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Graffiti alphabet :iconkredy:KreDy 924 101 Collab: Battlegrounds :iconkheleksul:kheleksul 1,775 165 K-Wing Starfighter :iconmultihawk:multihawk 131 27
howl for a drunken heart.
i don't want to be the girl you could have had. i don't want to be the only one left standing, the only one who lost the only boy she ever really cared about. i don't want to be the one you should have kissed, the one you only sort of loved, the one you dated just so you could "get some." i don't want to be the co-signer of all your lies and the author of all your sins. i don't want to be alone every satruday night, i don't want to be sitting around waiting, and i sure as hell do not want to be your normal, girl next door who you only love on odd days.
i want to be the girl you fight for. i want you to cross oceans, fight fires, go three days without sleep, just to see me. i want to be so irresistable that you'll have to fight the urge to kiss me, to love me, to smell my hair and tell me that i remind you of the worlds most beautiful sunset. i want to be the girl that you're yourself around. i want you to treat me like a princess and treat me like one of the guys and treat me like a qu
:iconxxintention:xxintention 52 27
armor set :iconsabin-boykinov:sabin-boykinov 170 5 New Republic Vehicles :iconmultihawk:multihawk 127 25 The Burning Steppes Arena :iconunidcolor:UnidColor 150 15 Star Wars The Force Awakens T-70 X-wing Render :iconmultihawk:multihawk 90 23 Symbols of Hejaz :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 86 39 E-Wing Escort Starfighter :iconmultihawk:multihawk 73 11 Acheroraptor Pounce :iconraptorkil:raptorkil 210 82 Just One More Hit... :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 150 104 Arc Hammer Render 1 :iconxanatos4:Xanatos4 49 21 First Order Star Destroyer (MODELED BEFORE SEPT 4) :iconmultihawk:multihawk 47 11 Jedi Temple Model :iconxanatos4:Xanatos4 69 15 BITCH - battle :iconshixe:shixe 91 45 Gil vs Joy - Solace :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 112 55 Headhunters :iconmultihawk:multihawk 42 2 Star Wars The Force Awakens X-wing In-game :iconmultihawk:multihawk 41 5 Battle CRY :iconc0nr4d:c0nr4d 79 67 AT-AP Model 1 :iconxanatos4:Xanatos4 28 20 Rebel Freerunner :iconmultihawk:multihawk 32 7 Total Drama Battlegrounds :iconbad-asp:bad-asp 59 121 Pedo Buster :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 83 160 It's time for your nap :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 126 72 Flag Runnin :iconsilverhyren:Silverhyren 54 13 Get Ready... FIGHT! :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 120 83
BIB - Gil's Tropes
Action Girl – Gil is only twelve. She does ballet, tap dance, martial arts and is an amateur scientist. Lucky for us, the latter is the least successful of her approaches. But she created an amazingly effective potato gun.
Completely Missing the Point – She does that so much it looks deliberate.
Not Me This Time – She's a default suspect of any causes of destruction and calamity around her.
Beware the Nice Ones – And how…
Deadpan Snarker – She doesn't miss an opportunity…
Disproportionate Retribution – Rodney ask her to teach him the basics of martial arts to make him able to fight back Colin's bullying. And what Gil does? She beats the crap out of Rodney as if he were a punching doll, intentionally breaking his foot to make a point ("people in the street will not be that kind, so get ready to kick ass or get your ass kicked").
Team Pet – Evil the Possum
Beyond the Impossible – Evil the Possum and Gigi the Poodle has offspring: five hyb
:iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 11 45
Ostracoda-class Gunboat (based on comic design) :iconmultihawk:multihawk 32 2 Z-95 Headhunter (Help needed!) :iconmultihawk:multihawk 31 4 Costumes :iconsabin-boykinov:sabin-boykinov 30 2 Disney Infinity Marvel Battlegrounds - Super Brawl :iconkuren:Kuren 30 0 That's Gonna Hurt... :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 106 134 Gil vs. Katherine :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 131 119 CLEAN :iconmyth22:MYTH22 58 132 Nerd for Battle Grounds :icondop3-styl3z:DOP3-STYL3Z 65 51 wONKEY :iconmyth22:MYTH22 65 100 STONE.BattleGrounds :iconc0nr4d:c0nr4d 60 36 New Challenger Meme - Gil :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 66 83 STREET :iconmyth22:MYTH22 53 83 Arc Hammer Render 3 :iconxanatos4:Xanatos4 23 1 Not So Easy At All... :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 82 45 GxR - Sparring Session... :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 186 220 Star Wars Monitors Line-up :iconmultihawk:multihawk 24 4 Warming Up... :iconcid-vicious:Cid-Vicious 61 106 The Battle Grounds II -Fort Battle :iconkoach2:koach2 23 3