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Dirty Minded Hawk (Steve Rogers X Reader)
Clint walked into the living room only to stop dead silent from what he saw.
Only your head and shoulders were visible over the couch. He could hear you and Steve panting and see your face flushed. You bounced up and down, your (h/c) ponytail following you as well.
"Steve we have been going at this for 2 hours, maybe we should take a break" you panted.
Clint was horrified.
"N-no I'm close, I can do this!" Steve replied breathless.
The archer thought he was going to throw up his breakfast.
"Umpf" Steve grunted and you sighed before falling to the ground, your head and shoulders disappearing behind the couch.
"..." Clint walked out of the living room before stomping back in. "Geez I wonder what (Name) and Steve are doing" His eyes were squeezed shut as he rounded the couch.
"Hey Clint what's up?" You asked. The spy's eyes shot open to see both of you sitting next to each other on the floor. Still clothed."What were you guys doing?" He asked innocent yet cautiously.
"I ran a 6 miles with
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Clint Is Not The Jealous Type (Clint X Reader)
Clint Barton does not get jealous.
"Who is that guy walking with (Name)!?" Clint growled. "I don't know, but they seem pretty touch feely with each other" Tony responded, pulling his morning coffee to his lips. Clint snarled and smacked Tony's mug upwards, causing it's contents to spill all over the man's white business shirt. "What the hell Clint! Pepper's gonna kill me!" The billionaire shouted at his best friend. When he turned back to swat the archer, Clint was already gone. 
Clint Barton doesn't spy on people.
Clint tiptoed on the small building rooftop, keeping his eyes on the (h/c) head and her "accomplice." 
Was she laughing with him?
He would have seen more if the building didn't come to a stop. 
Mostly if he didn't plummet to the ground.
Clint Barton does not hold
"Would you just talk to me?" 
"Clint, if you do not say
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You've Gotta Be Kidding Me! (Avengers x Reader)

Let's say that this is post-Age of Ultron where Pietro was still alive, Bruce hadn't wonder off to who knows where, Loki is on Earth to redeem his sins, Laura Barton never exist, and Brutasha never happened.

I own nothing. Not the Avengers, not the characters, and not the pic.

