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Some say they never were,
And were birthed from imagination.
The same say that fantasy
Is the realm of children and the insane.
To believe in the magical,
the mythical,
And the fantastic
Is to be as a child or a madman.
I am neither and I believe in dragons.
The majestic Lords of skie
Born of fire.
In an averie of flames
The eggs lie
Warmed by mothers breath.
Emerging weak and hungry,
Parchment wings
Unfurl for the first time.
Infant sings
For mothers attention.
Noble, proud and powerful
Lords of the skie
Reach the very stars with
A thermal sigh
And one thunderous wingbeat.
Upon the winds they soar
Swooping, diving
Breaking free from earths hold.
Higher, faster, beyond the limits.
All nations praise them
Emblems adorned
And they do not exist?
Fools, they are about you!
Dragon, Wyvern, firedrake
Black, white, blue, red
The old bronze
The nobel silver
The regal gold
The death dragon
The luck dragon
Dragons! Live breath fire and flame
Mighty in body, glory in na
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Spiritual Journey :iconlilyas:Lilyas 1,146 155 Creating Your Own Path :icongilad:gilad 3,390 476 Just passing through :icongilad:gilad 2,016 527 Meat Tray :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 409 116 Eternal Believer :iconnadavdov:NadavDov 2,599 532 Young Believers :icongilad:gilad 1,766 200 Questions For God :icongilad:gilad 933 374 God is Speaking to Me :iconakajork:Akajork 1,307 337 My Time As A _____ist/ian :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 1,465 254 Alone Against all Darkness II :iconborda:borda 739 34 Science and the King Sombra :iconmagdalene-cross:Magdalene-Cross 398 113 The World is Made of Stories :iconjulietcaesar:julietcaesar 331 129 Belief :iconkendrakaykaykamera:KendraKayKayKamera 697 942 I G N I T I O N - Commish :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 2,218 257 Shepherd :iconjflaxman:jflaxman 280 38 Fragile Belief :iconzindy:Zindy 956 198
I am...
I am a female.
I am a teenager.
I am a high school student.
I am an artist.
I am a writer.
I am a trustworthy person.
I am a good friend.
I am a good listener.
I am a good adviser.
I am friendly.
I am social.
I am a justice fighter.
I am a freedom fighter.
I am an LGBT supporter.
I am a transgender.
I am brave.
I am strong.
I am not afraid.
I am not hiding.
I am sly.
I am silent.
I am insensitive.
I am honest.
I am often confused. But
I am always led to truth.
I am a person who uses ':3' more than needed. But
I am a person who uses '<3' very rarely and only to special people.
I am a person who is uncomfortable when called 'dear', 'honey' or 'sweetie'. But
I am a person who appreciates any nice name they're being called.
I am a person who feels awkward when hugged. But
I am a person who needs to be reminded that is loved.
I am a person who can move on. But
I am a person who needs new people to like them.
I am a flexible personality.
I am able to fit in every group of people. But
I am
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Stonewolf Yin Yang Wolf Design :iconwildspiritwolf:WildSpiritWolf 1,245 46 The Truth :icon-nightm4r3-:-nightm4r3- 548 275 Golden Stairway To Heaven :iconin-the-picture:In-the-picture 225 72 Daughter of the Wind :iconalexgphoto:alexgphoto 633 146
Parable of the Lantern
There were once two men seeking wisdom under the tutelage of an ancient master.  He  brought them into a dark room.  In the center were two metal lamps, each containing a flickering flame.
"Grip your lamp by the base, endure the heat, and gaze into the flame," instructed the master.  "If your faith wavers and you look away, or your strength fails and you let go, even for an instant, you will be lost.  You will never be wise.  But gaze at the flame and, if you prevail, you will know truth."  
And the master left them.
The two men gripped their lamps, and gazed into the light.   Soon the lamps grew hot from the fire within, and began to burn their hands.
One man let go and stood up.  "Aha!" cried the faithful man, as he continued to grip his lantern.  "You have shown yourself too weak to become wise."  
"Who is wise, the one who holds fire, or the one who lets go?"  
The faithless man's eyes adjusted to the dark, and he saw that
:icondreamkeepers:Dreamkeepers 171 28
I watched him flap helplessly between the teeth of a barbwire fence, screeching for help.
"Papa, look Papa! A boy!"
My papa stood dazed for a moment, dust billowing at his legs, his eyes teetering along the field. It wasn't until later that evening he told me he hadn't understood what I had seen. What he had seen.
With grass tickling the backsides of my legs, I bounded toward the boy, "What are you doing? Are you okay?"
As I approached him, I felt his skittish eyes rake across my every movement. With his ten-year-old arms slung inside the gaping maw of a fence and darkened feathers pasted along the creases of his face; he looked squarely at me. I could hear his bird-bones quaking at my voice, he pushed harder against the fence. I winced for him.
"Hold still, we'll get you out," I turned back to my papa who stood alongside the road, "Papa," I pleaded, "Please! Help him!"
Reaching out, I touched his shoulder, "Don't be afraid. We're going to help you."
He didn't pull away from me. I thou
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Cupola :iconinobras:inObrAS 378 98 Wandering Across A Borrowed Belief :iconmynameistran:mynameistran 1,321 45
Christian Lifestyle=Tough Life
You know something…I'm getting real sick and tired of people saying that religion is for weak minded people. They obviously haven't tried it. Being a Christian has been a hard part of my life all my life. Being able to see something and believe it's there is one thing. But to believe in something that you can't see physically, that you can't touch. It's hard! And to not only believe in that unseen force, but trust that the said unseen force LOVES YOU, wants the best for YOU, wants to see YOU grow as a person, and wants YOU to TRUST in the ability that it has…It's HARD! I grew up Christian most of my life but I struggled back and forth going to church then falling out of it then going back and I just bounced around a lot unsure. Now that I'm older, 24, It's not any easier than it was when I was 10!
