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Princess Peach In The Dungeon
Princess Peach in: Nightmare In The Dungeon
Dark clouds and a thunderstorm were reigning over the sky above Bowser's Castle.
As so often before, the King of Koopa's had abducted Princess Peach.
Usually Bowser kidnapped the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom to force her to marry him and locked her in a room behind his throne room, until Mario came to save her and succeeded in doing so.
This time though, it was gonna be alot different then ever before...
Bowser built the worst levels ever to keep Mario from saving the princess the most possible and by that cause him to give it all he has in order to do so.
Also, instead of just locking Peach up and wanting to marry her like in every other of his numerous tries, the spike shelled villain kidnapped the princess just for fun and locked her in a cell, deep down in his castle's dungeon.
While Bowser was stood at a window in his throne room, he was watching over Mario's progress, who had a tough time beating the dozens of worlds and levels on t
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RWBY: Ruby making it up to Weiss
Please note that there have only been 3 episodes of RWBY aired so far.
Thus there isn't too much known about the girls and their personalities yet.
While I usually try to catch the personalities please excuse if it doesn't work this time.
But now please enjoy the story and don't forget to comment if you liked it^^
Ruby making it up to Weiss
After Ruby and Weiss had a bad start together, with Ruby tripping over the trolley with her luggage containing Dust, a powerful kind of energy the white-haired teen uses for her weapon known as Myrtenaster, Weiss was more than just angry at the girl with the black hair and red streaks in it.
Even more so, as the younger teen accidently caused a small explosion, following a sneeze from breathing in a small amount of Dust powder.
Feeling bad for getting Weiss that angry, Ruby promised to make things up to the girl with the light blue eyes.
Not sure how to do it th
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