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Seperated By Steel, Pt. 1
I picked up an iron candlestick, and raised my duster to clean it's bottom. Suddenly, I felt a startling vibration in my neck, complete with a small tone. Did I accidentally touch an exposed wire? Fearful, I dropped the candlestick to grab my neck, the source of the shock. As the candlestick hit the ground with a thud, the other girls turned to look at me. Two of them giggled at each other, but one of them quietly came over to me and said in a whisper, "That's a pager in your collar. It means that mistress is summoning you to the upstairs office. You'd best hurry, so you don't get in trouble." Relieved, I thanked her and hurried, well, hobbled, really, to mistress's office.
My name is Amber, and I have light blue eyes and I'm of a medium build, with neck-length, straight pink hair.
As you can probably tell, I'm slightly new at this. As is customary for most first-born children this day and age, I was sold into the underground slave market on my 18th birthday. It is a quiet, unspoken un
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Struggling at Life
Struggling at Life:
We're reaching out for stars
In the depths of the night.
We're struggling at bars
Shut away from the light!
I've seen the way we act
When we are fighting for our lives.
But we're killing all our brothers
On the point of our knives.
I've seen the violence
Spewing from the poorest of peaks.
We are the rats, caged up
In the darkness we seek-
A little path, a little home;
Just a place to call our own.
Everything we ever tried
Try to win before I die.
Hopeless, lost; shot from the skies
I am the martyr, burned for the sin of their lies.
I am the people, screaming for the justice be served
I am the sound that you hear; cause I give you the nerve!
You gotta rise up, stride up, ready to go,
And I will tell you how to do this from your head to your toe.
Don't let anybody tell you that you ain't what you're worth,
Every child born, we are the soul of the earth.
Now look upon the world and see the morning sun rise,
You stare into the light, there's the heat in your eyes
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