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Distraction (Bardock x Reader)
You wipe the sweat off your forehead, and went back to fixing your ship. You were a human living on a remote planet in the far off universe. You don't know where you are, nor do you care. You've been stuck on this planet for at least about two months. Your spaceship has crashed, and it was slowly being repaired by you. You didn't think you will survive this long, considering you have no idea on how to defend yourself in a place like this, but it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be.
The planet you were on; didn't seem to have any civilization, except for animals, and the wildlife. Though you kept your distance, afraid one of the creatures might attack you or kill you. You've been doing good so far, especially for a human.
However, you weren't exactly alone. About a few weeks ago, you stumble upon an injured man, known as Bardock. He was heavily injured, and unconscious. You would have believe he was human, until you notice a strange furry tail coming from his behind.
You were unsur
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The end I can see is beginning.
For what was our sacrifice given?
Nothing it seems…
Under that full moon’s gaze,
The cries of the beast inside…

After all we’ve done for him,
All of the lives we’ve taken,
Hundreds of worlds conquered,
And for WHAT!?
It can’t be!
There’s so much more to us,
So much more…that we can do,
I can’t…it WON’T be that easy,
To just die!
It’s happening again.
Why am I seeing these things!?
What does it all mean!?
Fallen down into darkness now.
More visions…
It’s this curse that Thing gave to me,
These Nightmares of the future…
…by your blood…I swear…
…Noo! VEGETA!!
Where…where am I now?

Who is it…who’s calling me?
Who…who are you?
“You know who I
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