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Bathroom error tg
Dustin had to take a dump, badly. He just needed to. He went running down the school’s hallway searching for a bathroom. By his dumb luck, all the male bathrooms were closed for repair (What were they expecting men to do? Pee on a tree outside?). So when he thinks he is going to lose it, he turns and enters the girl’s bathroom. Another part of his luck was that Giga and her new friend Kim saw him enter. “You did well with your surprise cookies, Giga,” send Kim, “Come on, let’s get some of his friends, and take a picture when he gets out. Perfect for the yearbook, don’t you agree?” “Well,” said Giga, “sure, why not? This will be fun.” Inside the bathroom Dustin was having trouble. He wanted the handicap one, so that when he left, he could she if any girls were coming. But the only stall that would open was the one closest to the door. He gets in, pulls his pants down and sits on the toilet. As the process took place, mass moved
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In the bath with Jinx :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 1,690 48 PL2- Classroom Stage -DL :iconmmdfakewings18:MMDFakewings18 938 56 Prefect in Pajamas :iconsirilu:Sirilu 928 135
When Annie Came to Stay
There was a ghost in the house.  Billy just knew it.  His mother and father had told him not to be so silly and get into bed, and now of course he couldn’t sleep.  There was a chilly feeling in his room that was making him want to go to the toilet, but he felt sure that if he got out of bed something horrible would happen to him.  If you asked him why he thought that, he wouldn’t have been able to give you a very convincing answer, unless you yourself have had a feeling of something good or bad being about to happen for no particular reason.  The only way that Billy knew something would happen was from one of those feelings.
He lay still for a very long time, but eventually he had to move to make himself more comfortable, and to try and ease the feeling of needing to go to the toilet.  When Billy turned over, a terrifying sight met his eyes.  He had known all along that there was a ghost in the room, but wh
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