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Worry (Bruce WayneXPregnant!Reader)
You covered your mouth as you watched the live feed of the fight happening in Gotham. Alfred sat in the chair in front of the monitor, glancing at the different screens which showed different angles of the fight. You flinched when Doomsday lunged at Bruce who used his grappling hooks to dodge the attack and moved your hand subconsciously over your enlarged stomach.
"Can you get through to him?" You asked the butler hopefully, neither of you looking away from the screens.
"His communication line went dead a few moments ago Miss (L/n)" Alfred replied grimly. You nodded and began biting your nails out of nerves. When the security cameras you and Alfred were watching the fight on were destroyed, the screens went black leaving you both clueless as to what was happening. 
"Master Wayne will be fine Miss (L/n)" Alfred said, trying to convince both you and himself.
"He better be. Can't have a wedding without the groom" You r
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Secret (Bruce WayneXReader)
When you met Bruce Wayne at a gala, you didn't think that a month later you'd find yourself fake married to the guy. He had let slip he was looking for someone to play the part of his wife so the paparazzi would get off his back about his love life. Having been looking for a similar type of relationship, you offered to help the billionaire. After a month of sorting things out, the media were finally aware of the 'marriage'. One of the first things Bruce had said to you had been 'I don't ask what you do and you don't ask what I do' which of course was fair but it did spark some curiosity in you. You had a conclusion after two weeks of living with the billionaire. Everything pointed to your theory so you played along for his sake.
You had a secret of your own that you hoped he would never find out. You were the latest Gotham crime fighting vigilante. Dressed in (costume of choice) and going by (vigilante name), you prowled the streets in search of ass to kick. One certain night you were
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Top 11 Awful Things About Batman v Superman Part 1
I'm normally the kind of guy that needs a bit of time to digest a crap film before I fully appreciate how bad it is. I initially came out of Jurassic World thinking it wasn't all the bad, and I remember coming out of The Dark Knight Rises pretty pleased with it. I'm just the kind of guy that likes and needs to mull over a film a bit before I see why it failed.
I did not need to mull over Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Never in a long time has such a film been so blatant in its awfulness from the get go. There's bad films where its' problems are only noticeable after retrospection, but then there's films that are so stupid and incompetent that they just take me out of the film completely. Batman v Superman is like that from almost the start and it keeps on rolling in so many ways.
Even now I'm struggling to decide whether I enjoyed just how awful it was...or pissed by how many things important to comic books in general it fucked up. Unlike a
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