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Temple Interior by ATArts Temple Interior :iconatarts:ATArts 869 15
SwitzerlandXReader- Jealous?
"ůVash!" you cried as you ran as fast as you could in your school leather shoes, no matter your skirt was flapping about because of the wind, towards an astute, healthy, economically smart young man with Handsome short blonde hair up to his shoulders and emeralds eyes who was currently reading a book under a tree.
Vash Zwingli.
"Ah, ___." He said, his emerald eyes looking up from his book towards your direction once he heard you call him, he then stiffly shifted a little to the side so you could sit down. He quickly checked his pocket and sighed in relief.
What? It could have been a thief!
You smiled once you arrived in front of him and plopped down next to him with a happy sigh; and of course happy with the cute, stiff-looking gesture.
Why wouldn't you?
Your least favourite subject had just finished and now you could spend time with your Swiss boyfriend during school lunch break-
Wait- Boyfriend?
Yes, boyfriend, thi
:iconcyndyrellah:Cyndyrellah 508 113
Rowdyrights and Rowdyruffs by JKSketchy Rowdyrights and Rowdyruffs :iconjksketchy:JKSketchy 1,435 243 RRTB Crazy OC Meme Remix by JKSketchy RRTB Crazy OC Meme Remix :iconjksketchy:JKSketchy 669 557 Limitless by Harpiya Limitless :iconharpiya:Harpiya 1,022 59 Ms Marvel by Scebiqu Ms Marvel :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 2,827 191 Robot 7546 - Reventlov by freakyfir Robot 7546 - Reventlov :iconfreakyfir:freakyfir 456 30 Usagi and Luna Sculpture by Pyramidcat Usagi and Luna Sculpture :iconpyramidcat:Pyramidcat 470 148 Goddess' Protection by hauntedstardust Goddess' Protection :iconhauntedstardust:hauntedstardust 892 95 The Big Bash by E-122-Psi The Big Bash :icone-122-psi:E-122-Psi 763 120 Hetalia Motivational Poster by meganakamomo Hetalia Motivational Poster :iconmeganakamomo:meganakamomo 1,045 289 PKMN Christmas Bash page16 by MiyaToriaka PKMN Christmas Bash page16 :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 708 331 Basch - Final Fantasy XII by Dahlieka Basch - Final Fantasy XII :icondahlieka:Dahlieka 1,095 143 PKMN Christmas Bash page03 by MiyaToriaka PKMN Christmas Bash page03 :iconmiyatoriaka:MiyaToriaka 581 275 Beat up Sasuke by NaviStarfire Beat up Sasuke :iconnavistarfire:NaviStarfire 1,433 1,462 Total Tower by demonui Total Tower :icondemonui:demonui 232 4 RED WALKER by demonui RED WALKER :icondemonui:demonui 325 8 Teen Titans Halloween Bash by CamT Teen Titans Halloween Bash :iconcamt:CamT 1,018 230 BOAT by tsonline BOAT :icontsonline:tsonline 208 6 Tune Bash by MaxGrecke Tune Bash :iconmaxgrecke:MaxGrecke 408 14 BSR-01 by duster132 BSR-01 :iconduster132:duster132 670 26 Super Bash Sisters by drivojunior Super Bash Sisters :icondrivojunior:drivojunior 699 348 Kingdom Hearts Logic is COOL by DragonRider13025 Kingdom Hearts Logic is COOL :icondragonrider13025:DragonRider13025 1,119 298 Skylanders: DROBOT by MAD-project Skylanders: DROBOT :iconmad-project:MAD-project 618 57 FFXII Balthier by AnnaWieszczyk FFXII Balthier :iconannawieszczyk:AnnaWieszczyk 1,061 164 Hawken Laila Mechanic by Zeronis Hawken Laila Mechanic :iconzeronis:Zeronis 4,311 101 Hawken Laila Mechanic Facial Expressions by Zeronis Hawken Laila Mechanic Facial Expressions :iconzeronis:Zeronis 3,358 124
Halloween Fun
Halloween at last!  Eva was the type of girl who loved the dress up and have fun, too bad when you reach a certain age, Halloween is dubbed the only acceptable time to do so.  Eva took advanatage of this freedom and lived it up!  All her friends had moved away, some were only a few hours out of town, others were in whole new states, Eva had to make due finding new people to party with, she was okay with this.
There was great Halloween bash at the center of town, it was so big that everyone from the neighboring towns joined the festivities too.  Eva arrived in her skimpy and "risque" fairy costume, she got plenty of attention, especially from the men.  The overall costume ensemble was quite a sight to behold.  There were the cliche costumes to be expected, Batman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, Wolverine, WonderWoman, CatWoman countless Jokers...  And some old-school villains, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael My
:iconbellybabe22:BellyBabe22 144 18
Monster Bash by AlisaKiss Monster Bash :iconalisakiss:AlisaKiss 563 46 Monster Bash Atlanta by AlisaKiss Monster Bash Atlanta :iconalisakiss:AlisaKiss 397 10 witch by obywatelsowa witch :iconobywatelsowa:obywatelsowa 197 9 APH: Swiss translation guide by Cadaska APH: Swiss translation guide :iconcadaska:Cadaska 694 167 10th Birthday Bash Event Book by TheRyanFord 10th Birthday Bash Event Book :icontheryanford:TheRyanFord 895 472 Vampirella 2 by AlisaKiss Vampirella 2 :iconalisakiss:AlisaKiss 261 32 LeggyKate by BPhotographic LeggyKate :iconbphotographic:BPhotographic 344 10 Yamato Dry Dock Collage by enc86 Yamato Dry Dock Collage :iconenc86:enc86 159 117 Apocalyptical Campsite by RogierB Apocalyptical Campsite :iconrogierb:RogierB 102 9 APH: Historical facts by Cadaska APH: Historical facts :iconcadaska:Cadaska 968 168 Ori and the blind forest by Aelini Ori and the blind forest :iconaelini:Aelini 141 84 TWILIGHT by Lothiriel-Star TWILIGHT :iconlothiriel-star:Lothiriel-Star 205 62 Usagi Luna Sculpture Tutorial by Pyramidcat Usagi Luna Sculpture Tutorial :iconpyramidcat:Pyramidcat 160 53 Doctor N. Gin by Hassoomi Doctor N. Gin :iconhassoomi:Hassoomi 100 17 Skylanders : CYNDER by MAD-project Skylanders : CYNDER :iconmad-project:MAD-project 557 39 APH: England and Switzerland by Cadaska APH: England and Switzerland :iconcadaska:Cadaska 734 109 Skylanders Swap Force: ROLLER BRAWL by MAD-project Skylanders Swap Force: ROLLER BRAWL :iconmad-project:MAD-project 307 70 Spongebob by WEREsandrock Spongebob :iconweresandrock:WEREsandrock 289 110 :smashheart: by stuck-in-suburbia :smashheart: :iconstuck-in-suburbia:stuck-in-suburbia 1,022 158 Birthday Bash Book-Photoset by TheRyanFord Birthday Bash Book-Photoset :icontheryanford:TheRyanFord 195 106