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It was not often that Andy Davis was on the receiving end of phone calls from the estranged side of his family.
Usually, they were reserved for holidays--which consisted of simply Christmas and his or his younger sister's birthday. On the rare occasion that it was not one of these things that had prompted a member of the Davis' to call, he was never prepared to speak to them. His words were always halted and curt;he couldn't handle holding a conversation without having to pass the phone off to his sister or mother with hurried goodbyes and terribly faked, forced laughs.
However, he was never one to complain; he simply took it in their perspective when he had trouble understanding who could be so dismissive of ones they were supposed to care for immensely; after his father had taken ill and passed away, he had snatched away the will of everyone even remotely related to him to visit his children and the wife they didn't have a soft spot for.
He had done it this way for as long as he coul
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