When you opened your eyes, you instantly regretted it.
You shielded your eyes from the burning light. When your eyes finally adapted to the lightings, you took in your surroundings. You were in a familiar room. But you didn't think you've been there before. It just that you thought you knew this room. It was quiet, but not dead quiet. You kept looking around you in silence, until a voice startled you.
"Good morning, miss."
"Who's there?!" You immediately jumped out of the bed you'd be
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My Girl 2 (Clint Barton X Reader)
"You're just jealous!"
"You're just reckless. His hand was too far!"
"I didn't know until it was to late!"
You stormed into the house, pulling your heels off and throwing them hard onto the ground. Clint followed behind you, chucking the keys on the counter. After Steve "saved" the day, Clint gabbed your hand and pulled you out, driving home. Dangerously fast to some people. The speed limit for you.
"I told Tony to take care of you!"
"It's not Tony's fault!"
"Who's is it?"
"Not mine! I guess Spencer's!"
"First name basis already?"
"Clint this is ridiculous! You're being a fool."
"Did you want him to grope you ass?"
"Are you insane? Of course not!"
“Were you going to be his whore?”
You grabbed the car keys and sped outside, tears in your eyes. Clint didn't follow. You jumped in the car and went to the only place you could get ice cream and alcohol for free.
((8 tubs of Ben and Jerry's and 3 hard vodka shots later))
"He asked me if I was g
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Disney Karaoke (Avengers X Reader) (One-shot)
Disney Karaoke (Avengers X Reader) (One-shot)
"Hey (Name)! Come join us!" Tony yelled, jumping off the mini stage in the center of his living room.
"What are you guy's doing?" you asked, confused.
"What does it look like? We're singing karaoke." Tony grinned. "Disney karaoke."
"Are you serious?" you asked, smirking at the mere mention of Disney.
"Yeah, and it's your turn." he said, handing you the microphone.
"Okay. You choose." you said as you took the mic.
Tony selected a tune you knew very well, Oogie Boogie's Song from The Nightmare before Christmas. The avengers all enjoyed your Oogie impression and the performance, clapping and complimenting you. Then you handed the mic off to Steve, also selecting his song, Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. His LeFou and Gaston impressions were pretty amazing.
The super soldier handed the mic off to Dr. Banner next. Steve picked I'll Make a Man out of You from Mulan. His performance got very funny once he did his impressions of Chien-po, Yao, Li
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Fake Marriage (Clint BartonXReader)
Clint BartonXReader (Sorry it is very long)
“Agent Barton and Agent (Last) report to Fury.” Maria Hill said over the head pieces, provided by SHEILD.
Clint and I have done a few missions together, so this must mean that we are going to be assigned a new mission. We arrived outside the office door at the same time; Clint held the door open for me to enter before him. Fury sat there with two different files on his desk; he was looking out the window.
“The files are for your mission has your name on them and it will be done together. It will take at least 3 months for you to even get the background you will need to complete this. You leave tomorrow morning. Any questions?” Fury didn’t even turn around to look at us.
“Sir this says that we are married. And I’m a house wife! No! Nope! Not doing it!” I stand up to walk out.
“Either this mission or I make you babysit Stark. Take your pick Agent.”
“You said we leave tomorrow, ri
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Little Bird (Clint X Reader)
Your eyes snapped open and you stumbled out of bed and to the bathroom and retched your stomach contents. A hand rubbed your back soothingly and held your hair away from your face.
After you finished dry heaving, your husband returned with a glass of water. "Thanks" you said, your voice a little rough. "You alright birdie?" Clint asked as he scooped you up bridal style and carried you back to bed.
"Yeah, I just can't get over this morning sickness thing." You complained and wrapped your around his neck. "You should ask Pepper what helped her." He suggested. "I'll do that."
He set you gingerly into bed and leaned in to kiss you, but you smacked a hand over his mouth and pushed him away. "No Clint, I just barfed if you don't remember." You groaned. He just laughed and kissed you anyways.
"I can't wait until she comes out" you thought out loud. "She?" He questioned. "We haven't found out the gender yet" he reminded you. You smiled and pecked his cheek.
"Mother's intuition" you explained.
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Kiss The Girl (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
Kiss The Girl (Clint X Reader) (One-shot)
"I can't stop laughing." you laughed.
"Wait. I've got another one." he paused. "What is Bruce Lee's favorite drink?"
"I don't know." you answered.
"Wataaaaah!" he shouted. Both of you were laughing again.
"Okay my turn." you paused. "You know, I used to think the brain was the most important organ. Then I thought, look what's telling me that."
You were both holding your stomachs, laughing uncontrollably.
"My turn, my turn. A blind man walks into a bar." Pause. "And a table. And a chair." he said, laughing more and more as you laughed.
"What kind of shoes do ninjas wear?" you asked.
"I don't know." he chuckled.
"Sneakers." you snickered.
"Stop, I can't take it anymore." he said in between breaths.
"We are going to die of laughter." you laughed.
The two of you laughed for what seemed like forever. Before finally calming down.
"Okay, one more each." he said. "Why was six afraid of seven?"
"Because seven ate nine?" you said. He shook his head no.
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Nebula Painting Tutorial
Trying to explain nebula painting is like trying to explain how to engineer a bridge (my other profession).  If I start at the very basics we'll all die of boredom before we get a beautiful picture. This is an art tutorial, so I will favor pictures over words.
So, lets start with a crucial idea:
The basis of realistic nebula painting is shape randomness.
I have found that my best nebula are those that I didn't plan at all, they emerged from me haphazardly spraying with a brush and then I picked out some cool shapes.
So lets begin:
Step 1: Background Stars

The creation of stars is outside the scope of this tutorial.  My method is to use a custom brush with lots of size, scattering, and opacity variation.  You can also use noise layers to create a quick starfield.
For a quick guide to stars, see this: Stars from Noise Tutorial by For-as
These stars are painted on a black layer set to Linear Dodge.
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Cards Against Humanity? (Avengers and LokixReader)
You were sitting in the living room in penthouse of Stark Tower. Bored out of your mind. Laying across the couch with one leg up on the back of the head rest on the couch, you stared up at the ceiling. Tony came walking in from the elevator and saw you there as he walked by. 
"Yo (nickname)! Whats with the look? Another celebrity you love get married?" 
You pick your self up to look at him, "One, that is something to be upset about as a fan girl. Two, I'm bored out of my mind. It's raining so I cant got to the park, I've read all my books, watched all my movies, and I'm not inspired. Ugh!" You flop back to your original position on the couch and continue staring at the high ceiling.
Tony sighed, "Yea I know. it's pretty dead around here... hey what's everyone else doing?"
"Um... Thor is eating, Bruce is in the lab, Steve and the spies are training for fun, and Loki is reading in his room. Why?"
A wicked grin forms on his face, "Oh nothing... just another spark of genius by yo
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Mrs. Barton (Clint BartonXReader)
Clint BartonXReader
Bang! Bang!
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Gunfire was all around, and I was shooting back. I always was the one to refuse to use my powers when I was on a mission. My partner and I are to take down this Hydra base in Texas. The state that can kill you with its heat, how I am not dead from the temperature of this place is news to me. I am just trying to survive the heat more than focus on taking this place down.
“Hawkeye, hurry up already! I am dying out here!” I shout into the communicator. My job is to distract all the guards on the outside, so Clint can go in get the files and place the bombs to blow the place up. Although he is to make sure that those who are not suppose to be there are safe and sound. ‘So I need to stall for 30 minutes, or that’s what he said, it has been 1 hour and 45 minuties. No of course I’m not counting the time it takes him, oh wait yes I am, he is taking FOREVER!’
“Relax Pyshc I am almost done here.
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