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You were on your way to a town, who seemed to have problems with vampires. Nothing anormal for you, who were a vampire hunter. At the gates of the town you could feel that dark and cold aura, the town was almost death. It was almost sunset and you could see people running in their houses. Some stopped to look at you, the fear was visible in their eyes and on their faces. Waiting till dark in a bar, thinking about the story that followed in every town near.
It was a story about a vampire duo that would kill without mercy every human or living one. It didn't matter if it the victim is woman, man, animal. Just the blood matters in their opinion. You could tell that this vampire duo is of a very high rank, so it won't be easy to kill them. Outside it was dark, it was time.
Exiting the bar with your gun up your sleves, ready to stop this bloody creatures. A scream pierced your ears, a fearfull and painfull one. They were near, you could feel their dark aura. Running like hell, following the
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Sweden X Reader X Denmark
Pulling your books out of the locker, bored and sleepy all over. Looks like you shouldn't have played video games all night, but who could blame you? You were a gamer in all the ways possible. Then you heard laughing from behind you. Sighing you turned around, only to come face to face with blue eyes and a goffy grin.
"Hu\i there, [Name]! What's with the long face?" Matthias asked you, ruffling your hair. He annoyed every single day the hell out of you. Always asking you if you want to go out with him or to be his girlfriend. You loved him, but nothing more than a big brother and besides that, you knew he was kind of a player.
"I'm not in the mood Matthias, go away." You said in a bored and monotone voice, giving him a death glare. He pouted and snaked an arm around your shoulder.
"Come on, sweetcheeks~…..Give me a little chance to prove you that I'm gonna be the best boyfriend you ever had!!!~" you said with a flirty grin. You just rolled your eyes at his stupidity.
"No thanks an
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Sucks to be Luigi: Titles :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 3,486 607
2P!America X Reader- Nails and Chains Ch. I
You sighed and groaned, trying to calm your nerves down. Your parents decided to send you outside more, how they would call it. It wasn't that you were anti-social or anything. You were just shy and nervous when talking to new people. Sometimes when new people came in town you tried to be friendly and nice, but they brushed you aside or send you dirty looks when you crossed their views.
Right now your parents were sending you to some little camp with some other teenagers, hoping you would open up more, but that was just impossible, even if you wanted. It was nighttime and you began to pack full month of stuff. You knew this following month was going to be crazy and boring. The other people who were coming are definitely going to be spoiled slutty girls teenagers or smartass jocks. You put on a pair of jeans, an over-sized T-shirts along with two tight ones, a pair of combat boots, a pair of red converses. Lets don't forget three baggy hoodies to make sure you'll not catch a cold.
You l
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2P!Canada x Reader- Second Chance
Walking with your head down the hallways of the school and keeping as quiet as possible, with your hood over your head. Everyone would say something rude or mean about you. Just because you got the best grades and always keep the rules straight. You wanted no problems, no fights, just peace and silence. You finally reached your locker and opened it, putting your books you didn't need and only keeping the ones you needed.
Before you could close the locker, someone else did it, slamming it with brute force, making you step back a little in fear. Your eyes were glued from the floor to piercing violent eyes. You didn't need to look at his face, only his eyes could tell you who he was.
Matthew Williams, or how he prefered to be called, Matt. He was the most scary and intimidating guy of the school, along with his brother, Al. Matt seemed to take a liking in messing with you. Each day pushing, tripping or making fun of you, it was like, his favorite hobby, besides beating the crap of annyone
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2p!America X Reader X 2P!Canada- Sports
Lame at baseball. That's how you were. You loved baseball, but when it comes to play it you just can't. Your mother told you to practice, that way you will learn and get better and thats' what you did. You played it every day after school, but nothing. The popular girls always laughed at you for playing boys sports. Like football, hockey. Yes, you were awesome at all sports, just not baseball and you hated that.
