy. Are these even v
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Asian Girls love Mexican Food Commission :iconaloysiuseroticart:AloysiusEroticArt 675 58 Elementalist Lux and her perverted personalities :iconpressurizedpleasure:PressurizedPleasure 546 19
University of Surrogacy, Southern California Part1
University of Surrogacy Southern California
Rachel Green is a new student at USSC this year. She scored very highly on her SSATs(Student Surrogate Aptitude Test) and her medical records would have any surrogate college recruiter flying her out first class. In just a few minutes she’ll be arriving at her dorm and meeting her new roommate, Lily Johnson.
The students of USSC ranged from fairly pregnant to heavily pregnant. Some girls walked fairly normally, some waddled, and some had to be transported around in special carts. Rachel admired the seniors jealously. She couldn’t wait to get through surrogacy 101 and reach the advanced classes. Rachel arrived at room 207 and knocked on the door.
“Come in!” yelled a strange voice.
Rachel opened the door and was greeted by a cute blonde girl.
“I’m Lily, I’m your new roommate!”
“Nice to meet you Lily, I’m Rachel.”
“Are you excited to start the semester tomorrow?”
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The Girl Who Ate South Africa
For as long as Mac could remember, dining at Nando’s was a Kenwood family tradition. Birthdays, get togethers', A Grades, and any other special occasion, this little slice of South African cuisine was their go-to-place.
Which is why it surprised him to find out that the hungrily inclined Christy had never been.
“Seriously? Not once?”
“Is that really so weird?”
“I guess not, but, uh…you know…”
“Hey, I’m fat; I don’t have a food radar. That’d be sweet, though…"
The young boy and his former babysitter arrived at Nando’s’ dark green doors, only a few stores down from Subway. A waiter stepped out with a steamy plate of chicken, giving Christy a good noseful of hot peri-peri spices.
“Peri-peri, huh? Never ate a Perry before. I’d like to fix that.” The waiter awkwardly covered up his nametag.
She pushed on in, Mac trying not to look too excit
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Sweet Mercy [pt.1] [OW] :iconitsthighnoon:ItsThighNoon 538 8 Comm - Not Curvy Enough 7 :iconsonier103:sonier103 820 141 Commission | Comic Con Cravings - Part 1 :iconvenatari:Venatari 786 95 A Wonderful Surprise: From Wrong to Right. :iconvoidstrata:VoidStrata 663 8
Wish Upon a Star
Warnings: rapid pregnancy. Also contains some breast expansion, pregnancy-related weight gain, and minor lactation.
Ever since she was a child, she knew that she wanted, someday, to be a mother.
She grew up playing with dolls, pretending that they were her children, tucking them into their tiny beds and making sure to watch over them in case they needed anything. When she became older, the thought of having a baby hovered in the back of her brain, an unbidden grin on her lips as she saw pregnant women whenever she went out in public. And she always thought to herself, someday, that would be her. She would carry a baby too, all by herself, and she would be able to raise it and nurture it, just like she used to do for her dolls.
But things didn’t always work out like they were initially planned.
When she entered her mid-twenties, and was settled down enough, she started trying to get pregnant. She had a boyfriend then, years ago, when they were first trying for a kid, but nothing s
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Animated Girl Weight Gain~Expansion :iconpixiveo:PixIveo 2,739 904
by SomeDude
Julie Matthews was a teacher. She was 22, about 5'8", 125lbs with good sized C-cup
breats and a trim waist, good hips, but she had an icredible ass, and had
short brown hair.
She had graduated college, and was now a teacher. She had just started teaching
her first class, a sophomore class, and the students responded to her well.
With 10th graders in the height of their puberty, and Julie being as hot as
she was, the response from her new class was always polite and sorta suck-up-ish.
She didn't realize it, but every time a student would say "Miss Matthews" for
her to help them, that was for a student next to the one who called her to
check out her ass. And it was hard for the guys not to get a boner when
they're lucky enough for her to be wearing a shirt with a midriff and her
thong would stick out right in front of their face. She always wondered why
she got unusually content responses from the male stuents...
One after
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Hyrule [Buffet] Warriors :iconmetalforever:Metalforever 3,415 378
full tummy (f/f stuffing)
Lisa sat alone at a table in the back corner of her college’s library, twirling a strand of her long reddish-blonde hair around her finger as she intently studied the textbook on the table in front of her. She only had a few more days before her Calculus exam and she wanted to prepare for it as much as she possibly could. She had been in the library since 9am that morning and even though it was already noon she was planning on continuing to study for a while longer.
When the heat of the library started to get to her Lisa slipped off her sweater, leaving her in just a tight black spaghetti-strap top and pink shorts. As soon as she settled back into her chair her stomach grumbled, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten breakfast and on top of that it was time for lunch.
Although Lisa wanted to ignore her hunger, her tummy gurgled and she could feel an ache beginning behind her navel, so she started rubbing her belly through the thin fabric of her top. While Lisa was by no means
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