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Evergreen Terrace - The Simpson Movie 2 :icontohad:Tohad 893 48 The Simpsons :iconjazzyutopia:jazzyutopia 1,672 252 boba fett n' deadpool : dirty deeds :iconm7781:m7781 1,497 289 Rat boy :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 1,115 124 Homer and Bart Simpson :iconatomiccircus:AtomiccircuS 332 44 Tumble in Toontown :iconaeolus06:Aeolus06 2,378 974 Livestream 6-16-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,619 599 Livestream 9-10-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,222 341 livestream 10-15-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,277 457 Livestream 9-17-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 854 279 Naruto Toon 1 :iconpetagama:petagama 689 270 Livestream 10-27-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,422 169 Livestream 5-18-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,005 346
The Hanging Tree (Creepypasta version) - Part 2?!
Are you, are you...
Now a young proxy?
The same faceless man
Has seen me by a tree
He might as well haunt me
For all eternity
But he that...
He's just protecting me
Can you, can you...
Hear the melody?
Played by the raccoon...
Who feels so lonely?
Miss Lisa must find the
Eight pages to be free
A deceased...Hugo...
Speaks to her lovingly
Did you, did you...
Lose your insanity?
After witnessing
A sad grey Mickey?
Or did you lose it to
The lack of harmony?
I lost mine...after...
Watching Max and Ruby...
Were you, were you...
With young Lazari?
Jane Richardson got...
Married to Mary
Some moments may be sweet
But others are gory
And tonight...we'll read...
The Rugrats Theory
Would you, would you...
Let Bart's body be?
In Lavender Town,
We both felt queasy
The Russian scientists'
Experiment scares me
Spongebob eyes...
And he may blink rarely
Could you, could you...
Talk to Stick Stickly?
The Skin Taker sure...
Was ghastly and creepy
Like the lost episode
Of Ed, Edd and
:icontotallydeviantlisa:TotallyDeviantLisa 21 6
Bartkira test 02 :iconinkthinker:Inkthinker 421 62 Livestream 8-27-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 1,159 351 Bart Simpson Cosplays Naruto :iconkangliyi:kangliyi 726 208 bart simpson :iconkimjl:kimJL 227 52 Livestream 3-24-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 958 546 A Clockwork Lemon :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 166 87 simpson fighter :iconzody:ZoDy 187 116 Bartkira test 03 :iconinkthinker:Inkthinker 382 37 Blackboard Chronicles :icondeviantdash:deviantdash 242 85 Bob Scissorhands :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 193 94 Simpsons :iconporkcow:porkcow 157 38 Bart simpson as a teen girl :iconnice-ass91:Nice-ass91 327 38 Bart Simpson tg tf :iconnice-ass91:Nice-ass91 482 29 Marge Still Desperate Mum :iconleeroberts:LeeRoberts 560 80 Livestream 9-15-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 796 141 Bartminator 2, Judgment Day :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 160 86 Marge's Unaware Crush :iconxxsumrandomguyxx:XxSumRaNdOmGuYxX 330 33 The Bart Knight :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 152 77 Bart Simpson real cartoon :iconnestaman:Nestaman 111 30 Just Kidding: Marge Simpson :iconwagnerf:wagnerf 474 31 Strangling Bartlloon :iconalbertoarni:AlbertoArni 140 9 Last Action Zero :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 121 107 Fat Bart Simpson Comic: Page 1 :iconfumulover:FumuLover 130 1 Yellow-skinned family :iconsoposoposopo:Soposoposopo 118 12 Livestream 9-29-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 847 249 SSW Pag 08 :iconkogeikun:kogeikun 113 10 Successful bedtime story :iconjh622:jh622 159 24 Krusty the Entertainer :iconsoposoposopo:Soposoposopo 129 23
The Simpsons: 10 Years Later - A Bob Con Chapter 1
Robert Terwilliger, otherwise known as Sideshow Bob had a frown on his face as he looked up at the banner on the outside of a building that said "Springfield Gamers, Video Game Convention" on it. He sighed as he looked down. "Why did I let myself get talked into this?" he asked in a thinking out-loud way.
"Because if you said no, your only son would throw a fit." came the voice of his younger brother Cecil who was standing beside him. The two had been dragged here by their sons Gino and William who as it turned out were really into video games which the two boys played quite a lot much to their fathers dismay.
"I am never going to understand these things or our sons weird obsession with them, for that matter." Bob stated to his brother as he crossed his arms. "I doubt any parent really does." Cecil added before he started to head inside the building, with Bob following him in.
Inside there was many tables set up and areas with stands that had people on them, talking. "Egad, how do they
:iconshiorisohma:ShioriSohma 29 42
Marge The Desperate Housewife :iconleeroberts:LeeRoberts 484 84 X-Men #1 Cover parody (Jim Lee homage) :icontoadman005:Toadman005 75 34 Ralph Man :iconclaudia-r:Claudia-R 116 109 Livestream 3-03-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 639 325 Marge tickles Bart and Lisa :iconsolletickle:solletickle 256 35 Bart Simpson :iconsculptor101:sculptor101 71 6 Livestream 2-16-11 :icontompreston:TomPreston 521 293