Right now, you were playing all alone baseball, trying to hit every ball that came towards you. You managed to hit some, but still not enough. Tomboy, that's what you were and the fact that you sucked at one sport made your blood boil in rage. After the final ball that you missed, you sighed in defeat and sat on the ground with a sad look on your face. You heard footsteps coming towards you and you turned your head to see Alfred, or Al how he liked to be called. He was the typical bad boy of the school along with his brother Mathew. When he saw you he just smirked.
"Why are you
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2P!America x Reader- Dark Rider
Valentines day is a very confusing day. They say the day is magical. They say the day is powerfull in emotion or say the day is to die for. You were walking to a coffee shop to meet your boyfriend. Since is Valentines Day you bought him a plushy teddy. It was a sweet treat to do for your loved one. The bright smile on your face was something that didn't vanished. Happiness was your world. You always saw the bright side of the problems in life.
Reaching the coffee shop and opening the door with ecstasy, you saw your boyfriend, but before you could run and hug him, something made you stop dead in your tracks. He was making out with a blonde and sluty girl. Your smile vanished and when he broke the kiss with the girl, he saw you. You tought he may feel guilty, but all he did was smirk in a cocky way. You exited the shop and walked away, trowing the gift in a trash and forgetting about what was. Love sure was blind. How couldn't see it coming. Sure, you and him were together for two years,
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2P!England x Reader- Mad in Love
Sighing and wondering why you were going to this party. Oh yes! Because your good friend Oliver begged you to come. It was a halloween party at school and everyone was coming, even you. At first you wanted to dress in something scary, but Oliver bought you a costume. It was an Alice in Wonderland dress. You wanted to refuse, but knowing your over happy friend, he was more likely to cry for refusing his gift. You loved him, more than a friend and the thought of you two together as a couple made your heart flutter.
“I don’t understand what you see in the, cupcake freak.” Al told you as you walked with him and his brother to the party. You sometimes asked yourself why, but never found the answer. Maybe it was his cheer-full attitude or the way he was dressing.
Al was dressed as Freddy from Nightmare on elm street and Matt, his brother as Jason from Friday the 13th. You couldn’t help, but to chuckle at the way they dressed. It was very ironically. As you three enter
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2P!Italy x Reader- Fucked up situation
Clubbing with some friends on a normal Friday night seemed alright, no harm, no fights, just having a good ol' time. Drinking some tequila and looking at the people dancing from the bar, you sighed, wishing you would find a good companion, your friends already with someone and having their best time. Don't get it wrong. Many men had tried to catch your eyes, but every guy was the same, boring, nothing interesting, nothing special.
After finishing your glass of the intoxicating liquid, you went to the bathroom, looking in the mirror and trying your best to keep fully sane. You were bored and more than that, in a very bad mood. Your boss kicked you out, saying you were way too much trouble, your boyfriend broke your heart one week ago and still that little fucker always was on your mind, but tonight you decided you would forget about the past and see the future.
Walking out the bathroom, you went outside, behind the club, where some people smocked or fucked eachothers brains out. Either
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Hetalia X Reader- High School Rulez Ch.1
New school, a new life. That's what your friend Daiana was talking about on your way to school, along with your other friend Andra. Moving in a other country, meant a new way to life, not like you cared. For you, every place meant new things to learn and new rules to break. The people from your natal town asked themselves how you three could be friends. I mean, Daiana was the shy and innocent girl, always worried and paranoid. She was your right hand, always there for you and you always there for her. Andra was the so called diva of your group. Even though she may look like one of this bitchy girls, she meant well and her heart is in the right place. She would always be there to help you if needed. Last, you were the tomboy of the group, the one that could care less for what others thought about you.
"Please, [Name]. Promise me that you will behave this time. I wanna people see us like normal students, not like some weird and insane ones. Is not like I don't like the way you act! I-Is.
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Hetalia Police Heaven
Is time for the POLICE, but not any type of police.....The Hetalia Police Heaven~.....Just enjoy yourself with the handcuffs and whips in the jail~
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