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TT: How to make him drool
Raven woke up to the sun just barely rising over the ocean. She sat up and stretched. She yawned and smiled to herself. She felt refreshed, pleased and satisfied. Next to her lay the cause of her happiness, despite the fact that it was morning. Beastboy lay next to her, sound asleep.
“He doesn’t usually get up at this hour.” she said to herself matter-of-factly. She rose up from her bed, grabbed her robe and headed for the shower, cause god knows she needed one. She and Beastboy were secretly dating for about a month. The couple had spent more time with each other after their trip to Tokyo but Raven never imagined that it was because Beastboy had feelings for her. The changeling had finally worked up the courage to ask her on a date. Thinking it was just a bite to eat or a nice gesture Raven agreed and had the best night of her life. The whole thing just snowballed from there. The titans knew of only the one time that they went out together but that was it, and they pass
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TT: Dragon Bone:Chapter 1
“Please Raven I insist!” Starfire pleaded, tugging at her dark friend’s arm. Raven sighed and looked up at the Tamaranean irritably.
“Shopping isn’t my thing, you know that. You and the others go without me. There’s nothing I need.” Raven replied monotonously, raising her book to read again. Starfire gave her a defeated look and walked up to the others, who were waiting by the door.
“Very well Raven. We shall return soon!” Starfire exclaimed.
“Whatever.” was the reply
“You sure you don’t want to come Raven?” Robin asked.
“I’m sure.”
“Really? Cause a little fresh air outta do you good.” Cyborg added. The vein in Raven’s head throbbed dangerously. Why was everyone being so difficult? She suddenly felt her book fall from her hands and a small, adorable, little green cat jumped up onto her lap, looking up at her pleadingly.
“Ugh! Why are you all testing my patience like this!? And Beast
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Beast Boy's 'Clean' Dream
"What happened in here?" an enraged Boy Wonder asked.
Pillows were torn apart, fluff strewn across the common room. The kitchen table was overturned while the chairs lay splintered on the floor. Pots and pans littered the entire kitchen area and glass coated the carpet and the tiled kitchen floor. Beast Boy was cowering behind the slashed couch. Robin turned to what he was hiding from.
The drenched empath was towering over him on the opposite side of the couch, holding a very sharp knife in her hand. Her eyes glowed a bright red and her pointed set of teeth were even sharper than the knife. Her own black aura surrounded her like flames, giving her a very convincing deathly look. Not that she needed it.
"T-t-t-t-tell her it w-w-was j-just a joke! I-I-I-I didn't m-mean to-to offend her!" Beast Boy screamed before using his arms to cover his face in hopes of protection against Raven's weapon.
"Tell him that he should know better than to mess with me like that in the first place!" she grow
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BBxRae Valentine's
Hello Everybody, I finally got this story up! I had it written in a journal from early last year, got the idea after watching Hercules and thought, "Hey, Meg's song fits Raven so perfectly! And her Emotions can be the muses!" So I wrote that part, then I needed a story for it so I rewrote it so that it had to do with BB doing something and then decided that I should turn it into a Valentine's thing. So here we are.
Set AFTER Trigon, but Rae's still hesitant about showing emotion, and definitely hesitant about opening her heart up to someone. If you think I jumped right into the thing, it's because in my mind, Gar's been doing things for her, showing a little romantic interest in her already and this is the ultimate thing by doing something for her on Valentine's Day.
Also, I tend to use comic book codenames for the characters, i.e. Changeling = Beast Boy, Rachel = Raven, Kori = Starfire, Nightwing = Robin.
Characters are about 18+ years old.
I do not own Teen Titans, if I
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Teen Titans Halloween
I don't own anything except this story. Teen Titans belong to DC comics
Neither Raven or Gar knew when it started, but one Halloween night, Gar was watching his annual monster movie Halloween marathon when he noticed that Raven was sitting on the far side of the couch. He thought this was odd because usually she would have been in her room the entire day and night of Halloween, and yet, she was actually watching the movies with him, even if she was sitting on the opposite side of the couch. She stayed the whole time and when the marathon ended, she got up and went to her room, leaving Gar to wonder why she had staid, but didn't mention it later. The same thing happened the next Halloween, and the next. It continued to happen until it became normal, Raven never missed it, and as time went on, she slowly sat closer to him on the couch, it wasn't noticeable at first, but it slowly became clear that she was moving closer each Halloween. Then on the 9th Halloween from when it started
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The Future-BBxRae Oneshot
"Hey, do you ever think about the future?"
Raven blinked and looked up from her book. She and Beast Boy were sitting on the couch having some-what of a conversation, in which she hadn't even taken her eyes away from her book to take part in, but the sudden change in subject caught her attention. She thought for a moment before replying.
"No, not really....why?"
"Well, its just its kinda freaky to think about, ya know?" he said, eyes a bit distant. Seeing Raven's still confused expression, he went on. "I don't mean like, the future in 10 years, I'm thinking more like, 1,000 years."
"Oh," Raven said, "Well, why does it freak you out? You'd be dead by then. Even you should know that."
"Yeah I know its just," he tried to find the words to explain himself better. "Well, you know how like today people are digging up Indian stuff and studying their bones and books and all that stuff?" Raven nodded. "Well, just think, in about a thousand years, people could be doing that to us! Digging up our
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BB's Nevermore
Something I did ^^; oh and it's not exactly finished, so review but be nice please ^^ thank you. Enjoy.
Beast Boy, Raven, Teen Titans owned by DC
I came up with the names for the emotions ^^;
And again this is still a work in progress, so more of this story coming soon.
Ok, we all know about Raven's Nevermore, but what about everyone else's? Let's say for instance, a certain green-skinned boy with pointy ears. >D
Raven woke up slowly, her eyes adjusting to the sharp contrast in color. "Urgh, where am I?"
"Um...H-Hi Raven." A familiar voice said, one that she always blamed the owner of for many of her troubles. "Please don't be angry." The voice said timidly. "Y-You're in his mind t-this time, instead of him being in y-yours...I-I'm T-Timothy...his v-version of Timantha~"
"I'm in Beast Boy's Head?!?" She asked in shock as her eyes finally focused enough to let her see a Beast Boy wearing a g
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