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Death Battle: Garnet vs. Rash

Ray: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's settle this debate once and for all.
Steel: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!!!
BattleToad Arena...
Another day, another beatdown in this strange Virtual Reality world. With the sound of typical 8-bit impact sounds, an enemy rat flew through the air, the cause of it being a gargantuan, green fist. Mentioned fist reverted back to its normal size, the owner turning out to be a tall, muscle-bound, anthropomorphic toad of all things.
After the oversized rodent was long gone, the toad looked around...well, at least that's what his flipping, standing pose seemed to indicate. Just below him, a black text-box appeared, indicating that its owner wore a broad grin and sported a pair of snazzy-looking sunglasses.

Far above, in what appeared to be a large space-c
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Dark Queen's Dream Harem 1: The Bounty Hunter
Samus Aran had just returned from another mission, only to be immediately alerted to a new threat to earth, or rather an old threat. It seemed that after the multiple times that the Dark Queen had tried, and failed at the hands of the Battletoads had come to an end. According to her now received data they had been defeated, and either killed or captured by her. Which they didn't know. But without them Earth would surely be hers for the taking.
Samus quickly stood in position, waiting as the machinery began to activate, multiple pieces of metal quickly clinging to her already skin tight spandex, her hand gripping hold of the trigger in her blaster, before her helmet was placed over her head. Her visor feeding her constant information.
"I better stop her before she causes too much trouble." Saying that Samus quickly left, on a small ship, it would be cloaked as she headed towards the Dark Queen's headquarters. She'd find the quickest way in, and slowly make her way towards the Queen's th
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