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The Babysitter 2
(WARNING: This story contains themes of abdl, bondage, and sissyfication. If that isn't your thing, feel free to move on)
Alex pouted, sucking on the soap to keep it in place. He stood patiently as the time ticked by. He wondered Kacey was, and hoped she was alright. He figured she was, as hiding was just the type of prank she would play. It hadn’t been too long since the entire thing started, and she would come out soon. She was normally fine on her own, and could actually take care of herself for days if she wanted to, though she normally didn’t. The babysitter was just part of their game.  She’d be fine.
He wondered briefly what the people at work thought. They wouldn’t really miss him, the hockey game was optional and a lot of people didn’t go.
However, these thoughts were all just to distract him from a pressing matter. The cramps he had felt in his stomach earlier had grown considerably, and he felt the pressure getting worse. He had given the s
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COM2014 - [BDSM] Misaka Mikoto :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,027 34 Rika the Nightmare :iconkerikaza:Kerikaza 1,633 199 toxic punk furry DRA-UNA :iconphation:phation 1,806 63 Cole's Hostage :iconglitcher:glitcher 706 48 Noise Blasphemers :icontd-vice:TD-Vice 422 120
Jack and Jill
Want to play a game?
Would you like to play a game with me?
Take off your coat and take the the reins,
And when I sob take what remains.
What once was sweet turned so bitter,
What once was bitter turned so drunk.
So goes what we forget and who would have thought,
That life can continue when the soul is gone.
Oh Baby, you know this is oh, so wrong!
Jack and Jill when up the hill
To fetch a bucket of water.
Jack killed Jill and tore her gown
And the hills were filled with laughter,
A sadistic laugh that no one noticed
And it took years to notice that Jill was gone.
I was lost
And falsified.
I was hidden and hindered,
Forgotten to be remembered,
Broken and bruised,
Lost and confused
Naked and alone, wandering the streets.
Just another one of society's casualties.
So forgive the theatrics
And forgive my dismay,
But my soul was left for dead
And my life did decay!
So play a game,
Just one or more...
Am I really the one
That you want to adore?
And think
:iconno-longer-confused:no-longer-confused 24 27
Marcy and Sandra: Leatherbound :iconsneakattack1221:SneakAttack1221 1,128 14 Superhero Peril eXperiment (Dangerous Liaisons) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 1,181 12 Commission 2 for BubbleBane :iconqueequel:Queequel 858 40 Sticky Bondage (slimegirl foot worship) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 1,316 72 Care in The Day Care :icontbsp-art:TBSP-Art 1,500 93 Tickle Torture - Bondage Games (foot fetish comic) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 888 42 Myserra, the succubus :iconganassa:Ganassa 2,077 34 Underground :iconpitchblack-art:PitchBLACK-Art 868 114 I Beg To Please :iconekaterinatheodosia:EkaterinaTheodosia 612 27 Stock 001 :iconredpandadee:RedPandaDee 417 50 Gothica :iconcandra:Candra 2,674 114
Revolt at Fat Camp - WG Story
      “Mom!  I'm not going to fat camp!  Please, anything but fat camp!”  My mother's stern face was unchanged, so I doubled back with another tactic.  “I'm not even that fat, really.  Just a little chubby, that's all.”  Well, a little more than chubby, I thought realistically.  Plump, I guess.  No, that wasn't it, I thought, surveying my body - my big, round belly tucked into the waist of my capri pants, and still hanging a bit over my belt, my fully developed breasts hanging like ripe, swollen fruit from the tree, my curiously wide rear, so round that some of my less politically correct classmates had suggested that I was not entirely white, despite my fair skin and wavy, light brown hair - I guess I was rather fat.
      “Hush, dear.  Look at the pamphlet.  It's an 'All-Girls Summer Fitness Fun Camp'&
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Aeria sketch :iconwossarem:WossaRem 955 69 Mistress Z's Ostentatious Bath :iconcandra:Candra 1,254 42 Floored Ryuuko :iconsharpffffff:SharpFFFFFF 1,417 65 Yuan Rope Bondage :icond-zhang-photography:D-ZHANG-PHOTOGRAPHY 240 3 Blogman Original: Rosalina Roped Up :icontbsp-art:TBSP-Art 1,080 39 Chained Tomboys (The Princess (and the) Bride) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 672 16 BedBound Bulma :iconsharpffffff:SharpFFFFFF 1,020 25 domination :iconsvea-jillczech:Svea-JillCzech 529 12
BDSM; four simple letters with a truly eminent stigma attached to them. The connotation does not come from its innocuous uses – such as the Burrenton District Sailing Manifold - but the acronym for  'bondage & domination,' and 'sadism and masochism.' Yes, this refers to more than just chaining a stranger to a wall and flogging them with a cat-o'-nine-tails – it is an all-encompassing spectrum of often-erotic activities. Tying up your partner during intercourse, erotically roleplaying, even, to a degree, teasing each other are all elements of BDSM – but the one omnipresent and critical element is the concept of partners taking on complementary but unequal roles. BDSM is more than seeing a woman carry around a 'man-slave' on Law & Order – it is a widespread sub-culture and lifestyle. BDSM is much less 'deviant' than  one would assume; in fact, many participate in BDSM activities without ever knowing it.
One person (the "submissive") agr
:iconphantomdotexe:phantomdotexe 194 182
Demonic Self Bondage (Demon Monstergirl) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 615 33 The Taming of Amanda :icondemogoron:demogoron 179 12 The Chloro Cling :iconwossarem:WossaRem 509 56 thrown away :iconwanderburg:Wanderburg 520 41 Pout :iconlatex-rat:latex-rat 225 9 Meanwhile, outside the courtroom :iconsharpffffff:SharpFFFFFF 668 46 Help :iconkawaiicherryy:kawaiicherryy 278 43 Best Curse Ever :iconwossarem:WossaRem 574 25 Make Laughs, not War :iconsharpffffff:SharpFFFFFF 816 31 Anyone there? :iconkawaiicherryy:kawaiicherryy 281 30 Ball Gag Assistance (What Friends Are For) :iconbdsm-fan-comics:bdsm-fan-comics 426 6 Follow My Lead :iconwossarem:WossaRem 573 17 Leash :iconmebob:Mebob 304 36 bind, torture and kill - in chains :iconsvea-jillczech:Svea-JillCzech 228 12 January 16, 2013 :iconilovefrenchgirls:ilovefrenchgirls 327 7 Harness BG :iconme-se:Me-Se 129 12 Who would win Mai Shiranui vs Kasumi? :iconshibarisamurai:shibarisamurai 713 24 Afternoon Walk :iconsecretivity:secretivity 165 56 Copper Bondage Set :iconme-se:Me-Se 151 28 mirror of dreams :iconwanderburg:Wanderburg 185 15