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Widowmaker - fanart :iconsaint-max:saint-max 1,376 97 haven suit ( feet) :iconseeddestiny:SeedDestiny 309 17 Cyborgs Industries Desert Soldier (4hours ) :iconseeddestiny:SeedDestiny 357 26 Kelli Ruby Catch Them All 33 :iconbritish-foot-focus:British-Foot-Focus 214 21 Candy Corn 6 :iconeverage:everage 439 12 Cyborgs Industries Female Phantom :iconseeddestiny:SeedDestiny 468 20
Barefoot Benefits
It was a warm, summer afternoon. A young girl named Sally Pisen was lying on the ground, soaking up the sun and napping.
As she slept, happy feelings filled her body as she felt the warmth of the sun and the breeze blowing against her entire body. What really filled her with delight though were these sensations on her bare feet.
As each gust of wind blew against them and in-between her toes, she couldn't help but wiggle her toes in delight and slowly sway her feet side to side.
"Aw… that feels nice," Sally thought to herself. "It's always nice to come out here and just relax in the sunshine."
As another gust of wind blew against her soles, she smiled even wider and once again wiggled her toes.
"You know," thought Sally, "I just don't understand why so many people aren't barefoot. It is, after all, our natural state. Not only that, it's healthy. Going barefoot allows a more natural and less stressful manner of walking by reducing stress on knees, ankles, and enhances flexibility of
:icongc254:GC254 81 18
One Piece and Naruto Girls Tickle Tortured :iconpawfeather:PawFeather 470 27 Explicit Peach Panties :iconblack-rayal:Black-Rayal 511 44 The White Witch: Talisman :iconsaint-max:saint-max 377 33
Teen GIRL'S Foot Slave: Part 3
        So it’s been a week since my foot-tortures ended.  A week since my 17-year-old friend Daniel shrunk me and kept me as his tiny… foot… slave, or whatever.  See?  It was so humiliating and disgusting that I have trouble even saying it.  But everything has been back to normal for one week now.   I see Daniel pretty much every day at school, and every time we see each other, I find that I can’t look down at his feet without getting red in the face and grimacing at the memory of the smell I endured under there.  And I can tell Daniel has trouble calling me “Kurt” instead of “little bug” or “slave.”  It’s a little awkward between the two of us, but I don’t care; I’m just glad that he grew me back.  School definitely sucks, but it sure is better than sniffing and licking my friend’s giant, stinky feet for my very survival!
:iconnutmegzillo:NutmegZillo 52 69
Lovely Lapis Lazuli :iconnerdsman567:nerdsman567 895 185
Barefoot Benefits 4
It was another hot day in summer. Sally was at the library, sitting on a futon with her legs stretched out in front of her and feet resting on her heels, and reading a book. Her eyes were glued closely to the pages as she happily read the newest book from one of her favorite authors.
"Wow! What an exciting story so far!" thought Sally. "The last book was great, but this one just exceeds expectations. I can't seem to put this one down."
Sally continued to excitedly read onward, until, a couple minutes later, she felt something tickling her feet, causing her to giggle.
She looked over the top of the book and saw a young boy and girl drawing on them with markers. Sally couldn't help giggling, not just because it tickled, but due to how adorable she found it.
"Well hello there, what are you two drawing?" asked Sally.
"A pretty flower," said the girl happily. "Almost done."
"I'm making a mankey," said the boy.
Sally continued to giggle for another few seconds as the two kids continued drawi
:icongc254:GC254 52 42
Haven - 1-3 - ( Feet Paterons ) :iconseeddestiny:SeedDestiny 202 10 Yes My Lord! :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 387 32 Love Walking Barefoot :iconticklingever:ticklingever 247 13 Golden Pin-up :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 309 78 You wouldnt understand 3 :iconeverage:everage 506 16 You wouldnt understand 10 :iconeverage:everage 386 18 Dine and Dash :iconthehunter1338:TheHunter1338 745 115 Cutie Booty :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 430 96 Earth Contact :iconsylvarelda:sylvarelda 423 36 Candy Corn 9 :iconeverage:everage 396 10 Fantasy Frontier Xmas 2016 part 3 :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 642 75 Hi Summer :iconticklingever:ticklingever 224 8 Nico Robin in distress :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 956 81 Mercedes Delane: Bound and Gagged Babysitters :iconfinisterboy:Finisterboy 398 8 A feather? :iconticklingever:ticklingever 207 14 Soles close up :iconsylvarelda:sylvarelda 328 23 Candy Corn 10 :iconeverage:everage 278 2 Green Hair :iconticklingever:ticklingever 216 12 Close Up Cutie :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 333 35 That's Misty! :icontickler54321:Tickler54321 233 16 Bare Soles Delight :iconsylvarelda:sylvarelda 323 27 Dragonball Super Bulma :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 985 116 Elvina and Serena thank you pic :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 640 105 After Magic Class :iconeyeotm:EyEotM 119 8 Barefoot Selfie :iconticklingever:ticklingever 181 5 Kelli 12 310516 Museum Park :iconbritish-foot-focus:British-Foot-Focus 208 17 Loz DiD Sketchbook Vol.6 cover :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 372 44 Emily tentacle torture (Part1) :iconmagictickler:MagicTickler 322 13 Kelli Ruby Catch Them All 18 :iconbritish-foot-focus:British-Foot-Focus 210 16 With these feet 6 :iconeverage:everage 384 16 My Lord is Mine :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 279 10 Uncanny Megan Psylocke Cosplay Commission 2 :iconbritish-foot-focus:British-Foot-Focus 276 25 Party up with Me? :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 217 19 Candy Corn 8 :iconeverage:everage 226 14 Jockey Maria Remedio's Feet :iconjockeymariaremedio:JockeyMariaRemedio 208 53 A Ninja's Cute Butt :iconchelzorthedestroyer:ChelzorTheDestroyer 241 107