God asks us to trust him when it comes to finances, healing, support, addiction freedom, anything and everything that could ever hold us down, God wants us to trust in Him that we w
:icontwilightlover2007:Twilightlover2007 42 72
belief creates the fact :icondechoise:Dechoise 224 29
Blank Original Religion Meme
Name of religion:
Meaning of name:
Where is the religion located? (If your religion isn't located on Earth, then be sure to be specific with the location):
Where do members gather, if at all? Or are their beliefs more of a private thing?:
What kind of deities do they believe in? Why are these deities important to them?:
Are they Monotheistic or Polytheistic? What about Henotheistic? Panentheistic?:
Are these deities omniscient, omnipresent, or omnipotent? Or are they merely powerful beings?:
Do these deities accept sacrifices? What kind?:
Can mortals interact with the deities in any way? Do the deities respond at all?:
Explain how followers worship the deities:
Briefly explain the main idea of your religion:
What are the church's dominant values? What happens if someone breaks or dishonors these values?:
Name the taboos within the church and the punishments for breaking these taboos:
What are some folkways of your church (ex: being expected to
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naked cowboy :iconpatrickwally:PatrickWally 700 181 The Selfless One :iconmoonshine90:MoOnshine90 339 68
Social Media
I saw you today,
  (on your tumbler,
   on your Facebook,
   on your wall)
    (I didn't reblog
    I didn't hit "like")
I didn't say "hi"
because I'm unable to reach out
  (to click,
   to type)
because I believe,
   (you want what you reblog
    you want what you "like"
    You're ashamed of me, on your wall)
that I'm not worthy.
:icontgirlvalentine:TgirlValentine 123 46
Do you believe?
"Do you believe in Angels?"
I couldn't help the gentle laugh that escaped me; he had a habit of asking such questions, for no reason whatsoever. Because of it, I often wondered what went on inside his head. I relocated my gaze to my right, where he sat beside me. "Why do you ask?"
"I do."
His legs swung lightly back and forth as the ground stared menacingly from below. One wrong move and we would fall; one wrong move and we could die. Was it the thrill that kept me with him, prevented me from thinking straight?
Cold wind engulfed us, sending chills down my spine. In the light of the moon, he looked so pure, almost… angelic. I smiled and stared up at the pale globe; we often shared such moments together. Those were the moments that helped us through hard times. When we wanted to scream and give up, our conversations pulled us back to earth.
"Why, Jason?"
A ghost of a smile crossed his lips; still, he did not look at me. His eyes never left the moon, a quick glance at him sho
:iconmagic-fan:Magic-fan 30 73
Safdarjung tomb :icongilad:gilad 881 247 in your own skin :iconcmbl-in-bw:cmbl-in-bw 592 267 The World :iconcrgphotography:CRGPhotography 536 109
Who Am I?
~ Who Am I? ~
I am the Atheist
For I am lustful to delve into questions.
Headstrong in my boundless curiosity.
Accepting beauty for beauty
in fearless veracity.
I am the Buddhist
For I dine in the noble truths of suffering.
Yearning peace of mind, to end these inner cycles.
Enlightenment through coherence
and the negation of idols
I am the Muslim
For I hold a passion for a true oneness.
An utter devotion to the divine,
through deeds of charity
and rituals sublime
I am the Hindu
For I tread along realms of the spiritual.
Tracing my soul along that of the Brahman.
Beholding my part in this cosmos
so my sense of belonging hardens.
Still I am the Christian
For its how my blood accepted me into this world.
I attempt to live through true humility.
Invest a love far greater than I,
for benevolence far higher than me
I am the hopeful Agnostic,
For I am stardust and flame.
An eternal comfort,
A soft breath of my exhaled name.
I am the poet
and a heartbeat that soothes.
and yes, I am l
:iconnalster73:nalster73 35 38
Conceivable Conclusions.
Conceivable Conclusions.
Maybe we fall because we know we can
And we stall when it comes to a helping hand.
Because we refuse to accept and to understand.
That a man would be willing to aid another man,
Without some sort of under hand, profitable plan.
Maybe we project our perceptions on to others.
Quotes that emerged and persevered by our mothers.
Home truths that we go on to eventually discover.
Making it the only way we can connect with each other.
Spurring us to find like minded friends, associates and lovers.
Maybe we lie because the truth is too bitter to bear.
We are inclined to believe that others do actually care.
And that they will only listen so that they are able to compare
Our circumstances, even though we know life is made to be unfair.
That is why when the mighty fall, we all avidly stand by and stare.
There are a lot of fine details forgotten in the final figure.
There are a lot of surreal strokes painted into this picture.
There are a lot of what if's and maybes to con
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 58 7
As a Mormon..
I know that I am not perfect but what am I supposed to strive for?
As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints I believe that we are here to be tested.
We are given difficulties and are pressed to show our steel against the temptations of the world.
Whether it be addictions that enslave our bodies and therefore our soul, or if it is just the pride and foolishness that brings us to stray from what is right.
There are many “Christian” people in this world who will say that they are righteous and that they do all they can to be good but they are the also considered some of the least moral people on earth.
I don’t condemn people who don’t have my faith but I do press people who believe in Jesus Christ to be different that the world, separate yourself from the weak hearted and become good.
Like I said before, I do not say that I am perfect but I do try to remove my imperfections and become great in the eyes of God.
:icondaelun:Daelun 87 145